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     Needle torture 
  • Wait, so the needles Blofeld sticks in Bond are supposed to screw with his balance and make him forget people. Both of them seem to go in....and nothing changes. He remembers Madeleine, and does not seem to have any trouble escaping the facility afterwards. What exactly happened?
    • The general consensus seems to be the the needles didn't work (Blofeld says they "have to hit the right spot" or something like that). Unfortunately, like most of the final act, the script seems to eschew important aspects like "explaining things" and "making sense" in favour of cramming in cool scenes and segues between action.
      • Just to add, neurosurgery is a very precise science, and not something you'd do with the patient wiggling around in a restraint that doesn't even stop him from turning his head...
    • Bond is seen tightly gripping his watch. Although that's mainly to avoid losing his weapon, he seems to be trying to tense up just enough to avoid the drill hitting the "right spot."
    • Or Blofeld was going for the Mind Screw, and the needles, while very painful, don't actually do anything beyond cause pain; he was just toying with Bond and Madeleine.
    • As I recall, in the middle of the gunfight to escape the lair, he turns and gives her face a hard stare, as if assuring himself that he does in fact remember her. It's possible that the needle had a partial effect, enough to make her memory a bit blurry or require some jogging. At any rate, it's never explained one way or the other.

     SPECTRE, Le Chiffre, Dominic Greene, and Raoul Silva 
  • OK, so the idea that Spectre has been behind everything terrible happening in the Daniel Craig era of movies. Unlike a certain critic I think this makes sense for Le Chiffre and his operation ("We're trying to figure out how an entire network of terrorist groups is financed and you give us one bomb maker"; well, now we've found the network of terrorist groups) but it doesn't fit nearly as well for Silva. Silva's whole schtick was that he's pissed at M and he's perfectly willing to let Bond die in the process of getting his revenge. If we accept that Silva got help from Spectre, wouldn't the "willing to let Bond die" part sorta run contrary to Blofeld's long-running plan? I mean, Blofeld claims he's been specifically targeting the Bond girls just to fuck with Bond, it's pretty clear he wanted Bond alive for the time being.
    • Agreed that the "behind it all" schtick doesn't quite work (and that, going off Mr. White's dialogue, SPECTRE is just QUANTUM post leadership shakeup and significant mission drift into more unsavory elements). With Silva though, it could be that he had been a hired contractor for SPECTRE whose plot was personal. He had years to work as a freelance rogue hacker/spy/wet works man and build up his support. Perhaps SPECTRE hired him for recent work, and then when that was finished he decided to go off on his vendetta against M, sans SPECTRE.
    • Not really. Blofeld's henchmen spend a good chunk of this movie trying to kill Bond too, after all. And he wasn't really responsible for the death of Vesper Lynd either (nor could he have predicted the two would fall in love), and the death of M served his purpose as embarrassing MI6 enough that his man C could take it over. Basically he is just screwing with Bond- he is indirectly responsible for their deaths, but he never killed them just to screw Bond over. His actual scheme has nothing to do with Bond, and he probably didn't care that much if Silva or someone else killed him. SPECTRE benefited immensely from the actions of Silva, so it's easy to believe that Blofeld just told him to carry out an Evil Plan and threw in revenge on M as a bonus (which admittedly does have the added advantage of hurting Bond by proxy, but compared to his larger goal, that is incidental, if a bonus for him too).
    • The SPECTRE-Skyfall connection really isn't that absurd when you stop and look at everything closely. As with Casino Royale, there are hints foreshadowing a potentially bigger plot. Namely, M mentions that Silva turned rogue even before she sold him out; it seems as though MI6 were convinced Silva ate his cyanide capsule in custody (since M says his real name is on the memorial wall); even a genius hacker cyber-terrorist can't just go from being half-dead in Chinese spy prisons to having all the resources we see Silva with without some kind of help from someone else. Why can't that someone else be SPECTRE? And the whole "Blofeld wants Bond alive" thing is something that's more fanon-summation than anything explicitly said. If anything, he implies that Bond wasn't even on his radar at least until after the events of Casino Royale. Overall, it seems to be less of a "I want you to suffer above everything else" deal and more of a "I have my own stuff to get done and if I somehow get to hurt you in the process, all the better" deal.
