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  • Addy's escape from the Volturi in Chapter 19. Yeah, she's evil, but you just have to respect that sort of ingenuity.
  • Bella successfully living through freakin' everything. In the interests of picking a moment—stopping fire from hurting her—aka, circumventing her only reasonable chance of death.
    • Her first moment of awesome is much earlier. She successfully tricks James into bringing her to the Volturi and in doing so, saves herself from almost certain death by vampire.
    • There's also her being able to convince the Volturi to spare Gianna by saying that she plans on using Gianna as a surrogate.
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    • Note that all of these moments solidify her status as a Guile Hero.
  • Elspeth seems to have inherited Bella's ability to think quickly in that when Jacob gets bitten during the fracas with Demetri, she realizes that since she can't exactly cut off any of his limbs and there aren't any suction devices around, she has to suck the venom out herself. Which she does.
  • Elspeth manages to make Mind Rape a Crowning Moment when she tells Demetri that Allirea doesn't love him back.
  • In chapter 44 we learn how exactly Addy was able to keep herself hidden from Alice. She wasn't hanging around the werewolves or a half vampire. She was reading up on their TWITTER POSTS.
  • In chapter 45 we further find out the extent of Addy's plan: she helped the rebellion not only with Alice and Jasper, but with the Romanians and Nathan, and made herself useful to Bella.
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  • Melody from "Sparks": she is a enderly woman turned into a vampire, and the first person to walk barefoot on the moon.