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  • The first half of "The Fall" is just one long Awesome Moment for Hardy, as he manages to completely destroy the bond between Emma, Jacob, and Paul just by sitting there and making observations. Just the simple fact that Ryan Hardy is in the farmhouse is enough to make Jacob wet himself.
  • Mike Westen's reaction to being kidnapped and interrogated/tortured by Roderick and his crew. Despite being literally beaten to death by degrees (and eventually stabbed), he refuses to give up Claire's location.
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  • Hardy's complete and merciless owning of Louise. Killed Mid-Sentence done right.
    "I don't think you have the guts to—" BANG.
  • Claire beating the crap out of Emma and threatening to kill her if she ever goes near Joey again.
    • From the same episode, her mocking of Joe's previous failure as a writer. To his face.
    Joe: You shouldn't have read that, Claire.
    Claire: Believe me, it wasn't easy. I guess you didn't learn anything from your last book.
  • Claire racking up more awesome points, by way of stabbing Joe in the gut by pretending to give in to his romantic advances.
  • Mixed with Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker: after Mike and Ryan fail to save Debra, the ringleader of the cultists who buried her alive decides to indulge in some Evil Gloating (even after Ryan and Mike have indulged in beating the crap out of him and gouging out one of his eyes to show they mean business). Ryan, his facial expression the epitome of Tranquil Fury, storms over to the cultist and draws his gun. The little shit has just enough time to realise how big a mistake mouthing off was before Ryan empties his gun into the man.
  • Claire going for three episodes in a row of awesome, by cracking Joe over the head with a bottle of wine, and stabbing his stitched up stab wound with a dinner fork. And then Kicking The Son of A Bitch
    • This all summed by the following dialogue:
    Emma: What happened!?
    Joe: Claire did!
  • Ryan telling off Joe, when he confronts him at the lighthouse.
    Ryan: I am so bored with you. I am so bored with you, and Edgar Allen Poe.
    • Joe seemingly meeting the end he so richly deserves, courtesy of an exploding boathouse. The fact that he's revealed to survive doesn't diminish the awesomeness of the scene.
  • Season 2's reveal that Joe had planned to fake his death all along by swapping himself with the corpse of his long-lost brother who matches him genetically. Damn, talk about Crazy-Prepared.
  • Lily Grey tricks Ryan and the entire FBI into thinking she's a helpless victim just so she could string along and manipulate Ryan's emotions. Oh yeah, and she has her own clan of psychopaths at her disposal, including the two men who "attacked" her, Mark and Luke. She's basically set up as Joe Carroll's perfect Distaff Counterpart.
  • This line from Joe:
  • This line from Mike, to Lily:
    "Try that again bitch."
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  • Ryan and his team manage to make a serious dent in the "International House of Psychos" over the course of just two episodes. Granted, they were aided by Joe's sudden betrayal, but killing off three of Lily's "children" and putting her favorite in the hospital (and convincing her that he's dead, too) is no small feat.
  • Weston killing Lily. Some people felt that it was a case of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character, but DAMN if Weston wasn't badass about it. Plus, the look on Lily's face was epic when it was obvious where it was going:
    Weston: Killing you won't fix me...but it will fix you. (BANGBANGBANG)
  • Hardy's infiltration of the Korban compound at the beginning of "The Reaping" evokes "The Fall" from the first season, as he sneaks around like Solid Snake in total control of the situation, only getting captured when he wants to be, in order to get a face-to-face with Joe and unbalance him.
  • Claire finally ends Emma.
  • Kingston Tanner kills himself rather than give Joe Carroll the satisfaction of turning him or his son into a murderer. Joe's vain attempts to spin it afterwards are hilarious; once again something has not gone according to plan, and the Wannabe Chessmaster has no idea what to do.
  • Max pulling a Big Damn Heroes twice in the S2 finale, the second time she kills Luke.
  • Ryan refusing to kill Joe in the S2 finale feels like one. He refuses to play Joe's game, and it causes Joe to have another Villainous Breakdown.
  • Mike managing to pull a 180 on his Sanity Slippage and attempting to spare Mark Grey when he has him at gunpoint. Keep in mind that he already killed Lily for ordering the death of his father - and Mark was the one who held the knife.
    • Mark proceeds to get a villainous one by escaping through multiple armed agents, a serious bullet wound to the leg, and a multi-story fall into the ocean and coming out several episodes later crazier, but physically no worse for wear.
  • Theo Noble viciously killing Strauss just when the latter thinks he's in the clear. A fitting end for the man ultimately responsible for every major problem in the series.
  • Joe entering his execution room in handcuffs, surrounded by armed guards and witnesses, and managing to once again take control of the situation with just a pair of glasses bent into a crude lockpick.
  • Possibly the biggest one in the series so far, with a bit of Tear Jerker mixed in: Joe Carroll finally meeting his end to a lethal injection after three seasons of unimaginable torment and terror. No more backup schemes, no embedded followers, and no way of faking it — Joe is finally gone.
  • Mike managing to shoot Mark a few times after being repeatedly stabbed. And this time, he's down for good.
    • Mike surviving Mark's attack in the first place. We thought he'd reached his limits when he survived a single stab in Season 1. Now he manages to overcome not only three wild and nasty stab wounds from Mark, but also a sudden onset of sepsis during surgical complications.
  • Ryan's final standoff with Theo Noble. Theo has Gwen at gunpoint and is ranting about how he has nothing to lose, and it looks like Ryan will drop his gun once again. Then, just as they're both lowering their weapons and Theo looks like he'll get away again, Ryan lifts it back up and puts a bullet in Theo's face. The guy then gets back up and tackles Ryan over the edge of the bridge. Ryan lives. Theo doesn't.
  • Everything about Ryan at the end of the series. He's faked his death and become a lawless vigilante, and he's dead set on taking Eliza and her group down. The first thing he does? He strolls into Campbell's hospital room and interrogates her for information. We then cut to him walking calmly out of the room while Campbell's heart monitor flatlines in the background.

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