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Heartwarming / Flight of the Conchords

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  • The "talking stove" bit that Jemaine uses to cheer Bret up is an oddly cute and heartwarming moment.
  • When Bret is taped to the door after Jemaine's Australian girlfriend and her roommates steal all the furniture from the apartment Jemaine needs a hug and goes in to give him one. Bret, being taped to the door, complains that it's not fair because he's unable to get away. Jemaine starts crying softly, so Bret gives him a comforting pat on the head.
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  • The series' Bittersweet Ending sees all of the New Zealander characters getting deported and returning to their jobs as shepherds. However, in a Call-Back to the beginning of the episode, Bret and Jemaine are finally free to make the music that makes them happy without the baggage of being professional musicians. Plus, Mel has fallen in love with Doug all over again.
  • In "Mugged", one of the reasons Jemaine is so furious with Bret is that Jemaine says he would never abandon Bret. Later in the episode, Bret sets off to find the muggers to get back Jemaine's cameraphone. Though Jemaine is cold to this at first, he quickly changes his mind and tracks down Bret so they can face the muggers together.
    • Four episodes later, Bret gets into a "race war" with a fruit vendor. When Bret is threatened with violence by the vendor, Jemaine sticks around (until they flee together), and he even goes with Bret to deliver a rousing anti-racism/xenophobia speech at the episode's climax. Jemaine did all this despite the fact that he didn't care about the fruit vendor's attitude in the first place. He did it because he cared about Bret.

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