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Drinking Game / Blue Bloods

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  • Take a drink whenever someone runs as soon as they see a cop, people pray at the dinner table, or whenever you see an actor from The Wire.
    • Take a shot any time the Lord's prayer is replaced with something shorter.
  • Take a shot every time one of the younger family members at the Sunday dinner table asks Frank to take sides with them in an argument against one of their siblings and Frank responds by saying "Pass the potatoes" or something else food-related to dodge the question.
  • Take a shot every time Danny leaves in the middle of dinner because he gets a call about a break in his latest case.
    • If Frank or Erin also gets a call about said case, make it a double.
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    • If any of them rushes off without even a token "excuse me", take a third shot.
  • Take four shots every time Danny uses illegal methods in a case.
    • Take an extra one if he gets called out by said actions.
    • If the Rev. Potter is the one calling Danny out, finish the bottle.
    • If Sid or Jamie writes Danny up for insubordination, start a whole new bottle.
  • Take a shot every time Jack or Sean asks a socially-awkward question, or Nicky asks a professionally-awkward one.
  • Take a shot every time Jack and Sean are sent out of the room so they won't hear the adults' talk get serious. If Nicky picks up on the situation and shepherds her cousins out without being asked, make it a double.
  • Take a shot every time some woman he's just met flirts with Jamie. Make it a double if Jamie's partner has to point it out to him that she's doing so.
  • Take a shot every time one of Erin's witnesses or the opposing defense attorney makes a pass at her. Take a double shot if the accused or her DA superior makes a pass at her.
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  • Take a shot if Frank, for integrity's sake, rejects one of Garrett's speech scripts or disregards his advice on how to handle a press conference diplomatically. Take another if Frank then does something nice to soothe Garrett's bruised feelings.
  • Take a shot if Henry reminisces about how cops treated criminals a lot more harshly back in his heyday.
    • Take another if one of the younger Reagans calls him out on it.
    • Take three more if Danny, of all people, is the one calling Henry out.
    • If Garrett or the Rev. Potter is the one calling Henry out, finish the bottle.
  • Take a shot every time Frank sighs and/or rolls his eyes at something.
    • Take another if it's involving Danny being a hot head.
    • Take three more if it involves something the current Mayor or the Governor enacted or said that hurts the NYPD or their public image.
    • If Potter's involved, finish the bottle.

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