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"Ain't I a stinker?"
  • Doing an Obama Anger Translator sketch with the real President Obama...enough said.
  • The sketch "Georgina and Esther and Satan" has two elderly religious women lamenting the state of their families and vowing to give Satan a beating if he doesn't "let go" of their relatives with their prayers and then Satan comes to possess one old lady only for her to give him a beating inside her body, then the other old lady gets to beat Satan up.
  • After a whole skit of being obnoxious and self-righteous, Latrelle from "Office Homophobe" sees his co-worker, who he had slagged off as a homophobe, kiss his boyfriend. Latrelle pretty much implodes, stammering his way through the rest of the conversation and coming to the realization that "(he's) not persecuted, (he's) just an asshole".
  • Obama Raps: A street rapper is doing his thing in front of his buddies, rapping about the usual stereotypical black hoodlum stuff like guns, bitches and respect. Obama drives up, gets out of his car, takes the microphone and utterly crushes him with seven simple words: "I'm the leader of the free world." Mic Drop.
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  • "Obama's Meeting With Republicans": Obama pulls one over on a bunch of GOPers with reverse psychology. They had stated that they'll "disagree" on everything Obama proposes...So Obama proposes what they'd want, they all are compelled to disagree, Obama gets the stuff HE wants done chaos ensues among the GOPers (One guy tapes up his face while another cuts off his tongue)...Obama says "Ain't I a stinker?".
  • "Pirate Chantey:" The pirate crew leaps to attention the second their captain (a Pirate Girl) announces herself by killing a man for Slut-Shaming a woman. That implies that they didn't know she was there earlier. She has them so respectful/terrified of her that they were singing a progressive sea shanty about the women in their lives even when they thought she wasn't there.
  • The end of Othello sketch where Key and Peele corner Shakespeare to write a story about an African man that has a happier ending and ending with them walking out of a play of Shaft.
    Verily, motherfucker.
  • "Confederate Reenactors" where Key and Peele dress up as slaves to annoy the Southern reenactors.
    • On top of that is their true goal, getting the re-enactors to out themselves as racists to justify mugging them for everything they have.
  • Before the funding runs out in "The Power of Wings," the video (and the music) were pretty terrific, if a bit egocentric.

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