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Heartwarming / Magical Pony Lyrical Twilight

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  • The first half of Chapter Eleven of the first season. Specifically, every single part that involved Fate. You know something qualifies for this when The Woobie is happy for the first time in an extremely long time.
  • And in A's, there's how Twilight got her magic back thanks to The Power of Love. Specifically, her family's love was able to restore her Linker Core and her Cutie Mark.
  • Shamal and Fancy Pants' interactions generally enter into this territory. This is particularly true in Chapter 8 where Fancy Pants informs Shamal that, no matter what secrets she may be hiding from him, he thinks of her as a good and kind pony.
    • This pays off in Chapter 9, where Shamal's confession of love for Fancy Pants is enough to trigger something inside her, giving her the magical power to not only stabilize Trixie, but give Nyx enough power to wake her up.
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    • And then, in the Epilogue Shamal and Fancy Pants finally share a kiss, having agreed to continue their relationship even if Shamal's off-world.
  • Chapter 11: Knight Side, had the way the Wolkenritter reacted when Trixie said that she didn't want them to hunt Linker Cores in order to complete the Book of Darkness. It's worth pointing out that unlike Hayate, Trixie was tempted by the promise of how much power she would gain, but she didn't want to cheat by stealing it from other living creatures.
  • Chapter 15: The one thing Trixie absolutely cannot forgive Nachtwal for, above stealing her magic, putting her in coma, and almost killing her? It hurt her assistants. Bad move.


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