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And that stunt was done for real.

  • The opening scene has Bond trying to track an assassin during the Day of the Dead parade. In the process, he struggles to hijack a helicopter and the helicopter does several barrel rolls (which were done for real) as Bond kicks the assassin as well as the pilot out of the chopper to their deaths. It also rises straight up while tilted 90 degrees (which is literally impossible for helicopters to do, but when you accept the laws of action movie physics, it's an awesome scene).
    • The Title Sequence that plays afterwards is simply beautiful.
    • And let's not forget that the first five minutes of the movie (up until Bond sets up the scope for his rifle) was one long, glorified tracking shot during the Day of the Dead in Mexico. From the streets, to the hotel room, going outside, and seeing 007 walk on rooftops like it was yesterday's business. All one shot.
      • Even better? It's not one shot. The editing is just that damn good that the viewer can't see where the shots have been joined together.
    • And before all that, the return of the gun barrel sequence to the beginning of the film, complete with the Bond theme itself to get you jazzed up.
  • A posthumous example from Judi Dench's M. Sometime off-screen during the events of Skyfall, she recorded a tape for Bond, requesting that he hunt down and kill Sciarra. As she had likely already discovered SPECTRE's existence, she made it her ultimate mission to undo the organization's global influence by having all of its members eliminated, even if she wasn't going to be around to see it. James even lampshades this in his conversation with Moneypenny.
  • The car chase in Rome between Bond and Hinx. It all culminates in Bond ejecting from the car after causing it to crash into the water.
    • Points for Hinx in particular. Through sheer persistence and the use of a car that's faster than Bond's, he manages to keep up with 007 and isn't too fazed by the rear mounted flamethrower which Bond roasts his front end with.
  • The chase in Austria, where Bond pursues Madeleine's kidnappers and Hinx using a plane.
    • Bond gets one for managing to gradually pick off the Land Rovers one by one with his unarmed turboprop plane and thinking quickly when its wings get torn off. He uses it as a makeshift bobsled and after crashing through a barn, uses it to interdict Hinx's Ranger Rover.
    • Not to mention Mr Hinx, when he sees Bond pursuing him with a turboprop plane, he doesn't panic and almost calmly winds down the window after Bond shoots at his Range Rover, sticks his own gun out and promptly begins tearing through the fuselage with a hail of .45 ACP lead like a boss.
  • The train fight between Bond and Hinx. Madeleine manages to wound Hinx, and Bond hangs Hinx and throws him out of the train to his death.
    • Hinx manages to dominate the fight against Bond. in his previous films, Craig!Bond has persevered in his unarmed combat fights with his enemies. That's not the case here, with Mr Hinx surviving a candle setting his dinner jacket on fire, dodging Bond's swipe with a corkscrew and taking it out of play by ramming it into the bar and generally tossing around 007 like a ragdoll.
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  • Hinx in general is a walking villainous CMOA. He's the first henchman in the Craig continuity to give Bond a genuine run for his money and give as good as he gets. He also comes seconds away from killing 007 and would have succeeded had it not been for Swann's timely intervention.
  • At Oberhauser's Supervillain Lair in Morocco, Bond manages to escape from his Cold-Blooded Torture with help from Madeleine, then blows up the entire facility by shooting one of the gas lines, all the while shooting Mooks left, right and center.
    • One for Madeline for managing to catch on to what the Omega Seamaster 300 really was and tossing it at Blofeld, who gets blown clean out of his chair by the bomb and knocked unconscious - he gets his iconic scar later in the movie.
  • And lastly, we have the entire final battle in London. To clarify:
    • M takes a level in badass and fights Max, who he sends falling off the building to his death. At the same time, Q manages to disable the Nine Eyes program.
      • Not so much take a level as remind everyone that he is a badass. He is a retired SAS colonel after all.
      • The build-up to the scene itself makes it all the more satisfying, as M is constantly being told by Max how obsolete he (as well as the 00 program) are becoming as well as his own agents going behind his back. Once the restraints are loose, M with full control with his agents quickly shows Max just how pissing him off is very much a bad idea, starting with taking the bullets from Max's gun. If anything, the final act reminds us that this M got his position for a damn good reason.
    • Bond subdues his captors by shooting them with his hands tied and vision obscured by a hood, then enters the ruins of the MI6 building, where he rescues Madeleine in the nick of time just before the whole building explodes.
      • His desperation and determination to rescue Madeline, period, as shown from the moment he takes off running full-tilt through the building, screaming her name. The man is just fed up with losing people that he cares about and will not let it happen this time.
      • And just how does he rescue her from several stories up with less than a minute before the building explodes? He picks her up and jumps down a huge hole through the center of the building from the fourth or fifth floor all the way to a net in the basement..
    • The boat chase. Bond manages to shoot down Blofeld's chopper from a few miles away on his boat, with a pistol, causing it to crash. (And a bit of the James Bond theme plays while he does this!) He later throws his gun away and leaves Blofeld to be arrested by M, since he's "out of bullets".
    • Bonus points for the weapon he uses being his .32 Walther PPK and pulling off the shot with iron sights, from a distance, at night, from a fast-moving boat.
  • The ending. For the first time in the Daniel Craig movies, the Bond girl stays with Bond alive and doesn't depart.
  • Q gets into an Action Survivor mode when in Austria, successfully outmaneuvering henchmen on his own. And then he manages to single-handedly take down Nine Eyes and SPECTRE's intelligence system.
  • Oberhauser provides one just by speaking one special name:
    Oberhauser: Franz Oberhauser died twenty years ago, James, in an avalanche alongside his father. The man you are talking to now, the man inside your head, is Ernst Stavro Blofeld.
  • Oberhauser's plan in general. No inefficient and ridiculous WMDs like his previous incarnations in this film. Instead, he comes seconds away from stealing the collective intel gathered by the world's intelligence services through cultivating an asset and helping him get into a position where a global surveillance system that has been compromised with a back door could be implemented. As a bonus for a short period, he manages to put MI6 and Bond out of business and cause more damage to them than the previous versions of Blofeld ever did.


  • After so many years of legal red tape and ping-pong with the late Kevin McClory's estate over the rights, EON Productions finally got the rights back to use Blofeld and SPECTRE in the franchise in 2013. And they wasted no time building Spectre around them.
  • Despite the Sony leak of 2014 that wreaked havoc on the film's early promotionnote  and a more lukewarm critical reception compared to Skyfall, Spectre still did solid business. It ended up being the second highest-grossing film of the franchise unadjusted for inflation, and the fourth when adjusted.
    • The film broke opening day records in UK with over $63 million (almost doubling the opening day of Skyfall there).
    • Spectre also broke the opening day record in France, with 850,000 attendants, beating Spider-Man 3.
  • Sam Smith's "Writing's On the Wall" managed to win a Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Original Song.
  • The opening sequence of Bond chasing after an assassin through a crowded and elaborate Day of the Dead parade inspired Mexico City to stage its first ''real'' Day of the Dead parade in hopes of it becoming an annual tradition. As of 2017, the Day of the Dead parade and festivities are still happening, and has been embraced by Mexicans as a cultural event surpassing the US-imported Halloween.
  • The explosion of the Morocco facility? It was real. And the largest movie explosion in the history of cinema at that. No model, no CGI. Shoot the Money, indeed.


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