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  • Well, we should always start with the joke on the first page: As for what they do with that power... well, one of the running themes of Exalted is, "Welcome to Creation, here's your shovel". It either means "There's a lot of crap to be shoveled in Creation, and it's your job to clean it up, one way or the other." or "You're digging Creation's deep, dark, grave. Get to work."
  • There are dinosaurs that eat opium and piss out heroin. They are called The Beasts of Resplendent Liquids.
    • Several versions of the Beasts of Resplendent Liquids existed in the First Age, each being biological constructs designed to do the first stage of medicinal processing while requiring minimal effort. Brown ones eat opium and piss heroin, blue ones (the only other ones known to have survived to the present day) eat more exotic plants and piss the main ingredient of anti-aging medicines.
  • There is a country in the East of Creation called the Republic of Chaya, where each and every single person is infested with magical nanites. And do you want to know what is even weirder than that? The fact that it's a real democracy, not a place where the Exalted rule from behind the scenes and let them mortals think that they have, but a real Republic... with the exception of the gods of those magical nanites, who are the ones who set up the country's Constitution.
  • Doing It for the Art:
    • The (former) Ink Monkeys have a lot of enthusiasm for the game. And all the Ink Monkey material was written up for free. Although it has been discontinued as the writers are now the line developers—and now have a production schedule of paying work for the line—it did a good job of keeping interest and enthusiasm, both positive and negative, up.
    • Many of the authors for "Masters of Jade" went well over the wordcount limit, without being paid for the additional words, just to make the product as awesome as possible. The general—albeit not universal—consensus is that they succeeded.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Chejop Kejak: "Ketchup Carjack"
    • The First and Forsaken Lion is more commonly referred to as the FaFL.
    • The Primordial She Who Lives in Her Name is almost universally referred to by her acronym, SWLiHN; one of the authors even bemoaned having to use her full name when writing Infernals, since it wasted so much wordcount. And of course, many just call her Swillin'
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    • Gazellecarp: The capstone charm of the Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style transforms your character into a serpentine chimera whose features include a head like a gazelle foal and multiple carp fins down the sides.
    • DEMETHEMANIA: Demetheus, a big, burly Dawn Caste fighter. In his back story, he wrestled giant lions with his bare hands and won; thus a badass was born. He was also visibly inspired by The Rock.
    • The signature Malefactor, wearer of the rather interesting take on a nun's habit, is referred to alternately as Hellnun or Bondage Nun. (Her real name is Sulumor, by the way.)
    • "Her Redness" and "Big Red" for the Scarlet Empress.
    • The Primordial Ramethus, who attacked in the Aftershock War (having optimized itself for combat), is frequently referred to (even by the game's freelance writers on the White Wolf forums) as Chungira: named after Jon Chung, who posts a lot about Exalted optimization.
    • Even after receiving both a pre-ascension name (Sol Incarnate) and title of address (Ignis Divine, his equivalent of 'your majesty'), a large portion of the fan-base still prefers to call the Unconquered Sun "Sol Invictus." Even John Mørke has admitted to wanting to use the term, in spite of being forbidden from canonizing it (in Glories of the Most High: the Unconquered Sun). Some who favor it do so because a Latin name would help Sol fit in better with all the other Incarnae... others cite that as an excellent reason not to use it. The Sun does, after all, stand apart from the Moon and stars.
    • The Unconquered Sun is also occasionally called "Conky."
    • The complete loser of a Primordial known as The Ebon Dragon sometimes has his name shortened to TED.
    • After the agonizing delays for the Third Edition books, fans started calling the series Exalted: the Waiting.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Revealed to be the reason why the Ink Monkeys stopped making new material — they got greenlit to actually be paid for things.
  • Name's the Same: Just to be clear: the Void that afflicts Autochthon isn't the same Void as Oblivion. Autochthon's Void is a manifestation of his robo-cancer.
  • Old Shame: Scroll of the Monk and the much-reviled Void Avatar Prana for Ink Monkey Dean Shomshak.
  • Protection from Editors: Second Edition had an extremely hands-off approach, the Developer concluding that the writers would have better ideas without him interfering.
  • Running the Asylum: In a case of Tropes Are Not Bad, the addition of the Ink Monkeys and Errata Team Prime has lead to a general increase in the quality of the rules and has been very well received on the White Wolf forum (seriously, saying you dislike them is Fandom Heresy there now)- but see also Broken Base. They have their detractors, some of whom get as vehement as the fans.
  • Shout-Out: Exalted was initially promoted as the prehistory of The World of Darkness (the old version), and references to this connection were made (in the form of shared terminology and some thematic overlaps) in gamebooks of both settings for a while, but the idea was dropped, especially with the 2nd Edition of Exalted and the end of the Old World of Darkness. Even prior to that, it was specified in the Storyteller's guide to be an optional possible interpretation, not a hard-and-fast fact. Some shared terminology, such as Stygia or Neverborn, also shows up across Exalted and the new WOD, thanks to the nWOD's inheritance of some oWOD terms.
