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Heartwarming / Bar Rescue

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  • Jon Taffer shows that he really wants these owners to succeed and does all he can to get them back on their feet and on their way.
    • If an owner shows absolutely no signs of reforming, Jon will pull the staff aside and do everything in his power to make sure they succeed.
  • Taffer standing up for his expert in ZanZBar, shows he really looks after the people who help him.
  • Pretty much the entirety of "Hurricane Jon vs. Hurricane Sandy." The Bungalow bar was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy and you could tell that Taffer really was glad to be able to help them get back on their feet.
    • Same goes for "Bar Over Troubled Water," when Big Mike's Sports Bar & Grill in Denham Springs, LA suffered through a terrible flood. Special mention goes to Jon personally thanking the bartender who reached out to the show in the first place.
      • Operation Puerto Rico continues this, it was by far the most ambitious and toughest rescue Jon ever did, enlisting the help of rich activists like Mark Cuban and Bethanny Frankel in order to make sure they were able to build Janet and Victor the best bar they could, their reactions to their new bar say it all. Also they didn't just rebuild the bar, they also rebuilt the local community center.
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  • Jerry cleaning up his act and stepping up to be a commendable partner in "Hostile Takeover".
  • Even when someone pushes one of his Berserk Buttons, he's almost always willing to forgive them if they shape up and listen to him. This includes the cook from Lona's Wardlow Station, who actually shoved Jon Taffer and nearly got into a fight with him over the state of the kitchen.
  • Vivian, one of the bartenders at Pat's Cocktails who has shown herself to have a great attitude and a winning personality, has a panic attack and breaks down during the stress test. Jon goes to comfort her and gives her a You Are Better Than You Think You Are Pep Talk that will make your heart melt. [1]


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