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  • At the end of "Absolute Power" the serial killer escapes capture and calls Danny bragging about how he's out in the world about to get new victims - and Danny makes like he's the only cop in the world after this guy. Excuse me? He's a known fugitive. His photo should be the lead of every news broadcast in the country until he's caught. Even if he's just taunting Danny, how are either of them acting like he's walking free in the world. He should just be days away from getting caught.
    • Wilder is not expecting to stay free forever, just long enough to potentially kill someone else. That, alone, would be a cruel victory he can rub Danny's nose in, no matter how soon afterwards he's caught.
      • In fact that's the case since he comes back in "Unsung Heroes," six episodes later.
  • In Season 1's "Age of Innocence", Erin is not happy with Danny for taking her daughter Nicky to a crime scene. While, yes, Nicky does subsequently become traumatized from seeing a dead body (which would not have occurred if she'd stayed in the police car like Danny said), but the alternative would have been Nicky walking home alone, or taking the subway by herself at night, in New York City. Danny and Nicky even briefly discuss this before leaving the restaurant they're eating at. Theoretically, Danny could have dropped her off at home, and THEN drive to the crime scene, but even so, why is Erin so upset at Danny for taking Nicky to a crime scene, when leaving her alone on the streets of New York, where something could've happened to her, would have been far worse?
    • It's New York City. No matter the hour of the night, Danny could surely have called her a cab.
  • In Season 6's "Fresh Start," is it me or has the NYPD gotten a little cavalier about their own officers who die in the line of duty? Danny didn't talk about Officer Gibson's death (though to be fair he was busy with an AWOL cop at his own precinct), Frank didn't deliver a heart-felt eulogy... nobody even mentioned any type of ceremony.
    • No reason to assume the latter two events didn't happen, just off-camera. The show's been running long enough that playing every fallen officer's demise for maximum melodrama would be getting pretty repetitive by now.
      • Maybe a more important question is: why in later scenes do we not see Danny, Baez, Jamie, Janko or any other cops sporting the black "in memorium" bar on their shields?
  • In "Blast From The Past," is it me or could there have been a better handling of the political football known as Officer Scully? I'm sure it was meant to represent an issue with no easy answer, a gray area with no clear, black-and-white resolution. The same could be said of a lot of officer-involved shootings. Because on one hand, Officer Scully did something terrible - being one of four officers who shot a Muslim teen 61 times while he was reaching for his wallet. On the other hand, he was legally cleared of charges and apparently acted as a model officer for 14 years after the fact, even lecturing at the Academy on the incident as a demonstration of "What NOT to do" (sidenote: where was the public's outrage at that time, I wonder?). And to be honest, I do think that Frank could have come up with a better solution than telling the guy "here's a list of cities that'll hire you—don't let the door hit you on the way out." What happened to Frank standing up for his officers? Has the change in political climate resulting from Black Lives Matter and other police reform movements caused a shift in his viewpoints?
    • Frank seems to be taking the view that Scully's actions were incompetence rather than mere error. In such a case, it's far more likely that Scully would have been pushed out of the department long before his promotion became an issue. The reason it seems unrealistic is because it was basically a manufactured conflict to create drama.
  • Is it me or did Danny become a bit idiotic in dealing with Thomas Wilder in "Down the Rabbit Hole"?
    • If your family in another part of the city is threatened, it'd make more sense to call for an RMP from that area. They will get there long before you would. Amazed to see he used that for the dorm room.
    • Whatever happened to just having TARU get a phone number to track and trace? If Danny had done that, they probably would've caught Wilder a lot sooner.
    • I know Frank did suggest bringing out the Aviation unit, but when they'd traced Nicki's phone, Danny should have brought Baez or an ESU team as backup, instead of Erin.
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    • You can call ahead for backup on a police radio. You don't have to ask Erin to call for it via phone and hope she has a signal.
    • Danny should have gotten a rip for pursuing Wilder into an overgrown area with no backup (like a K9 unit). Real cops call that tombstone courage, because it can end in you getting a premature tombstone for doing something stupid.
  • Why did Carter Poole reappear at the end of season 7 only to announce his resignation? Didn't he already agree to resign during season 6 (hence his absence throughout season 7)?

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