      • Speaking of which, Silva's plan hinged on Q doing something extremely stupid (plugging an unknown laptop into the MI6 network) and M being in the exact right spot at the exact right time. While this is never said in Skyfall or Spectre, it really only works if there were SPECTRE insiders within the British government to help orchestrate all this.
    • Regarding the connection between Blofeld and Silva, it's certainly possible. It's very likely Blofeld originally had Silva released in order to recruit him (a master hacker would be extremely valuable to an organization like SPECTRE). Then when Blofeld discovered that Silva was obsessed with revenge against M, he provided Silva with both the resources and manpower to carry out his plan. He probably saw Silva's revenge against M as a way of hitting two birds with one stone: striking a blow against MI6 and simultaneously screwing with Bond.
     009 and bad music 
  • Does 009 really have that bad of a taste in music?
    • Maybe 009 is the fundamentally uncool 00 agent. Like the short, bespectacled father-of-three who had a desk job as an actuary when he's not caving in skulls and shooting up a room full of bad guys?
    • You gotta problem with Frank Sinatra? Anyway, in Goldfinger Bond takes a swipe at The Beatles so I'm questioning his taste.

     One Ring to Rule Them All? 
  • Q is able to link all of the previous Craig-era villains via DNA samples on the SPECTRE ring Bond recovers in Mexico. Does that mean that Le Chiffre, Dominic Greene, Mr. White, and Raoul Silva all wore that same ring, that ended up in Marco Sciarra's possession?
    • It also means that none of them washed it, or washed their hands while wearing it, or did anything that would have erased any DNA trace from that ring ever, even though rings don't retain DNA like that in the first place.
    • Q is able to pull both DNA samples and digital files from the ring, apparently. Why those specific files? No idea.
    • One possibility is that Blofeld planted DNA evidence on the ring to trace back to them. Then again, this is assuming that Blofeld knew Bond was going to kill Sciarra and take his ring, or maybe he did this with ALL the rings...
      • On a second viewing, you see Q pull Sciarra's fingerprints, which brings him the file on Sciarra, specifically his toxicology report. It's only after he notices that it matches Le Chiffre, Silva etc.'s toxicology reports does he inform Bond of the connection. What exactly he found isn't made clear, just that they share a unique connection that lets Bond and Madeleine fill in the blanks.
    • It's quick, but Q found traces of a mineral called reidite on the ring (which is only found from meteorite craters). His screen shows that reidite was found in Sciarra's toxicology report from his autopsy AND the mineral was found in the autopsy reports for Le Chiffre, Greene, and Silva, too. This means that they each wore a ring containing reidite, not that they each wore this one ring at different times.
      • That does in turn raise a bunch of other questions, such as why reidite would be mentioned at all in all of those toxicology reports, or even why all those people would have toxicology tests done on them and on file, or how exactly detectable amounts of reidite end up in the bloodstream just from occasionally wearing the ring.
      • Presumably this came up as standard procedure by whichever medical examiners autopsied them.
     Mountain Climber's son 
  • How the heck did the son of a mountain climber (who faked his death and likely had to start again from scratch) go on to head (and maybe even found) a major Nebulous Evil Organization like SPECTRE? From Nobody to Nightmare Up to Eleven right there.
    • Short answer: he had twenty years. That's still a long time.
      • I'll start working on it tomorrow then, see you in 20 years.
    • You might well ask how the foster son of a mountain climber went on to become the ultimate invincible super spy.
      • It's more plausible that Bond learned how to be a super-spy from these lessons than Oberhauser got tips on how to construct an international terrorist organisation. The fact that both of them ended up being extraordinary individuals is also an amazing coincidence.
    • We have no reason to believe Oberhauser Sr. was anything short of an expert sportsman in his own field, and he may well have been otherwise connected. He was well-connected enough to be in a position of trust with Bond's parents.
    • Oberhauser Sr. being an expert sportsman does not account for Oberhauser Jr. being a Diabolical Mastermind who leads and seemingly even founded the most sophisticated criminal enterprise the world has ever seen, despite having no indications of any connections or resources and being declared legally dead. Bond becoming a super-spy is one thing, especially since we roughly know the rest of his backstory and career, but it's more than a little bizarre how a psychopathic kid goes from "murder my father out of jealously" to "Visionary Villain on verge of world domination". Bond is just doing his job; Blofeld's backstory and motivations seem highly unusual and contradictory and are not really explained in any satisfying way.
