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  • In the episode "Re-do" when Frank rescues Erin from the hands of a rapist. He only has one line: "Get your hands off my daughter." Reed taunts him and tries to invoke Put Down Your Gun and Step Away ; Frank's response is to not even let the guy have three words before shooting him in the head. Made more awesome when you remember that he was using an old .38 Special revolver that was the ancestral weapon of the Reagan family - a weapon older than he is.
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  • In the episode "Smack Attack" when Jamie rushes into the party and gives CPR to the dying teenager.
  • In the episode "After Hours", where the owner of a club is trying to seduce Danny. "Was that your wife?" she says. "Yeah..." "What does she have that I don't?" "Me." Way to pull a Gibbs-style 'functional mute'!
  • Nicky's Chinese fortune cookie says, "You will meet a tall dark stranger". Nicky's mom says, "No, you won't". Nicky's grandfather adds, "Not while I have thousands of armed men at my disposal."
  • The episode "Innocence" has Frank dealing with the fact that he sent an innocent man called Miles Thomas to jail 18 years ago for rape, with the improved DNA test showing the Miles and the actual rapist could appear to be brothers. And although the rapist Justin Armel can't be charged with the original crime Frank makes it very clear that he will be watching his every move, in addition to the 35,000 cops who work for him
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  • In the episode "Family Business", an officer who reflexively shot an unarmed man has become suicidal out of guilt, and Frank resolves the situation in one of the most powerful moments in the show. This is a scene made awesome specifically because of how heartwarming it is.
  • In "Inside Jobs", Frank has to deal with the possible problems that could stem from Curtis Swint, a white-supremacist radio host, doing a live television broadcast from a Midtown Manhattan theatre. After much dispute over how to handle the issue without trampling over freedom of speech rights, Frank comes up with the best response: he lets the show go on, but plants a security detail inside the theatre comprised entirely of non-white cops, led by a beefy black sergeant.
    • Just to cap it off, the beefy black sergeant happens to be a former champion football player from the radio host's home state. Just let his hometown listeners watch him badmouth minorities while standing next to one whom they'd been wildly cheering for, a few years earlier...
  • The two part season 3 finale, "The Bitter End" / "This Way Out".
    • Jamie's partner Vincent Cruz is killed in an ambush shooting. In response, a bunch of NYPD officers roll up on Santana, leader of the Los Lordes gang that has the Bitterman Projects as their turf:
    Det. Danny Reagan: Time to educate you, Santana. This is my gang. If you touch one of us, we come back 35,000 deep, and we will liberate the Bitter End. And yes, you can take that as a threat.
    • Frank makes a rare show of force, with the NYPD patrol cops, ESU and detectives sweeping the Bitterman Projects and clearing out the gang-bangers to thunderous applause and cheers from everyone else living there:
    Frank Reagan: At 0600 hours this morning a joint task force consisting of the Detective Bureau, the Narcotics Division....[police cars screech to a halt on the street. Hundreds of uniformed and ESU officers rush into the Bitterman Projects in formation] ....ESU, the Warrant Squad, the Gang Division and patrol - armed with warrants for arrests on charges including conspiracy to murder in the cases of police officer Vincent Cruz and Mayor Carter Poole, narcotics possession with intent to distribute, enterprise corruption....[A gangbanger is shown running down a stairwell, only to run into an ESU team coming up the stairs]....racketeering and a number of other serious charges— conducted a sweep of the Bitterman Housing Projects....[Danny, Baez and an ESU detachment raids Santana's unit, handcuffing Santana and one of his mistresses]... arresting 47 members and associates of the Los Lordes criminal organization, including their head. [Police officers Perp Walk groups of Los Lordes members out of the buildings, shackled to each other] These arrests were made with information given by the residents of the Bitterman Projects, at their own risk, with no promise of reward, other than full NYPD cooperation in restoring law and order to their community. [Jamie and Sgt. Renzulli shake hands with Hector Santiago's father] I would like to note that this operation was carried out with the full input, and by design of, Mayor Carter Poole, with the explicit intent of conducting the investigations and arrests in such a manner as to build trust between the NYPD and the Bitterman community— a trust that has been absent, on both sides, for far too long. [Danny and Baez load Santana into the back of a squad car]
  • After an assassination attempt on Frank failed in "Dedications", he's recuperating in the hospital, with his family staying the entire night. The awesome part goes to Henry: 1). Carrying and concealing a gun so if another attempt is made on his son, he'll be there to stop it and 2). He, the oldest member of the family, stays up the entire night just in case it does happen.
