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  • The fanboy valets finally meet Liam Neesons!
  • After all the Cringe Comedy of the funeral witnessing a late Civil Right Activist's undignified racist-laced Hollywood roles, the son puts the film reel in the coffin and opts to move on discussing the positive side of his father's legacy.
    Son: In 1964, my father marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and Harry Belafonte, along with other renowned civil rights leaders.....
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  • Though it's Played for Laughs, the friendship formed by the gangsters who bonded over Twilight is still heartwarming to see.
  • The "Nooice" sketch. Peele feels that his signature catchphrase ("Nooice!") in a dance circle is being appropriated by Key, and shuts him down. After having a My God, What Have I Done? moment, Peele chases Key just in time to stop him boarding a bus. After clearing up the misunderstanding by saying no other word but "nooice!" to each other - accompanied by heavy rainfall and epic music from Two Steps from Hell - they embrace and leave hand-in-hand.
  • The "Gay Wedding Advice" sketch. Gary, the gay coworker brought in to try and explain that a gay wedding is no different than a straight wedding, finds the family's questions exhausting. But they truly are just trying to prepare for their cousin's wedding, and are in full support. Just very confused on the particulars.
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  • The "Pussy On The Chainwax" sketch actually has a pretty cute ending in a very similar way to "Nooice". It starts with Key and Peele's characters and two of their friends hanging out and laughing it up while playing pool... before Peele's character starts getting increasingly annoyed that the others keep using the title phrase like it's a thing everyone says and voicing it. After playing it off for a while, Key's character finally gets quiet... and then asks why Peele's cares whether he made it up or not... before also saying that he just lost his job and that his girlfriend dumped him, and that he just wanted to have a fun day with his friends, all with very serious and earnest delivery. Peele's character freezes up awkwardly, and starts saying that "...I'm just trying to say... that I want to..."
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  • The "Pirate Chantey" sketch, should the shanties the pirates have been singing be true. While the others are somewhat ridiculous, the first verse had a couple of pirates tucking a drunk woman away in a bed to save her from being raped and the third had a pirate, while clearly heartbroken, supporting his girlfriend's decision to abort her child to continue to stay in school.
  • In a Meta sense. Just how damn close Keagan and Jordan are.

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