    • Hardly "contradictory". In fact, Blofeld's backstory lines up with the typical kind of Freudian Excuse backstories given to villains in movies like this, especially ones with connections to the hero. We're given next to no information on the Oberhauser family beyond the fact that the father was apparently very athletic. It's entirely possible that the mother was more academic and Oberhauser Jr. took after her. Then there's the fact that some people are just born clever and if you couple that with a fundamentally unstable individual...well, things aren't going to end well. Clearly murder of family members for the most petty of reasons didn't faze him when he was a young man; why shouldn't a kid able to get away with that grow up to run a shady organisation that specialises in all the worst criminal activities?
     M and Scarria 
  • Why, exactly, did M want Sciarra dead? What was her connection to him? Why did she want Bond to attend the funeral? Did she know or at least suspect the existence of Spectre?
    • M seemed to at least have a suspicion of Spectre's existence, but the only person she knew for sure was part of the organization was Sciarra. So she was relying on Kremlinology, a method of studying secretive organizations using limited information. The term originates in the American intelligence community, who often had to study the still photographs of funerals for Communist party officials -and observing who talked to who, who stood next to who- to guess at who was working with who, who had influence, etc. Other law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, would do similar practices to identify members of the Mafia. So in this case, killing Sciarra and attending the funeral like M instructed, gives Bond the opportunity to identify more Spectre members.
    • What was M going senile before she died? That is the absolute LAST thing you want to do to your only lead. If you can't watch him constantly, kidnap him and pump him for info. Kill him and no one shows to the funeral, you have effectively rendered your only trail cold. This seems really out of character considering she basically spent Quantum of Solace trying desperately to stop Bond killing people before interrogating them.
    • M knew Bond's modus operandi. If she somehow discovered Sciarra had an attractive wife, it's certain she predicted Bond would romance Lucia and gather precious information.
    • Sciarra is not someone you can take alive very easily. It could be that M considered instructing Bond to take Sciarra alive, but ultimately decided not to take the risk. Anyway, like the entry above said, if M knew Sciarra had an attractive wife, she could reasonably trust Bond would romance her to gain information.
    • It's entirely possible that in the time before Skyfall, M was conducting missions off the books observing Sciarra and trying to figure out his agenda, and maybe even sending other agents to try to monitor or capture him, all ending in failure. Thus, she prepared her video will to Bond as a last resort, in case she died before her investigation could go anywhere and she had only him to trust with getting the job done (and as stated above, she knows Bond well enough that asking him to interrogate Sciarra before killing him would be a waste of breath).
    • Because this was one case where he was much more useful to them dead than alive. He was obviously high-ranking and probably not the type to crack under interrogation. His death, however, would require a SPECTRE meeting. They mention that they rarely actually meet, so instead of waiting and guessing where the next meeting would be, they just kill an identified member, then track whatever breadcrumbs they find at the funeral.
     Blofeld and assassination 
  • Why does Blofeld send his big & baddest henchman to kill Bond on the train, only to welcome him into his lair to torture him 15 minutes later? One or the other please Blofeld.
    • It's possible (and kind of funny if true) that Hinx was on the same train by sheer coincidence and only attacked Bond and Madeleine because he saw him (imagine if he was about to sit down for dinner only to see the two of them sitting right there; no wonder his first reaction is to kick their table). It's also possible that Hinx was simply tailing them on his own and Blofeld ordered no such thing; his mission was to get Madeleine to find out what she knew, and he was still on that mission and may simply have been tailing them as part of that, without bothering to inform Blofeld of the temporary setback. More likely, Blofeld only decided to give Bond the grand tour after he more or less showed up as his doorstep and wouldn't have cared if he died earlier; if Bond really wants to see him that badly, and if he keeps surviving everything Blofeld throws at him, who is he to deny him? Especially if it will likely end with Blofeld humiliating and then torturing Bond to death.
      • Possible, but it also begs the question why Hinx decided to engage two armed and dangerous adversaries with only his bare hands and painted thumbnails. He's not adverse to using firearms and he gets shot for his trouble and then distracted and killed.
