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Awesome / Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella

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In order to keep this organized, this'll be sorted by character:

Homura Akemi

  • Punching Enbey in the face, not once, but twice. Word of God confirmed she killed him shortly after the first time she punched him in the face (he still has the "respawn" powers mind you).
  • Killing several hundred TorBeys
  • Attacking an overeager news crew, earning her nickname: Homerun-Chan.
  • Taking out the guy with the huge ego on the bus while still half asleep.
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  • Becoming a Memetic Badass that can terrify people with but a glance.
  • How do you break up a fight between two Veneficus? Throw textbooks at them.
  • And the only thing she has going for her? Several centuries of experience.

Mami Tomoe


Madoka Kaname

  • So, what do you do when your best friend (and possible Love Interest) has lost control of her powers, spewing angry demons everywhere, and she's gradually turning into a witch that makes Walpurgisnacht look like a pushover? In Madoka's case, penetrate directly to the heart the forming barrier, blasting through an army of demons along the way, and telling her to Get Ahold Of Yourself Man!.

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