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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • One from the backstory: second edition sourcebook Manual of Exalted Power: The Alchemicals states that in the ancient times before the Primordial War, the weakest Primordial, Autochthon The Great Maker, encountered humans after the king of the Primordials, the Empyreal Chaos, tore down his workshop for not being exactly as respectful as he wished, and the other Primordials mocked him for his weakness and endemic sickness. He wandered Creation and eventually found the first humans he'd ever encountered (humans being a recent invention by the other Primordials) and grew enamoured of them. In time, when he saw they managed to create functioning societies in spite of their weaknesses and that they used his three favorite inventions (Faith, Dogma and Tools), he came to love them even as they started worshipping him. And all this, BEFORE he was physically capable of real empathy, which he later rectified by basically performing brain surgery on himself so he could understand humans and his own creations the Mountain Folk better, and so became capable of empathy and love... all over beings so functionally weak and tiny they were amoebas compared to him.
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  • The 2e errata manages to give one to the Abyssals, believe it or not:
    The mystical ties that bind Lunar Exalted to their Solar mates offer Abyssal Exalted a tiny sliver of hope. Resonance is never gained from sins of life directly associated with the appropriate Lunar. If the deathknight's mate calls her by her forsaken name, she may answer to it. She can protect her mate from harm and love her with a positive Intimacy. The two can even have children together safely, for all that the Neverborn impotently roar in fury. If the Abyssal actually does hold a positive Intimacy for her mate, the protection goes even farther, shielding her from sins of death so long as her actions are in direct support or defense of the Lunar. Thus, an Abyssal with no positive Intimacy could safely protect her mate from demons, but not a horde of specters (since the sin of death for opposing creatures of death still applies even though defending the specific life is permitted). With a positive Intimacy, the deathknight can safely ignore her Liege's command to murder her mate and can even fight the Deathlord in defense of that one precious life.
  • A meta example: the campaign run to help pay John Morke's medical bills.
    • This deserves special coverage. John's coworkers came to the forums asking for help getting him the cash he needed. The fanbase scraped together enough money to cover his bills several times over within the day and donations are still rolling in months later.
  • Another meta example. Shards of the Exalted Dream opens with the following:
    A Message From Charles Spaulding:

    Recently, a lot has changed in my life, and I was given the opportunity to put my own touch on Exalted. In this, I could be content, if I had not met Carey. No day goes by that I do not think of this game, yet no hour, minute, or second goes by that I do not love her. I am not as great an author as my fellows, but these are some words I am proud to have all to myself:

    Carey, will you marry me?

    • She said "yes".
  • Another one regarding John's health: some while after the fundraiser, he made an extremely worrying post that sounded horribly like he'd resigned himself to death, convinced that the chronically infected lymph node he'd been suffering was cancerous, and he indicated he wanted to make the 3e corebook his memorial. The fandom rose up, telling him to go to the doctor's again, or get a second opinion, see another doctor, go to counselling, anything but waiting to die, because no way in Hell did the fandom want the corebook at the cost of his life. Something managed to get through to him, since he went to the doctor and went on antibiotics. (Ultimately, he had to have the lymph node removed, but fortunately it turned out not to be cancerous.)
  • Malfeas is twisted and agonized and full of hatred for both himself and everything else in existence. And yet... sometimes, when demons play music, a man made of brass appears in their midst. This is Malfeas himself. And what does he do in a demon's party? He dances. That's all. And he dances beautifully, and without a care. Most demons believe that, in these brief moments between his fits of rage, Malfeas is at peace.
    • This could also be a reflection of the nature of this universe; music is what brings everything and everyone together. The Primordials loved music. The Fair Folk love music. Mortals love music. The dead love music. Demons love music. Song and dance are a fundamental part of Creation; the fact that its imprisoned makers haven't twisted this into something horrible says a lot about them.
  • In 3e, the Unconquered Sun didn't really punish the Sidereals for the Purge due to realizing that Arcane Fate was bad enough as it was, and that some of the Solars really were that bad.