      • That really answers the question- if he never expected Bond to be there in the first place, it makes sense that he wasn't armed, not to mention he probably didn't consider Madeleine to be a threat (he looks surprised when Madeleine intervenes, giving Bond the opening to have a second wind). Most likely though he was also just annoyed enough with Bond at that point (who had evaded him so many times, and left him for dead in the mountain chase) that he wants to kill him with his bare hands at this point.
    • Hinx seems to be operating mostly on his own, with minimal instructions from Blofeld. He was tailing Bond via SPECTRE's access to the smart blood data.
      • Hinx takes his sweet time trailing Bond and Swan. They had enough time to get wasted in a run down hotel and buy a whole new wardrobe, including a tailored tuxedo.
      • A smart hunter waits until his prey have let their guard down before making a move.

     Blofeld's henchmen 
  • Why does Blofeld have Bond abducted by two henchmen, hooded and restrained, presumably to take him to Blofeld; only to then graffiti up the area, and add photos to which a hooded and escorted Bond couldn't see. Does Blofeld have Henchmen to waste?
    • He probably intended to have the henchmen drag him past the exhibits. Either way, he knew that once Bond was led to the old MI6 HQ, there was no way he would turn back.
      • So why hood Bond? A simple phone call would suffice...
      • Because the goons are following their training, and their training tells them to hood kidnappees
    • In-Universe Rule of Scary, maybe? Also, they probably thought a hood would make Bond less likely to attack them since...well, being deprived of sight (and thus naturally disorientated) normally puts one at a disadvantage in a fight. They just forgot they were dealing with James Bond. And they were probably going to remove the hood once they got him inside the building. All Bond basically did by freeing himself was to cut out the middle-men.
     Oberhauser's Age 
  • It's established in the Casino Royale-onward continuity that Bond is in his 40s. And the evidence, from the picture onward, in Spectre suggest that Oberhauser is older than him, and that Bond was with his family for two years when orphaned in his early teens at the latest. So why does Oberhauser claim his faked death was only 20 years ago? The math would put it closer to 30 years instead.
    • From the file photo that pops up when the Oberhauser connection is analyzed via the laptop scanner, it appears Oberhauser was at least in his twenties when he died, helped by Christoph Waltz being fairly fresh-faced and youthful-looking. Presumably he's meant to be a few years older than Bond. (Though not the 10 years Waltz has on Craig, which would either push his The Resenter status into comedy or make him really unhinged — what kind of lunatic is that distressed by the arrival of a 12 year old interloper at 22?) So either Bond stayed in contact with Oberhauser Sr. for longer than the initial guardianship period, (or was at least frequently enough in Oberhauser Sr's thoughts to still irk his biological son) or Franz was capable of holding a grudge for quite a while.
    • It took 20 years for him to start taking revenge on Bond. Why assume that he killed his father immediately instead of after years of holding in his resentment?
     Mister White and Doctor Swann 
  • What was SPECTRE's plan with Mr. White & Madeleine Swann? SPECTRE already knew where Mr. White was and had apparently poisoned him, so he was going to die soon anyway. What's the point in sending an assassin to finish him off? Also, why go after Madeleine? She didn't know anything other than the location of L'American, so there's no point in kidnapping her, and if they wanted to kill her they could have. And while we're at it, wouldn't SPECTRE already know everything about L'American, since Mr. White went there for years when he was working for QUANTUM? And if they did, why didn't they go there?
    • They poisoned Mr. White's cell phone, but we don't know when or where this happened. It could've been months or years before he moved to that house. And it's something they couldn't confirm had happened — for all they knew, he caught on and ditched the cell phone before he'd been really affected. As for his daughter, they don't know how much or how little she knows, and they don't know if she's told anyone else what she knows. She's a loose end that needs to be assessed and then dealt with.
    • The reason Hinx's team tried to snatch Madeleine was because they'd tracked Bond to her clinic via the smart blood that had been injected into Bond.
     Bond's plane 
  • Where the hell did Bond get the plane for the big mountain chase scene?
    • Easy, there was an airfield a short distance next to the clinic where Bond disembarked after arriving by plane. Presumably there were other planes in the vicinity, one which happened to be the supply turboprop plane he utilized. A quick run down to that runway combined with the fact (confirmed by Word of God) there was only one road for cars up to the clinic would have reduced the chances of him losing the SPECTRE team. As for how he got control of the aircraft, he probably pulled off a something similar to the Goldeneye pre-opening credits sequence where Brosnan!Bond hijacked a Cessna as it taxied off the Arkhangelsk Chemical Weapons facility airfield.