    • The parallel groups were: Solar Exalted - Hunter: The Reckoning, Lunar Exalted - Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Sidereal Exalted - Mage: The Ascension, Abyssal Exalted - Vampire: The Masquerade, Terrestrial Exalted - Kindred of the East, Fair Folk - Changeling: The Dreaming.
    • Other shared ideas include:
      • Malfeas - home of the Werewolf Big Bad.
      • The Scarlet Empress/Queen/Phoenix and the Ebon Dragon - prominent in Kindred of the East, and, according to some subtle references in Demon: The Fallen and Hunter: The Reckoning, they were the Hunter Messengers.
      • The Deathlords and the Neverborn - both prominent in Wraith: The Oblivion, though (typically) working on opposite sides of the divide there.
      • The Dragon Kings - remembered by the Mokolé from Werewolf.
      • Autochthonia - one of the Mage Technocracy's favorite places.
      • In the optional metaplot of Return of The Scarlet Empress, the Ebon Dragon creates an enormous infernal artifact. The name of this artifact: the Black Spiral.
    • Although showing up much later, the Green Sun Princes use much of the same terminology as Demon: The Fallen (Torment, the names of their castes).
    • In 1st Edition, the Neverborn were referred to as Malfeans (another term for them from Wraith: The Oblivion). This confused people, because you had dead Primordials called MALFEANS and imprisoned (but still very alive) Primordials who lived in MALFEAS. They dropped the Malfean term in 2nd Edition to avoid that confusion.
    • A few NWOD-specific references have slipped in, too. For instance, the mortal creators of the Alchemicals are known as demiurges (the name for those mortals who create Prometheans), and according to Word of God, the Liminal Exalted are inspired by Promethean.
    • They also have a Dark Mother, like the Beasts of Beast: The Primordial.
  • Troubled Production: 3rd Edition, very much so.
    • To start with, the massive runaway success of the Kickstarter immediately lead to the book's expected length doubling, and pushed back the expected release by quite a lot, which annoyed quite a lot of fans.
    • The actual development also suffered severe setbacks. For starters, one of the leading devs was plagued by persistent health issues and another quit outright. This was absolutely not helped by the... abrasive attitude they seemed to hold toward the fans; immediate examples include their initial position on the Abyssal "rape charms" ("It's not 'hold her down and stick it in' rape," later somewhat revised and apologized-for) and the return of the much-reviled Bonus Points system for character generation ("We have a policy to not give people bad rules just because they think they want them"), persistent issues over writers leaving or claiming they weren't getting paid for their work, plagiarized art, and several areas that generally reflected their attitudes to the game that the fans weren't happy with.
      • This only intensified when the backer PDF was released, only to reveal that almost nothing had changed from a leaked work-in-progress copy that had found its way onto the Internet most of a year earlier. Said backer PDF also contained a great many basic errors that should have been caught by something as basic as a spell checker, strange issues with the formatting, and fostered a general dissatisfaction with a number of mechanics that the devs adamantly refused to change. note 
      • The backer PDF also spotlighted why having Protection from Editors is not always the best thing, as the Charms chapter is commonly considered to be overly-long, bloated with unnecessary 'dice trick' charms that do little but make the players and Storyteller do more work (one obvious example is the Melee Charm Rising Sun Slash, which does nothing unless the player rolls a straight), after having made a point of removing the majority of 2nd Edition's additional 'dice tricks' in the Infinite Masteries and Second/Third Excellencies. Craft, Brawl, Lore, and Socialize all have 48+ Charms, which basically everyone agrees is far more than is really necessarynote  and are often the first targets of anyone homebrewing different systems. Ultimately, it's considered to be a very good example of what happens when a very wordy writer gets to be immune to being very firmly told "No".
    • This culminated in April of 2017, a year after the release of 3rd Edition, when both Holden and Morke, the remaining lead developers, were summarily replaced by Eric Minton and Robert Vance. Almost immediately after being instated, the pair almost incidentally revealed gaping holes in material that was assumed to be nearing completion - while the exact situation remains ambiguous, it can probably be safely assumed that Morke and Holden's project development talents are not necessarily equal to their writing skills.
  • What Could Have Been: There are a few things that are know to have appear have Second Edition carried on a little longer.
    • Scroll of the Monks Volume 2: Scattered Lotus Petals was announced at GenCon 2011, with a target release date of November 2012, but Exalted Third Edition was announced in July 2012 so this book was cancelled.
    • In Dreams of the First Age: Lands Of Creation introduced the ancient Linthia, who had their own charms, but before this happened third edition was announced.
  • Word of God: One of each of the sample characters in the First Edition Castebooks is deliberately a depiction of what the Immaculate Order claims the Solar Exalted to be. Most of the time, it's fairly obvious, as they're either obviously evil (Havesh for Night, Fehim for Twilight), insane (Mirror Flag for Eclipse), or both (looking at you, Dawn Caste Lyta.) The Blasphemous Zenith, on the other hand, is Wind, who is easily one of the kinder, more level-headed NPC's we've been shown... and he's also a former Immaculate Monk-turned-devout-sun-priest.


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