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  • In "Officer Down," Henry visits Frank for lunch and remarks that Frank would have more firepower if he swapped his revolver for an automatic. Frank's response? "I like wearing your gun, Pop." The look on Henry's face is priceless.
    • Added to when Frank adds that it was his grandfather's gun, which means that said weapon has been handed down for three generations in the Reagan family.
  • In S02E19, Jamie saves a baby from a burning building. There's a strong drive to award him for his heroism, but that means that his undercover assignment will be blown and his life will be in danger. Frank asks Renzulli to accept, and pretend that he was the hero. While Renzulli is pissed that Jamie didn't tell him, he accepts.
    • And then Frank gives Jamie a ribbon for his uniform's party salad in private.
  • First episode of season three "Family Business," Frank talks down Officer Blake, who's contemplating suicide over an accidental shooting he committed, in one of the most powerful moments of the show.
    Officer Blake: ...What are you doing here?
    • Also of note is why the officer is holding a gun to his own head; he reflexively shot and killed an unarmed and innocent man, and the guilt he felt over this nearly drove him to take his own life.
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    • Not to mention how, after Officer Blake heeds Frank's words and rejoins his tearful wife outside, every last one of the police who've been surrounding the house and keeping civilians back gives a simultaneous salute to their emerging Commissioner. Not merely because he is the Commissioner, but because he just saved one of their own from suicide.
  • Season 3's "Framed": Danny has been arrested for drug possession, with it being obvious that a frame-up is going on. Henry approaches Erin's ex-husband Jack and asks him to be Danny's legal counsel. Jack accepts, and bills Danny for all of $1.
  • Season 4 episode "Drawing Dead," like "Family Business" , deals with the aftermath of an officer-involved shooting, in this case a 14 year old boy who was trying to escape from a shootout with the police he and his buddies were in. The officer saw him holding a weapon, but none was found at the scene (it was picked up in the chaos by a nearby storeowner). When we see Officer Montero later on, it's abundantly obvious he's been crying his eyes out and the possibility he killed an innocent boy is tearing him apart. It's such a clear demonstration of how much he cares about helping people as a cop that the audience will breathe a sigh of relief when he's finally exonerated.
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  • In "Mistaken Identity", while investigating a hate crime against a mosque Danny remarks that he doesn't know why Muslims choose to live in the United States, but "the sign on the door says everyone's welcome so we gotta back that up, partner." Worth noting, Danny was in the Marines during the Iraq War.
  • When Henry suffers a heart attack while preparing Thanksgiving dinner, the rest of the family arranges to hold a complete turkey banquet in the hospital just so he won't miss it.
  • "In the Box" has Jamie and Eddie trying to raise funds for the funeral of an old man shot in the crossfire of a gang gunfight, after learning his wife of 50 years cannot afford a burial. They manage to get about $2,500 pitched in from fellow cops at their precinct. Once the widow shows gratitude, other customers at the diner she and her husband frequented begin pitching in money in droves.
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  • In "Loose Lips", Jamie is out for his jog and notices the episode's victim all bruised up. He stops and tries to help her the best she can.
  • In "Innocence", Frank is clearly torn up when he finds out he wrongfully convicted a man of rape decades ago, and personally goes by himself to face this man as he is being released from prison, showing once again Franks dedication to making things right.
  • In "Love Stories," Gormley submits Danny and Baez's names to be considered for the Medal of Valor, for their actions in the drug raid in the season 5 premiere (the shootout in which Baez's brother was killed). Frank is reluctant to give a medal to Danny out of fear that it'll be seen by the public as nepotism. When he learns that Henry had passed him over for a Medal of Valor commendation for similar reasons back in 1986 (in an incident where Frank, while off-duty, single-handedly stopped a fleeing bank robber who had killed a teller and wounded three other people), he relents and ultimately decides to give Danny the medal. When they sit down for Sunday dinner, they decide to do a private commendation for Frank.
  • "The Road to Hell" shows Danny's more human side as he talks a woman out of contemplating suicide.
  • This line from Danny to women waiting in a plastic surgeon's office:
    Danny: Alright everybody, I suggest you head home now. The doctor’s gonna be a while dealing with a murder charge. And, you all really do look good just the way you are, you know.
  • Also, Danny's response to an amorous woman in a bar, when asked what his wife could possibly have that she doesn't:
    Danny: Me.
  • In "Dedication", Frank is hospitalized after nearly being killed by a shotgun-wielding assassin. Linda clings to Danny for support when the other Reagans come to sit with him, Erin gives her father the kiss her brothers are too stoic to offer, and Jamie pats his dad's bedstead fondly. Henry salutes Frank as they leave the sickroom. When Danny heads out to pursue the culprit hours later, leaving the others drowsing in the waiting room, Henry - who brought his gun along in secret because somebody tried to kill his son - turns his chair to face the entrance so he can guard Frank's family.
  • "Re-Do" After killing her would-be rapist/killer, Frank cradles the weeping Erin in his arms and comforts her as if she were a child instead of a grown woman with a child of her own. Paired with Tearjerker.
    "Ssshhh. It's okay."
  • A scene so iconic and indicative of the pair's relationship that it's a common part of commercials for the show, this moment between Baez and Danny.
    Baez: You're the only person who's never let me down.
    Danny: And I never will.
  • The end of the Season 8 premiere, where the Reagan Family reveals they've acquired a new house for Danny and the boys to live in after their old was torched and Linda died in a helicopter crash.
  • In the Season 8 finale, Jamie and Eddie are discussing what they would do with five million dollars, and one of the things that Jamie says he would do with it is start a charity for families of fallen police officers.


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