     Suicide Video 
  • Why exactly did Bond freak out at Madeleine seeing the video of the conversation between Bond and Mr. White right before he killed himself? Granted, he likely wanted to spare her from watching her father shoot himself in the head, but instead of telling her to look away, Bond is reacting more like he feels responsible and he doesn't want Madeleine to know. But...she does! When they first met, Bond told her that her father killed himself but also that he sent him to protect her and that previously he only kept himself alive because of her! So what is Bond ashamed about? The fact that he gave White the gun? As if White didn't presumably have a bunch of guns stashed around that he could have used himself?
    • No reason to assume he feels responsible in any way or guilty, he's simply realized Blofeld is intending to torture her by making her watch her own father kill himself. While perhaps a bit overzealous, its quite honestly a pretty horrible tactic, especially when done for no purpose.
     Bond and Madeleine 
  • What do Bond and Madeleine see in each other to make Bond decide to leave his employment and to get over his grief for Vesper? It made sense why Bond fell for Vesper; she was one of the few people who didn't put up with his bravado but was vulnerable at the same time. Likewise, Bond showed his humanity to Vesper and treated her with the respect she's been seeking.
    • Bond is already sick and tired of being an assassin by the end of Casino Royale but decided to stay to resolve the issue with Vesper. After that, Bond used the opening train fight in Skyfall to fake his death and live out a quiet life for six months until Silva took steps to put him back into action. Bond hates being an assassin in this continuity and only came back after the terrorist attack. Choosing to settle down with Madeleine is just picking a partner for what was already his present life plan.
    • And the heart wants what the heart wants.

     Bond and Mexico City Press 
  • How did the press find out that Bond was in Mexico City, leading Mallory to grill/ground Bond upon his return? In Casino Royale, M getting on Bond's case made sense, because he was in an embassy and his picture was taken on a security camera as he was assassinating Mollaka. In Mexico City, he was in a helicopter above the crowded square that was flying at a high speed and rolling all over the place. The chances of anybody getting a good picture of Bond in those condition is slim to none.
    • Bond's never specifically mentioned in the articles M shows him. It's likely that he simply saw the news, realized that Bond was (presumably) the only agent unaccounted for at the time and put two and two together. Tanner kind of does the same later at the "Nine Eyes" vote when he sees the news about the Rome car chase. Let's face it, it's pretty well established that this kind of "international incident" will have Bond involved with it somewhere.
     Bond family wealth 
  • So did Bond grow up poor or not? In Skyfall he proves to have quite a land to his name, along with a full-time caretaker. But in Spectre Blofeld says his dad took Bond as his own. Further complicating matters, in Casino Royale Vesper pegged Bond as someone who grew up poor.
    • He could be land rich but only have enough income from his late parents' estate to just pay for the upkeep and Kincade's salary but not enough to be considered wealthy.
    • A lot of the Landed Gentry are chronically short on cash, often scraping by and barely able to maintain the upkeep on their lands and properties, there is a reason a lot of old Manors in Britain are called Stately Piles.
    • It's also possible that Vesper was just speculating.
  • How was Raoul Silva working for SPECTRE? Wasn't Skyfall about his own vendetta against M?
    • Either Blofeld was talking out of his ass in an attempt to rattle James, or Spectre was where Silva got some or all of his Offscreen Villain Dark Matter.
    • On one side you have Silva, a man left rot in a Chinese prison who years later appears again commanding immense resources in his quest for revenge against M and MI6. On the other side, you have Blofeld, a madman possessing immense wealth and power who wants to remain hidden and uses third parties to sow chaos around the world. I think the connection is pretty clear, Blofeld saw great potential in Silva to further his own goals.
     Mister White's hypocrisy 
  • Mr. White claims that he got on Blofeld's shit list due to his objections to the organization's dealings with "women and children". This is odd, since he was introduced in Casino Royale (2006) brokering a deal between Le Chiffre and the Lord's Resistance Army, a terrorist organization that makes heavy use of Child Soldiers and child sex slavery. No wonder Bond immediately called BS.
