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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Exalted is extremely prone to sheer Awesome. In Creation, Rule of Cool is literally a law of physics.
  • The story from Glories of the Most High, about the Unconquered Sun. During the Primordial War, he surrendered himself to the Titans in exchange for a single human hostage, reasoning that with so many dying in the war he could not stand idly by while he could do something (doubling as Heartwarming Moment - he, the mightiest of gods, did not see himself as more important than a single human being). The Primordials tortured him (and with all the power and insanity of Lovecraftian creators of reality, it must've been torture indeed) and tried to convert him to their side, eventually bringing him to the Games of Divinity to sit at the table as their equal, certain that they could convince him to join them. Instead, the Unconquered Sun bested his masters at their own game, and with the sun ascending in the sky above Heaven for the first time he wrested open the gates of Heaven and allowed for the Exalted to deliver him from his captors. That's right. The Unconquered Sun is so fucking awesome that even when he was, essentially, a Distressed Dude he still shone with pure undiluted awesomeness.
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  • Return of the Scarlet Empress, dealing with the South: fiendish powers are planning to use a fake Tamas Khan, in order to lure out the real one - a powerful Lunar named Tamuz - so they can assassinate him. Tamuz sees through the entire plan, including the assassination part, in about five seconds. (Of course, since ROTSE deals with multiple potential apocalypses there is a lot of room for feats of epic heroism.)
  • For the developers, Broken-Winged Crane. Just the mention of Infernal overflow material was enough to whip the fanbase into a frenzy. The fact that it's named after a legendary (and demonic) text from within the game smacks of coolness. But then you get Kimbery AND Heretical charms (i.e. the "Make your own Yozi. From yourself" charmset) and, well... yeah.
    • And again with Shards of the Exalted Dream. The time it took to reach Platinum seller on drivethrurpg: four days. And it had the Charms for Theion, the Empyreal Chaos.
  • From the Yu-Shan book:
    On 7 Ascending Water, 764, Lytek sent the following message directly to Chejop Kejak, with copies delivered to every divisional head in Yu-Shan: “It is my very great pleasure to inform you that the Solar Exalted have returned.”
    • Lytek is the god of Celestial Exaltation, and one of the most senior deities in heaven. During the Usurpation, several Sidereals attacked and restrained him in order to capture the Exaltations of the slain Solars as they returned to him. In essence, this was Lytek giving a massive middle finger to the Sidereals for the entire Usurpation, and for their actions against him in particular.
      • Even better was Chejop Kejak's reaction. After storming over to Lytek's offices and finding him guarded by eight celestial lions and two lesser elemental dragons who only allowed him in after an invasive search of his person, he learned that the Solar Exaltations had started reincarnating earlier that year. Lytek smugly informed him that he'd simply wanted the Exaltations polished up before informing anyone. Not to mention the measures taken to make sure nothing like the Usurpation could happen again:
    Kejak’s rage upon hearing this report only worsened when he investigated the assignment of Lytek’s new security detail. The powerful guards protecting the Right Hand of Power were each assigned by different deities, ranging from the three Syndics to Ahlat to Wun Ja, the Director of Humanity. Even deities who were not particularly opposed to the Bronze Faction or the Dragon-Blooded still remembered how rudely Lytek was manhandled during the Usurpation, and the blunt show of force served to show that it would not be tolerated again.
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  • Again from the Yu-Shan book: Ryzala, Goddess of Paperwork and Bureaucracy in the Bureau of Heaven with a jones for messing with the Bureaus of Nature and Humanity, launched a formal initiative to have Nasri the storm serpent removed from office as Head of the Bureau of Seasons, to be replaced with someone more to her liking. Nasri warned Ryzala that her efforts were not appreciated, and sent a squadron of storm serpents to threateningly circle the Hall of Heavenly Stability. Ryzala scoffed at the suggestion that Nasri might order the Aerial Legion to attack the very offices of the Bureau of Heaven. And she was right — the serpents were only there to distract attention from the real attack.
    That night, dozens of freak tornadoes struck all across Creation. Although the storms were powerful, they were mercifully brief, and the casualties were limited... very limited. Across Creation, the tornadoes damaged only accountancy schools, scriveners’ offices, and tax assessors. In one night, over 300 of Creation’s most skilled mortal bureaucrats were dead, many of them with prayers to Ryzala, the Lady of Bureaucracy and Paperwork, on their last breaths. Shocked to realize that Nasri was prepared to target Ryzala’s mortal followers, to the point of stamping out literacy if need be, Ryzala backed down, too shaken to even call for an audit of Nasri’s highly illegal intrusion into Creation.
  • One possibility in Return of the Scarlet Empress sees a Deathlord and Abyssal hit squad assassinate The Unconquered Sun. Horrifying? Yes. Awesome? Undeniably.
    • This also kicks off hundreds of potential Moments of Awesome as the death of the Unconquered Sun gives every Solar Exalt an additional level of Essence, ten Charms of their choosing, an immediate Intimacy of vengeance toward the Ebon Dragon and full restoration of Essence, Willpower and health, resulting in 150 demigods whose Exaltations give them the power of supernatural perfection pursuing a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. And if that weren't enough, the Maidens of Fate can unlock greater astrological Charms in the case of an Incarna's death that can turn another person into the new Unconquered Sun.
  • The 3e kickstarter. Time to initial goal: eighteen minutes. Time to reach $100000: one hour. Time to reach the Infernals preview pdf tier at $225000: less than a day. Time to reach Onyx Path's previous KS record of $380015: less than a week. Final total after 30 days: $684755, becoming the most funded tabletop RPG Kickstarter till that point.
  • While the 3E corebook was being written, John Morke underwent a biopsy which thankfully turned up negative for lymphoma, and used his time in the waiting room to continue writing Charms. That guy must have nerves of steel.
  • Rakan Thulio. We barely know anything about him, but it's clear that — whatever motivations or morality he has — the guy is straight up awesome. He effectively created an entirely new type of Exalt and formed an army of them solely because he was mad at Heaven and wanted to kill it.
  • Most everything Autochthon does breaks what were thought to be the rules of the setting of the time, starting of course with killing and dethroning his fellow Primordials. Most recently, he has essentially become his own fetich soul, allowing him to grow in ways beings of his stature are supposedly unable to.
  • Arms of the Chosen tells us the story of Karvara, a Wyld Behemoth antithetical to Creation, so wherever he was, Creation wasn't. Why's he in the book about magical artifacts? Because a Lunar and his Ultimate Blacksmith mate turned him into a warstrider. While Karvara-the-Moonsilver-Warstrider is an Artifact of Doom who retains his own mind, by now he's long since come to actually grow slightly fond of Creation, and mostly wants to be allowed as much freedom as possible, so unlike the typical Sealed Evil in a Can, they actually permanently solved him as an existential problem.
    • Several stories in Arms of the Chosen could qualify for this page alongside the above, but one stands out for the sheer unadulterated balls on the one responsible; a First Age Solar known only as Seven-Fingered Wu and how he created the wrackstaff known as Gnomon.
      • Step 1: Sneak into Yu-Shan and steal a sizeable branch from one of the divine peach trees (yes; these are the trees that produce Peaches of Immortality).
      • Step 2: Break into Yu-Shan again in the guise of an elder Sidereal and con one of the new Sidereals into turning the branch (now polished and shaped into a staff) into a starmetal-capped wrackstaff.
      • Step 3: Use the new wrackstaff and its time-manipulating evocations to go on Creation's greatest crime spree.
  • Ayesha Ura so impressed Chejop Kejak with her fiery tongue after she became a Harbinger that he was seriously considering making her his successor.