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  • Fluttershy versus Arf. It ends about as well as it could have for the familiar.
  • It's kind of funny in a sad way, but after Fluttershy heard about what Presea had done to Fate, the only way she was able to calm down was by treating Yuuno's ferret form like a teddy bear.
    • The fact that Yuuno was willing to sacrifice his dignity to comfort her also makes it a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Lindy, Amy and Chrono arriving to Equestria on a diplomatic visit... and greeted by a welcome party set by Pinkie Pie. Chrono is struggling to keep up the professional attitude.
    "I feel like I’ve wandered into a girl’s cartoon."
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  • Rarity and Rainbow are heading to Twilight's parents' house and Rarity is asking Rainbow to be on her best behavior, unlike what happened when she was there for the previous Hearth’s Warming Day party:
    Rainbow Dash: So I had a bit too much eggnog and got a bit loosy-goosey. We were having fun!
    Rarity: Gallivanting around with a lampshade on your head is no way behave towards our hosts.
    Rainbow Dash: It was only for a few minutes.
    Rarity: You knocked over Fate’s snow pony!
    Rainbow Dash: I apologized!
    Rarity: You knocked over my snow pony!
    Rainbow Dash: [Rolling her eyes] Whatever. Now you’re just nitpicking.
  • Trixie's ridiculously big device. When she tries to nonchalantly lean it on her back, it tilts and falls to the ground with an awkward "clunk".


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