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Heartwarming / The Magic of Torchwood

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  • Jack giving Harry a platonic hug after the 3rd task and he realises that Harry was essentially mind raped by Voldemort.
  • Jack's fatherly advice to Ginny who was planning to use Jack to make Harry jealous. Jack sees through this and explains she should just ask him out. She does, and it is adorable.
  • Jack seems to be the eternal big brother in this fic, always with a kind word or a hug for someone.
  • Jack finally getting over his Commitment Issues fueled fear of The "I Love You" Stigma and saying it to Ianto without Oblivating him the second time around even
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  • Jack's pseudo-sibling, even borderline Parental Substitute bond with Harry is ultimately displayed when, in one ultimately nullified timeline, Harry and Ginny name their firstborn son after Jack: 'Jack James Potter' - though Draco dubbed him Jamie, because Jack is a terrible role model, and it stuck.

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