    • And it's not just Frank he's guarding: when Danny has to leave the waiting area to pursue a lead on the shooters, leaving Linda, Erin and Jamie drowsing on the waiting-room couches, Henry turns his chair so he can watch the entrance and make sure Frank's children are safe, too.
  • In "Devil's Breath", Erin manages to stop Nikki and her friends/followers from getting suspended by explaining to their principal that they are under protection of the First Amendment and are not actually causing a disturbance since they aren't on the school's property.
  • Eddie arresting her would-be rapist in "Justice Served".
  • In "Absolute Power", Danny enters the basement of a serial killer when it's clear that back-up won't arrive in time. The killer ambushes Danny and hits him over the head with a wrench. Danny, who already has a possible concussion, surprises the killer by getting up and having what can possibly be said as one of the greatest fights on the show. The best part? Danny dominates most of the entire fight with a broken arm and two broken ribs.
  • In "No Retreat No Surrender", the mayor bails his hotheaded son out from being punished by the law for felony assault on an officer when he landed a punch that broke the cop's nose in three places. Frank decides to investigate the matter and finds out the injured cop has a learned defeatist attitude toward public officials because it's David versus Goliath. Frank sympathizes with the officer and decides to lay some heat on the mayor, who tries to avoid the subject. Frank keeps it civil and polite while talking to him because he's on the mayor's payroll. However, when the mayor chooses to do nothing about the fact his son is getting a free pass with the law and disrespects Frank's position in this matter, Frank goes over his head and files legal actions to right the wrong.
    • At the next family dinner, he has a huge grin on his face, and this is unusual to everyone else. He fills them in on what went down with mayor and they get a bit concerned knowing he's going after someone who has the ability to potentially boot him from his post as the commissioner. But Frank has no problem with that, citing the mayor as the one who started it, and even brags about giving the mayor a refreshing taste of his own medicine for a change. He's savoring this for good reason: in short, Frank has effectively declared war on his own boss.
  • One episode features a truly despicable ambassador who uses his Diplomatic Impunity to get away with beating the crap out of his wife and son. The Regans manage to get said son out of his custody and into foster care and stay there, something repeatedly stated to be an incredible feat. But that's not the end of the awesome; the wife decides that losing her son to the government of a foreign country is the last straw and shoots her husband dead, claiming Diplomatic Immunity to protect herself. Danny approves.
  • In a two-parter, a gang leader directs a hit from prison on one of Frank's retired cop friends and the man's wife. After they arrest the shooters, Frank visits their boss in prison. The gang leader readily admits he was behind it, pointing out that he's already in prison for life in a non-death penalty state, so what more can they do to him...? Frank nods, then tells the gang leader about mementos of his old friend that he's been sorting through ... including a form that made the ex-cop a consultant for the U.S. Marshals, hence a federal agent with a federal death penalty charge applicable. Since the gang leader just admitted his part in the murders in front of prison staff and the New York police commissioner, conviction will be guaranteed, and he'll be spending what-little remains of his life in a federal pen in the Midwest, out of contact with his New York gang minions. Having explained this, Frank turns and walks away, while four officers have to restrain the suddenly enraged gang leader.
  • Jamie and Edie's Near-Death Experience making them not just finally acknowledge their feelings for each other, but skip over all the ups and downs of dating and go straight to getting engaged.
  • Jamie writing Danny up for ignoring his direct orders during a hostage situation in "My Brother's Keeper". Considering how Frank often turns a blind eye to Danny's recklessness it's nice to see somebody finally put Danny in his place.


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