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Headscratchers / Kickin' It

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  • Seriously, in "Kickin It on our own" would it behoove the Wasabi Warriors to rebel and fight Sensei Ty? Jack and Kim beat the Black Dragons like, several times. I expected Jack to show more backbone towards Sensei Ty when he was being oppressive. Also, why would Bobby Wasabi sell the dojo to a group of cheaters? He saw what the Black Dragons tried to do to Milton, so he should know how evil they are.

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  • From "Badge of Honor" - "Karate dojo" has to be right below "police station" as a stupid place to try to steal from; they probably do almost none of their business in cash, all their equipment apart from the new TV (which they could fence for what, $150? Divided 5 ways?) is too bulky/specialized/gross with sweat to flip for quick cash and it's run by someone who can kick your ass. When Rudy first approached those guys in his gi, they'd have either quickly become unavailable or took his money and simply never shown up.

  • Does anyone know why Eddie isn't in season 3?
    • It's because of scheduling conflicts and personal reasons

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