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As a Fridge subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Fridge Brilliance
  • In one of the comics in Exalted corebook, there's this exchange between Chejop Kejak (basically the most powerful Exalted there is right now) and someone known as Nara-o. It goes like this:
    Kejak: How did you find me?
    Nara-o: Your desire for secrecy revealed your destination in my records. I looked it up.
    Kejak: Of course, I knew I should have told someone.
    • I had no idea what it meant the first time around and I dismissed it as some bit of pointless trivia, something created just to confuse/tease the reader. After reading just who Nara-o was, it suddenly became a bit of brilliant, if confusing the first time around, trivia. Nara-o is the god of secrets known only to one in Exalted and he automatically knows everything that is known to just one person - if someone reveals that bit of knowledge to anyone else, he stops knowing it. - Tom
  • I was wondering why the Solar Charm that stops shaping, Integrity-Protecting Prana, was in Integrity rather than Resistance, since Resistance is the generic "fortitude save" of Exalted, and I'd go to a fort save rather than will save if I had to pick something to resist mutation (which is pretty much the #1 use of shaping). Then I remembered how important the will is in Exalted. IPP isn't "you can't mutate me, neener neener neener". It's telling the universe "This is who I am. I will not allow anyone to change that." (Another minor one: I didn't realise until a post on the White Wolf forums that the name of the Yozi Charm "Heuristic Logos Shintai" is based on the initials of the freelancer Holden Lee Shearer...) — Count Dorku
    • In the same vein, I tended to have a bit of trouble with the fact that the charm that allowed you to create reality from the Wyld (aptly named Wyld Shaping) was in Lore, the Ability governing knowledge of the world at large. Then a friend told me "in order to make something, you first need to know how it works".
    • Another explanation for Integrity-Protecting Prana is that everything - absolutely everything - in the Universe of Exalted is made of patterns of Essence; Creation was Shaped out of the Wyld using said patterns. When someone attempts to use Shaping on you, they try to use their Will to alter your pattern; IPP allows you to use your Will to make your Essence resist the change. - Archmage Ansrit
  • It just hit me why the Alchemicals use Beamklaves. Autochthonia is perpetually resource starved and making regular Daiklaives is a large drain on Magical Materials in addition to the already expensive creation of the Alchemicals. Beamklaves take more effort to make, but since its just an oversized handle with an focus gem, it takes less material to make. To Autochthonia, the extra effort would be worth it even without the advantages a Beamklave would have over a Daiklaive. -Tropers/grandphoenix
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  • Infernals in the Modern Age Shard. Many bits of Word of God for the core setting mention that the Yozis inability to understand human motivations is the reason that their plan is doomed to fail. The Yozis cannot understand that humans have their own goals, and care more about those than the reclamation. But, in the Modern Age Shard, the Infernals choose their members. As humans, the Infernals can pick people who are likely to actually stick to the mission statement. No wonder the Infernals secretly run the world. - Tropers/Tyranidsrock
Fridge Horror
  • The signature circle's all kinds of awesome, isn't it? In their own books. Branch out into the other sourcebooks, especially the 'evil' sourcebooks like the Abyssals, and a much darker picture emerges. Swan is almost certainly killed by Lilith, Arianna runs afoul of a Deathlord and probably ends up as an Abyssal, Panther barely survives an encounter with another Abyssal who hates him personally and will likely soon find and finish him off, and their main quest — rescuing the son of a snakeman with control over a vital piece of magitech infrastructure — fails utterly.