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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. All spoilers below are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Chapter 3

  • Izuku awakening his Persona and forging his contract with Carter, featuring a tweaked version of Arsene's conversation with Ren to match Izuku's vastly different personality. The author sets this scene to You Say Run, the most hype-inducing song from Izuku's home series.
    Carter: [booming, echoing voice] Come on, kid. You gon' give up that easily?
    Izuku: Wh-what?
    Carter: You proved yer resolve when you jumped to save the blond. Even now, I can feel that you never regretted yer choice in savin' that woman, either. Actin' and doin' right without thinkin'... and yet, society's tellin' you that you're a criminal. A piece of scum for havin' the guts to do right by yer fellow man... what do you think? Or was that all just some act? Would you take back what you said? Would you?!
    Izuku: [internally as he grinds his teeth in frustration] Would I take back what I did? No! S-she called for help! There was no way I would ever ignore that! Not then, and not now!
    Carter: Well said, my boy! We are in agreement! Now then, let's seal our contract with a vow! I am thou... thou art I... I shall grant you the power to enact justice on this world! [Izuku grips his head in pain] Never regret! Never surrender! Never doubt! If society chains you for being a hero... then rip those chains off and save them, whether they want you to or not!
    Izuku: I understand... thank you... [wind blasts Kamoshida's Shadows back]
    • If this wasn't badass enough, Carter quickly follows with yet another Hot-Blooded Dare to Be Badass.
      Carter: From the sea of your soul, I come forth! I am the rebel hero of your soul, your power to save others in this foreign land! I am Carter! [flourishes his cape] If you ask, I will give you the power to break forth and save yourself from this mess!
      Izuku: Please, give me the power I need! Carter!
      Carter: Then consider it done, kid! Let's show 'em that you can be a hero!

Chapter 9

  • After trying to keep Ryuji under control to stop him from doing something he would regret, Izuku hits his Rage Breaking Point and angrily declares that Kamoshida will pay for his crimes, stunning Ryuji and Kamoshida.
    Izuku: W-we’ll get our chance... later...
    Ryuji: [realizing what Izuku meant] Oh, you mean...
    Kamoshida: [expecting to see Izuku squirm] What was that? Did you say something, brat?
    Izuku: [gives Kamoshida a Death Glare] I was saying... that you’re not going to get away with this. [trembles with rage as he releases Ryuji] You’ve hurt too many people and caused Suzui-sempai to try to kill herself. You... you’re not the king of this school, Kamoshida! [raises his voice and points at Kamoshida] The students aren’t yours to rule over! You will be stopped! Because no matter what, there will always be heroes around to put an end to your crimes! And they won’t stop until all of your victims have been saved!
    • Kamoshida soon regains his composure and tries to taunt Izuku. Izuku responds with a short, but cold Badass Boast.
      Kamoshida: Oh man, not a bad little speech there, brat. But uh, you should take another look around. Do you see any heroes here? Anyone coming by to "save the day"? [swings his arms out dramatically] No one’s going to swoop in and save the day. Not even Heroes care about scum like you.
      Izuku: They will come. And when they do, you won’t be able to stop them.


Chapter 14

Chapter 30


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