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  • After rescuing Mike, Hardy follows him to the hospital, not out of fear he'll die in surgery or misplaced guilt but so Mike won't wake up alone. The next episode suggests he was forced to leave to attend a major FBI meeting, but the intention counts, especially on a show like this.
  • Mike and Max finally share a Big Damn Kiss at the end of "Forgive". Given all the shit they've been through, they deserve a bit of happiness.
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  • Ryan attending an AA meeting after acknowledging that he's fallen hard after Joe's death. After he makes a Tear Jerker of a speech about wanting to be better, he looks off to the side and sees Joe frowning at him. Ryan continues to look, and Joe proceeds to subtly smile and vanish. This being the last time Joe appears, Ryan has finally freed himself from his influence.
  • At the end of "A Simple Trade", Mike tells Max she is the love of his life. The moment is dimmed somewhat by Mark's near-fatal attack on Mike, leaving the latter spasming and bleeding on the ground.
  • Ryan faking his death and devoting his life to fighting Eliza's group. He'll never be able to return to his loved ones, so he gives one last look at Mike, Max, and Gwen in the hospital before storming out of the door and preparing for war.

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