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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. All spoilers below are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Chapter 1

  • Sojiro tries to lay down the law as Izuku's new guardian for the duration of his parole, only to find it hard to keep up his usual front because of just how meek his new ward is.
    Izuku: I-I see... thank you again for taking me under your roof, Sakura-san.
    Sojiro: Geez, kid. You’re making it hard to give a stronger hand on all this.

Chapter 2

  • Izuku's role as a Butt-Monkey is almost acknowledged by him at the start.
    Izuku: [to Justine and Caroline] I get the feeling you’re both making fun of me...
  • Izuku pulls a chair under the ceiling beam in his room to see if he could use the beam for pullups, only for Sojiro to walk in and comes to exactly the wrong conclusion in a bit of Black Comedy. Even after Izuku tries to explain what he's doing, Sojiro still isn't wholly convinced.
    Sojiro: [walks in on Izuku reaching up to the beam with a chair underneath him] Holy shit, kid... You're not thinking of...
  • While meeting Izuku, Kawakami is baffled by the idea that a Quirkless Shrinking Violet like Izuku could possibly have an assault charge tied to his record.
    Izuku: [bowing respectfully] I-I’ll try not to be a nuisance to anyone.
    Kobayakawa: This is Sadayo Kawakami. She is a second year homeroom teacher. She will not be in charge of your class, but she was available to help aid in your introduction.
    Kawakami: [annoyed] Welcome to Shuujin Academy. Please read the school handbook and follow the rules. If you end up messing up, I won’t be able to help you, and neither will any of your other teachers.
    Izuku: [bowing respectfully again] I-I’m sorry to burden you, Kawakami-sensei. Please take care of me.
    Kawakami: [raising an eyebrow] Are you… sure this is the kid with a criminal record? He looks like he could barely hurt a fly. [Sojiro chuckles as Izuku Sweat Drops]

Chapter 3

  • Ryuji has trouble wrapping his head around Izuku's ability to be a total badass in one moment and a crying mess in the next.
    Ryuji: [after Izuku saves him from the Shadows] Dude, you're friggin' amazing. You saved us back there and everything and you're still going even though you're dead tired. I know, I can tell since I was in track. [smiles at Izuku] You look like a real Hero!
    Izuku: [bursts into tears, causing Ryuji to recoil] Y-y-you really think so...? [shakes his head and composes himself] S-sorry, got carried away with my emotions... we should get going before more guards arrive.
    Ryuji: I... really can't make heads or tails of your personality...


Chapter 10

  • Izuku's feeble attempts to demand money and items from a Pixie he's holding up fail miserably, evaporating any fear of death she might have had.
    Izuku: [threatening Pixie] A-Alright! G-Give me whatever you have! Money or items... please...?
    Pixie: [all fear of death gone] ...Was that really the best you could do?
    Morgana: We really need to work on your execution, Hero...

Chapter 11

  • After Ann awakens her Persona and escapes the Metaverse, the gang decides to swap phone numbers so they can keep in contact with each other. Izuku cheerfully agrees... until he realizes he's swapping phone numbers with a girl that's not Makoto. His brain temporarily shuts down as his face lights up like a Christmas tree, unable to work up the courage to do more than rattle in place. In the end, Ryuji has to give Izuku's number to Ann to save him the embarrassment.
    Morgana: [poking Izuku in the face, but he doesn't notice] Uh... Izuku?
    Ann: Uh... Is he okay?
    Izuku: [frozen in embarrassment] Y-you’re just giving a girl your number and getting hers for a case! Th-th-think of it like g-getting Koto-san’s number. It’s not a big deal! It’s not a big deal!

Chapter 12

  • After learning that he can take on Shadows as his own Personas, Izuku tries his best to recruit an Imp, only to be flatly refused.
    Izuku: S-so please... become one of my masks!
    Imp: ...Get real, chump. [Izuku slumps over in defeat]
  • The Imp mentioned above also calls Izuku "bunny ears" for the attachments on his mask that resemble All Might's hair. Everyone is receptive to this and Izuku can only barely stop Morgana from divulging Izuku's Hero Otaku tendencies.
    Ann: I hadn't thought about it, but your mask does look like it has bunny ears, huh?
    Ryuji: Now that you mention it, it kinda does. [chuckles] I wonder that's about.
    Morgana: No, no, guys. It's not a bunny at all. I can tell because I've been to Hero's room. [smugly] It's shaped like that big hero All Might's hair.
    Izuku: It is? [runs to look in a mirror and examine his mask]
    Ann: I think I can see that, actually... But how'd you guess just from what was in his room?
    Morgana: Oh, man. You guys would not believe all the stuff he- [Izuku clamps his hands over Morgana's mouth]
    Izuku: W-w-we should be getting back to the task at hand, shouldn't we? We don't want to waste any time and have an enemy come in!
  • Even Munehisa is creeped out by Izuku's muttering.
    Izuku: [browsing through the gun catalog] Okay. The shotgun that materialized with Ryuji-senpai was a standard pump shotgun. Ideally it would be better to try and get a semi-automatic shotgun to replace it for faster fire. Judging from the catalog it looks like none are within the range of cash I've got. I'll have to focus on the more realistic look instead rather than the functionality. Getting Takamaki-senpai another submachine gun might be easier considering they're all around the same price, but finding one that would use larger rounds would probably up the damage output-
    Munehisa: Kid. [Izuku stops and looks up] I've got no idea what you're sayin', but stop it. It's creepin' me out.
  • Izuku and Ryuji meeting Mei Hatsume for the first time. She makes a spectacle of herself while trying to sell her inventions, and after attempting to make Izuku and Ryuji her guinea pigs/volunteers, she gets chased away by the police, due to not actually being allowed to use her "babies" in public.

