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  • Princess Celestia gets one in chapter nine of season one simply for using nothing but some well-used questions to get Fate to slowly realize that Presea was wrong.

  • And in chapter 11 of the same season. If you thought the debut of the Starlight Breaker was awesome in canon, it's even more awesome here. For starters, Fate has already done her Heel–Face Turn, and Presea shows up, binds Twilight and Arf, and proceeds to give Fate a Breaking Speech before getting ready to start whipping her. But instead of letting the whipping happen, Fate uses her telekinesis to grab the whip in midair, before a single blow can land, and gives Presea a Shut Up, Hannibal! combined with a Kirk Summation. Then, after Presea responds with a Shut Up, Kirk! and uses some of the Jewel Seeds to create a copy of Fate's original body, trapping Fate's consciousness in the copy of her original body, it becomes obvious that even Bardiche is fighting against this, even as the fake Fate uses him against Twilight. Then, after the fake Fate traps Twilight in a bind, Twilight uses an Indy Ploy and turns it against her.

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  • A's Chapter 10 presents a rematch of the protagonists against the Wolkenritter. Unlike the original canon, however, things go much differently. The Wolkenritter are trapped in a barrier created by Princess Luna and outnumbered by at least three to one odds, with Twilight and Fate armed with their upgraded Devices. Even though the Wolkenritter managed to shoot down Rainbow Dash, Vita, Signum and Zafira are all captured.

  • Celestia gets a few of these post-Nightmare Moon in Chapter 11a of A's. The first comes when she informs the nobility of how much they screwed up before stripping them of their titles and properties and assuming absolute control over Equestria. The second comes when she faces down a Belkan Knight-Admiral and informs him of why it's a bad idea for him to attack Equestria. Considering that pre-Nightmare Moon, Celestia is presented as a spoiled and easily-flattered catspaw of the nobility, it really shows how far she came.

  • The final battle, which is more epic than canon.
    • First we have the equivalent of Nanoha and Fate versus Reinforce. Except this time it's Twilight and Fate against Nachtwal, the corrupted defense program, which is using Nyx's form as an avatar. Oh, and they're on the Moon. Despite a good showing, both Twilight and Fate are defeated and absorbed by the Book of Dakrness.
    • Next, Celestia and Luna both show up on the Moon, and Nachtwal discovers precisely why it's a very bad idea to hurt Twilight. After agreeing to buy time for Luna to infiltrate the Book's systems, Celestia reveals that she's spent the last thousand or so years developing her powers, easily able to stand toe-to-toe with Nachtwal's avatar.
      • While unleashing her powers on Nactwal, Celestia gives the following speech:
      Celestia: You see, I’m not like my sister, I don’t like fighting. I don’t revel in conflict like she does. I don’t see war as something glorious or beautiful. I never have. So if I must fight, if it reaches the point that I must take the field, then it is incumbent upon me to end the battle as swiftly and definitively as possible. That’s the nature of the sun, you see, the sun is not subtle. It is not gentle. It blinds and burns. The reason why I hold back, why I only fight when all else has failed: because when I do all that would be left is ash. And I don’t want to risk any of my little ponies being hurt. But right now, my subjects are far away. You are in front of me. And you’ve made the unfortunate mistake of hurting somepony very precious to me. I can’t kill you, but I can certainly make you wish I did.
      • Which is then followed by this exchange:
      Nachtwal: “Threat analysis complete. Target all resources on current opponent. Destroy utterly.
      Celestia: “Come on then. Let‘s see how brightly you‘ll burn.
      • And again, Celestia is doing this as a distraction. Which makes it even more awesome later on when she sends Nachtwal into a Villainous Breakdown.
      • Nachtwal may be the villain, but the fact that it's barely inconvenienced by friggin' Celestia going all out on it is kinda praiseworthy.
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    • Meanwhile, on the Arthra, Chrono, Yuuno, Arf, Rainbow Dash and Shining Armor fight against the highjackers who took over the ship. With some help from Yuuno, Rainbow Dash knocks out a bunch of them at once and comes out with a Barrier Jacket.
      • Then Chrono confronts the leader of the hijackers, who tries to pull a Put Down Your Gun and Step Away. Chrono complies, and the hijacker takes his Device...but Chrono has a trick up his sleeve.
    Chrono: S4U, Load Cartridge!
    • Princess Luna enters the Book and rescues Twilight from her Lotus-Eater Machine just by looking scary. They go to rescue Fate...who has already seen through the illusion. They then enter Trixie's dream, where she delivers an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to her mother...although it's really just a disguised Nyx. Nyx drives Luna, Twilight, and Fate out of the dream, where they find the core of the Book of Darkness.
    • Nachtwal detects the ponies' intrusion and summons a giant pony the resembles a monstrous version of Nightmare Moon. Luna releases the Power Limiter on Twilight and Fate's Devices, allowing them to hold off the Nightmare while she attacks Nachtwal's code directly.
    • Trixie decides that she's had enough of everything and tells off Nyx. Then they're both captured by Nachtwal, who tells them they're all doomed. Trixie responds with a Shut Up, Hannibal! and gives a Rousing Speech to Nyx.
    Trixie: My name is Trixie Lulamoon, I declare myself your Mistress! GET UP AND FIGHT WITH ME!
    • This activates the Element of Magic, which repairs Nyx and paralyzes Nachtwal. Luna sends Fate and Twlight back to Celestia so they can all destroy Nachtwal's physical avatar in one attack, driving it from the Book. Meanwhile, Trixie renames Nyx to Reinforce, restores her magic, and revives the Wolkenritter. Reinforce tells Trixie that Nachtwal is constructed a new body and will be impossible to defeat, but Trixie scoffs and gets ready.
    Places, everyone! It’s showtime!
    • And then there's the final final battle which is still even more epic than canon. Special mentions:
    • Both of Nachtwal's One-Winged Angel forms.
    • Celestia opening a portal to the sun to heat up and weaken Nachtwal's armor. Chrono then uses Durandal to freeze and weaken it further so that Trixie and Reinforce can throw a gigantic drill at it. Even that doesn't penetrate, so Vita uses Graf Eisen to pound it in.
    • Sucker punch Sonic Rainboom style!
    • Twilight and Fate initiating Stargazer and Lunatic forms. Twilight then goes Thinking Up Portals while Fate hits a Double Weapon lightning-saber.
    • Twilight, Fate, and Trixie using their most powerful attacks against Nachtwal, and Cadence using Magic Enhancement to help them break through Nachtwal's shields. Nachtwal even gets one for resisting, if only briefly, the Triple Breaker.
    • And then Nachtwal gets sent in front of the Arc-en-Ciel
    • In StrikerS Spike needs to break through, or at least weaken a heavy barrier during a test. Also, there's a lot of small drones in the way. He's got to make a path clear for Scootaloo to get a chance to use her moves. His solution? Eat a Device Cartridge and follow that up with a rather good Godzilla impersonation.

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