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  • In "Badge of Honor", Milton takes down a group of punks robbing the dojo by himself.
  • Jerry manages to take down a greedy and corrupt shaolin monk in "The Chosen One", albeit with some help from an elderly monk. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment since Jerry was trying to save said elderly monk's life despite being banned from the temple earlier.
  • Jack, with his wrist injured, defeating his cousin Kai.
  • A few of the fight scenes, especially the one's when Kim and Jack are working together.
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  • The fight against the Black Dragons during the Halloween party. Not only does Jack do most of the fight blindfolded and but Eddie, Marge, Jerry and Milton manage to kick a serious amount of ass.
  • With Jack and Kim gone, you'd think Eddie, Milton and Jerry would be defenseless against The Black Dragons, right? Wrong. Milton and Jerry booby trap the dojo just to mess with Frank and another Black Dragon, and then Eddie cuts the power and beats them senseless with his night vision goggles.
  • In ''Oh, Christmas Nuts!", the Wasabi Warriors (sans Kim and Eddie) fight a group of con artists disguised as a Christmas charity organization and the con Santa is defeated by another Santa. The guys assume it's Bobby, but Bobby admits he did no such thing since he was in the bathroom. At that point, the characters (but not the viewers) see Santa flying his sleigh, heavily implying that he was the one who helped out the Wasabi Warriors during the fight.
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  • In Win, Lose, or Ty., Rudy and Ty are both waiting in line to see a movie, when some guys cut in front of Rudy. Rudy tries to confront them politely only for one of them to throw a punch. Rudy and Ty proceed to lay a smackdown on the cutters. Afterwards, they compliment each other's fighting moves.
  • When the Wasabi Warriors and Black Dragons start fighting in a restaurant, Rudy and Ty scold them and force them to pay for the damages they caused. Granted, it's nothing new for Rudy (just rare) but seeing his equally childish rival step up and discipline his students, you know there's a good sensei buried within Ty.
  • Rudy and Jack meet in the finals of a tournament, and Rudy destroys Jack.
  • Jerry jumping out of a space shuttle 11 miles above the Earth and crashing through the school's roof.
  • In "Dojo Day Care"; Jack exhibiting some almost inhuman upper body strength by hanging onto a construction bar with one hand and holding onto a baby with the other. And he doesn't even fully lose his grip!
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  • Even when blindfolded, like he was in "Boo Gi Nights", Jack can still kick ass.
  • Milton having the Brass Balls to make a Dumb Blonde remark to Kim in "The Great Escape" while pretending to be Jerry:
    "Let me slow down, I forgot I was talking to a blonde."


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