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  • In the Chilleen Bar, the female owner who would often get drunk (to the point that she didn't even remember meeting Jon Taffer the previous day) is told by Taffer that he would leave if she had any alcohol when he was there. During a bad stress test and some clear signs of alcohol withdrawal, a group of regulars try to get her to drink with them. She turns them down. Even Taffer was impressed with this.
    • Her husband too also deserves a mention. Like her, he was also going through withdrawal symptoms during the stress test, having nervous handshakes while trying to make and serve drinks. However, he pushes through without stopping, even managing to take up some of the slack left behind by the bartender Yum Yum's Rage Quit. By the night of the relaunch, he's managed to stay sober, and is working confidently behind the bar.
      • And the family's awesomeness continues on with their daughter, also a bartender there. While she wasn't dealing with drinking problems like her parents, she does prove how much she cares for her family. She works well together with them, and doesn't complain once, regardless of how difficult things got, and is clearly having fun. This family seems to be source of Crowning Moments of Heartwarming, Awesomeness, and Determinator together.
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    • In another episode, one of the bartenders is caught drinking behind the bar, and she's instructed to clean up or get fired. She also has clear symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, but pushes through the entire stress test anyway. Moreover, she manages to keep a smile on her face and serve her drinks accurately and quickly. Considering the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, that's really impressive.
  • Any time Taffer rips into the owners of a bar who endanger his family, the experts or his staff. You do not mess with his family (which he said is how he views his crew).
    • Exemplified in the ZanZBar episode. Taffer practically goes nuclear and nearly starts a fight with owner Ami after the latter calls expert Brian Duffy a "fat boy". Bonus points for his reaction being left uncensored.
    • Similarly, Taffer laying into the owners of Undisputed after a brawl the previous night (caused by the violent atmosphere the owners' bad decisions created) that resulted in several crew members being physically assaulted.
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  • Anytime Taffer rants against the owners of "O'Face Bar", the first establishment to date that he refused to rescue because of the sheer amount of dysfunction.
  • From Headhunters, Taffer's opening line before he starts showing how unsanitary it is:
    Taffer: Let's see what happens when an idiot defends failure!
  • While the unsanitary conditions at the Artful Dodger (from the first episode of Season Four, "Bug Bites") were horrendous, we do manage to get a Moment of Awesome from the owner. He's dared to take a shot of liquor full of fruit flies by Taffer... and he does. Disgusting, sure, but at least he put his money where his mouth was.
  • The Turtle Bay episode. Taffer rescues a bar on Bourbon Street that blatantly rips off the bar across the street and its signature drink. The result? Spirits on Bourbon, which draws over a million dollars a year thanks to the new Resurrection drink and skeleton cup, barber chair shots, and a haunted theme. By the Where Are They Now episode, they've created a skeleton mascot, worn out enough barber chairs to fill a storage unit, and bought a custom hearse which doubles as a Mardi Gras parade float, and the owner has made enough money to invest in several properties along Bourbon Street. According to Spirits' website, they've even been able to open a new Turtle Bay location elsewhere in New Orleans which captures the essence of the original.
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  • Taffer ripping Paul, the owner of Gipsy, when they first meet:
    Taffer: I've been watching you abuse your employees, disrespecting people—
    Paul: Yeah, because they suck!
    Taffer: But they work for you, so if they suck, it's your fault, isn't it?
  • The stress test during the Fort One/The Roc episode goes uncharacteristically smoothly. Bartender Ashley is left alone to tend bar on the upper level while all the other bartenders work the lower floor. Ashley performs so well that near the end of the episode Taffer invites her to come back to help him rescue a bar on a future episode.
  • JJ, the owner of the Triple Nickel Tavern, harasses his staff and beats up his manager during the initial recon. Taffer calls him out by throwing ice water in his face, forcing him to get on the floor like he did to the manager and asking him how it feels to be bullied.
  • Dirty Red was very much The Pigpen of Joe's Thirsty Lizard—his neglect and miseducation had left the kitchen a complete and utter cesspit. But when Jon has Mike threaten to sack him if he doesn't clean the place, he wises up almost immediately, working the whole evening up until sunrise to make the place pristine.


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