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Nightmare Fuel / Key & Peele

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"I wish to pee in your mouth."
As funny as Key & Peele is, some of their sketches can cause some serious nightmares.

  • Ultimate Fighting Match Preview features two fighters being interviewed on TV before their big match. One of them engages in the expected pre-showdown trash talk, while the other starts talking fervently about being on a Mission from God and hoping his opponent converts on his deathbed, graphically describing the condition he plans on leaving him in... and then starts talking in nonsense and levitating amidst repeated cuts back to his increasingly-unsettled opponent, finally culminating in...
  • Cute Puppies, in which two women look at a puppy in the window of a pet store, gushing about how cute it is and about all the increasingly-violent and absurd things they want to do it in a parody of cute aggression... before a cut to them burying something in a dark field full of graves talking about other cute puppies they've bought makes it clear that they were actually serious. Bonus points? One half of the duo is Meegan.
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  • Baby Forest. Even putting aside that the titular baby Forest Whitaker is a Creepy Child who intimidates his babysitter to the point of tears, the Uncanny Valley effect of Peele's head CG'ed onto a toddler body is unmistakable enough to be creepy even on its own.
  • LMFAO's Non-Stop Party is a fairly silly sketch, if one with an ultimately dark punchline... if you don't think too hard about the And I Must Scream implications of said punchline.
  • Ultimate Cock Blocker. While ostensibly done to extra-emphasize the levels of Mind Screw factor the sketch ends up escalating to, it definitely doesn’t help that it winds up being edited, acted, and presented like a horror movie.
  • Roommate Meeting is a deliberate build to an anticlimax for the sake of comedy - turns out, the frat house already know the ghost is there and simply consider him another one of their roommates - but the buildup to the twist and some of the imagery of the ghost we get during it is still... pretty creepy.
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  • Family Matters, which starts off as Reginald VelJohnson arguing with a producer over Steve Urkel's increasing dominance in the show. Then the producer is seemingly possessed into shooting himself, and then Steve is implied to be real, as an Eldritch Abomination in a human guise who has taken over the entire studio and forces everyone into doing his bidding. From the words of Steve himself:

    Jaleel? There is no Jaleel, only Steve. It's always been Steve.

  • Liam, the terminally-ill child from Make-A-Wish who speaks in a creepy perpetual whisper and whose final requests include such things as getting to drown a man and make an Eldritch Abomination out of prosthetic limbs and dead flesh, easily gives Baby Forest a run for his money as the post Creepy Child featured in a sketch, hence that he provides the image for this page.
  • Continental Breakfast is arguably more Adorkable and silly than anything... up until you get to the ending, which implies that the man visiting the hotel has been Dead All Along and going to the breakfast buffet as a ghost for a long time now. It’s a reference to The Shining and is foreshadowed (not to mention the character seems totally fine with it), but the suddenness and element of Mood Whiplash is still... a bit haunting.

  • In Turbulence, Peele plays a flight attendant who wants a passenger to sit down because the light is on. The passenger (Key) wants to use the bathroom, and the attendant reluctantly lets him, because it's not illegal. Peele walks back to the jumpseat and sits down, holding eye contact with Key, who backs down the aisle - then the turbulence hits and batters him from pillar to post. During this period, Peele gets thrown around with the rest of the passengers, and he just stares, maintains eye contact. No expression on his face. Cold, dead eyes. Like a doll's eyes.

  • In Pregame Pumpup, Things get super dark.
  • Chris Brown and Rhianna's duet is filled with lyrics about how Chris wants to get Rhianna alone so he can "hit that" and that she shouldn't try to fight it.
  • The two vigilantes on the plane. They go from talking about how they're going to hunt down some "terries", then reveal that they've smuggled weapons onto the plane, then when their cover is blown they start brandishing their weapons and shouting about how they're taking control of the plane.
    • The whole buildup is as terrifying as it is hilarious. The poor passenger they chat up is bewildered. First, he can't understand them, but as he starts to decipher their bizarre metaphors, he sees they are batshit insane and planning to do something very, very bad. And he can't talk them out of it or really do much to stop them.
  • While Weird Playlist starts out funny — that Peele is accidentally sharing his embarrassing personal audio journal — it soon turns very disturbing and dark. Key realizes that he doesn't really know Peele at all, that Peele is terribly disturbed, and that he actually wanted to share it. All while being in the confines of a dark car driving down the highway...
  • The Andre & Meegan series of skits contain plenty of funny lines and silly performances, but open just about any of them on YouTube and you'll notice plenty of people in the comments remarking that it gives them a genuine sense of dread or discomfort, as Meegan really isn’t that exaggerated a depiction of an emotionally abusive partner. Easy contender for the most disturbing in the series is the breakup sketch, wherein her rise into Manipulative Bitch mode is accompanied by tense, eerie music before she essentially begins gaslighting Andre into taking back his decision.
  • "Don't Press The Button." Key plays a normal-looking young pedestrian waiting for the crosswalk. When Peele tries to press the button to hurry up the slow light, Key objects. When Peele presses the issue, Key gets more and more agitated, to the point where he gets REALLY unglued and starts ranting like a lunatic. Its both hilarious yet incredibly disturbing to watch.
  • Mr. Mahina. Trust me, you do NOT want to see what has become of him. What appears to be a sight-gag punchline turns into something terrifying.

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