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  • The Citizenship Marriage variation in one season four episode runs into Fridge Logic with current immigration law. Instead of having to marry his friend for a green card, the gay Syrian could've simply applied to have his status changed from student visa holder to refugee: in addition to being outed as gay (practically a death sentence, as was stated in the episode), Syria was kinda sorta in the middle of a gorram civil war at the time of the episode. There's even been at least one major court ruling to that effect ('80s or so, dealing with an ethnic Asante who was studying in the US when ethnic cleansing broke out).
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  • Danny imploring Baez to Please Wake Up after her accidental overdose (she handled a suspect's drug stash) isn't just because he cares about her. Work is probably the only thing keeping him same since Linda died, so if Baez dies too, he will truly have nothing to keep him going.


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