    • Bond says Mr. White "grew a conscience." So, it's entirely possible SPECTRE just bothered him because it didn't act through intermediaries anymore but was involved in the darker elements of the trade anyway.
    • Mr. White has never been too fond of human trafficking or child soldiers from the beginning. When he's talking with Obanno, whilst waiting for Le Chiffre to arrive, he looks mildly uneasy as he watches one of the children serving Obanno with a cream soda. Plus, there is a considerable difference between your employer representing an organization involved in human trafficking, and the company cutting out the middle man and taking up the slave trade itself. On top of that, something about trying to reconnect with his family only to be distanced from them probably affected his views on the treatment of women and children.
  • The way the characters are dressed throughout the film (with the exception of the Morocco sequence) indicate that it's cold—sweaters, coats, etc. Yet at the very end, as Bond and Madeleine drive off, she's wearing a thin sleeveless dress and no coat at all.
    • British weather is very changeable, it is perfectly reasonable having it go from thick coat weather to shortsleeves in a day (or an hour)
    • Or you know, maybe they just have the heat in the car on.
    Mexico City 
  • In the opening shot, James is seen wearing a costume, which he then takes off before he goes off with a sniper rifle to gun down his enemies. Why the hell doesn't he just keep the costume on? Especially since he wasn't supposed to be there in the first place, he wouldn't end up humiliating himself or MI6 if his cover was blown. And it'd be easier to blend in, since everyone else in the city was wearing a costume.
    • From my memory the costume didn't look like it'd be easy to line up and look down the sights to get an accurate shot.
     What is Blofeld's crime? 
  • Or specifically, what crimes had he committed that the British government could pin on him? Bond was acting on his own without any government authority for most of the film. As far as the law is concerned, he's just a private citizen traipsing about the world. By the end, Bond had committed multiple acts of murder, property destruction and even shot down a privately owned helicopter in a civilian area. Sure, we know what Blofeld did, but is there any proof of his crimes that could be used against him in a court of law? In fact, why was he arrested by the police at the end? He was in a helicopter that got shot down! Why isn't he being taken to a hospital?
    • Q had all the physical evidence on his computer that Blofeld was linked to Le Chiffre, Silva, and QUANTUM as a whole. He must've been able to find even more incriminating evidence that detailed SPECTRE'S hierarchy, since M was also ready to arrest C for his connections to SPECTRE. And I guess he's not being taken to a hospital because M can tell that his injuries aren't serious. As for Bond, since Q had him being tracked by the Smart Blood program the entire time he was rogue, then there's no argument that MI6 still holds full responsibility for the crimes he may be indicted of throughout the movie, since he was technically under their radar the entire time.
  • Q finds evidence on his computer that links Le Chiffre, Dominic Greene, Raoul Silva, and Mr. White all to one organization and Bond's immediate question is "This organization, do you know what it's called?" Why wouldn't Bond's first assumption be that he's simply dealing with Quantum again, considering he's previously known Le Chiffre, Greene, and White to be operatives?
    • Q says to Bond, "And it seems they were all part of one organization. Le Chiffre, Quantum, Sciarra, your friend Mr. Silva." So in context it sounds like he's saying that Quantum itself was part of a larger organization from the outset. So it appears that Quantum was essentially a subsidiary of Spectre the whole time. One could argue Spectre was designed this way because they wanted to insulate themselves heavily from the guys who do his dirty work.
     Lucia's Spectre knowledge 
  • How could Lucia know the location and time of the Spectre meeting? She couldn't have learned it from her husband, since the purpose of the meeting was to choose his replacement. She's not a member and should be out of the loop now that her husband is dead, and why would anyone in the organization tell her? Why would she need to know? If someone did tell her, how has Spectre been able to hide its existence for so long when it doesn't even practice basic compartmentalization?
    • The meeting may not have been just to select Sciarra's replacement. They talked about other ongoing business before Blofeld showed up. Replacing him could have just been a last-minute addition to the agenda. And maybe Spectre regularly meets in that location, like a Rotary Club. Since Lucia lived with her husband for years, she probably picked up on when and where he went for those meetings. Given how large and powerful Spectre appears to be, they could probably afford to keep their operations a secret.
    • Blofeld was present at the funeral, and evidently a couple of other SPECTRE agents as well. Perhaps Lucia happened to overhear them discussing the meeting.

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