Chapter 14

  • Ryuji, Morgana, and Ann are all dumbfounded when they realize that Kamoshida's Treasure, a colossal crown, was way too heavy for them to just carry out, resigning themselves to slowly carrying it by working together. Izuku then points out that they could just use their Personas to carry it. Everyone else mentally Facepalms.
    Ann: Okay, wow. You weren’t kidding about how heavy it is... [looks over at Izuku] Come on, Hero! We need your help!
    Izuku: Guys... [pulls off his mask to summon Carter] Why don’t we just carry it with our Personas?
    Ryuji: Huh. Guess that was kinda obvious in hindsight. [looks over at Morgana] Hey, what didn't you think of that?!
    Morgana: [fumbling to come up with an answer] Don’t look at me! I just… I-I was just still excited over earlier!

Chapter 16

  • Tae mixes up a strange cocktail of chemicals for Izuku to drink before presenting it to him in a manner not unlike All Might presenting his hair to Izuku in canon.
    Tae: All done. Now... [presents beaker full of unknown chemicals to him] Drink up.
    Izuku: [eyes widening] Eh?
  • Right after the above, Tae quickly realizes that Izuku Cannot Talk to Women and abuses it for a quick laugh.
    Izuku: B-but you... but I... you just... I... your hand...
    Tae: [raises an eyebrow] My hand? [realizes what's going on] Oh~, I see. You seem like the type to have trouble with girls. I can see how this might be a bit much for you. [chuckles as Izuku suffers from a Luminescent Blush] If it's any consolation, none of my blood or actual skin touches the medicine. The pouches in my hand are different from the rest of my body. So really... there's only a small taste of me in the medicine.
    Izuku: [practically steaming] Wh-why did you have to word it like that?!
    Tae: [smirking] I'm sorry, but I couldn't help it. With your personality, you make it fairly easy.
  • Tae didn't actually expect Izuku to drink the medicine, leaving her dumbfounded right before mentioning the side effects.
    Tae: Okay... wow. You actually drank it... color me impressed because I honestly didn't think you had the guts to do it. You're definitely braver than I thought... or dumber...
    Izuku: I... I would like to keep purchasing what I can from you. It's fairly important, Takemi-sensei. [sets the beaker down] Do I pass the test?
    Tae: I suppose you do. Still, I'm impressed that you haven't had a reaction yet. I guess you're a bit tougher than you look.
    Izuku: Ye-yeah, I guess-wait... [moment of realization as his eyes widen] Reaction? [quickly overwhelmed by the most nauseating smell as he blacks out]
    Tae: Oh... um... game over, I guess...

Chapter 17

  • As Izuku and Ryuji shower praise on Ann for her kindness and for doing the right thing by not giving Kamoshida a mental breakdown, she admits that her decision wasn't entirely motivated by altruism, as she sees it as giving him a Fate Worse than Death, scaring the crap out of the other Thieves.
    Ann: Well, I don't know if I would say it was out of kindness. I just thought revenge would best be served if he lived to see it all through. Now that he's fully aware of how terrible he is and what he's done, he'll be groveling on his knees for forgiveness for the rest of his life. I think, in a way, that's a fate worse than death.
    Ryuji: Holy shit...
    Izuku: [swallowing a lump in his throat] I didn't realize Ann-senpai could be that scary...
    Morgana: [chuckling quietly] I can't say I disagree with her sentiment, but... wow.
  • While discussing what to do with the loot they got from raiding Kamoshida's palace, Ann brings up one of Ryuji's old debts with several years of compound interest. Izuku wants no part in it.
    Ann: [smiles innocently] Hey, so just throwing this out there, but... remember that time I lent you money in middle school, Ryuji?
    Ryuji: [blanching] What?! No way that was thirty thousand yen's worth!
    Ann: [cheekily] I mean, of course not, but if you take the years of compound interest I'm sure it would add up.
    Ryuji: Interest my ass! I'm almost positive you gotta agree to all that in like... writing or somethin'! [looks over at Izuku with pleading eyes] Help me out here, man! You're smart and stuff so you would know!
    Izuku: [looks at the both of them as sweat begins to trail down his neck] I-I'll stay out of this one... [bows apologetically]
    Ryuji: Oh, come on dude!
    Ann: It's not like I'm going to take all of it! I'm sure we'll divide it among the group, so... my portion and then part of your portion!
    Ryuji: [shoulders slump in disbelief] Oh, that is so not cool!

Chapter 18

  • Izuku does a Double Take when he learns that Untouchable's shop owner, Munehisa Iwai, has a son.
  • Izuku gets labeled Mumbles by Munehisa.
  • Munehisa is dumbstruck by all the loot Izuku brings in to sell and was about to ask him about it before remembering his No Questions Asked policy.
    Munehisa: Where the hell did... Ehem. [catches himself and shakes head] Right. I shouldn’t be askin’ questions. That’s my policy. But you’re stranger than I thought, kid.
  • While pigging out the buffet, Ryuji tries to say that he'll have no problems devouring the mountain of meat he grabbed from the buffet, only to have second thoughts immediately afterward. Ann then says that he sounds like Morgana, which both Ryuji and Morgana take offense to.
    Morgana: How can you guys eat so much?! Can you even finish all of that?
    Ryuji: Yeah, of course! [looks at the mountain of meat on his plate] I think...
    Ann: Careful, you’re starting to sound like Morgana.
    Morgana and Ryuji: Don’t even say that!

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