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Drinking Game / Bar Rescue

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A Drinking Game for Bar Rescue.

Take a sip when:

  • Jon or one of his experts claim to see something that they have never seen before in their careers.
    • Two if they mention how long they've been in the business (e.g. 30 years for Jon).
  • Jon or one of his experts critique the bar's name, its sign or its exterior in general.
  • Any member of the staff drinks/gets drunk.
  • The staff overpours drinks.
  • The staff serves beer that isn't refrigerated properly.
  • The staff uses a microwave to cook food.
  • The phrase "cross contamination" is used or in general if any food that comes out of the kitchen isn't fit for consumption.
    • Two if Jon or his experts have to run inside to stop it from being served.
  • You see animals or bugs in the bar.
    • Two if they're in the liquor bottles.
  • Jon or one of his experts throws or destroys something during the initial recon.
  • A fight breaks out during the initial recon.
    • Two if the fight likely wouldn't have happened had Jon or one of his experts not escalated tensions.
  • Jon orders the staff to clean up the kitchen or bar area.
    • Two if he says, "Guess what you're doing?" before giving the order.
  • Jon calls someone an idiot or an asshole.
  • Jon says, "frickin'."
  • Jon yells, "You failed!" or "You blew it!", or calls someone a failure.
  • Someone accuses Jon or his staff of Executive Meddling or lying on the air.
  • The owner or an employee complains about Jon raising his voice.
  • The owner rejects a piece of advice from Jon or one of his experts.
  • Jon ends the stress test early.
  • At least one staff member cries or otherwise gets emotional.
    • Two if Jon gets involved in a shouting match over it.
  • Jon threatens to abandon the rescue or says "Do X or I won't rescue your bar!".
    • Finish your drink if he does abandon the rescue.
  • Jon picks on the weakest employee in the restaurant.
    • Two if said employee quits.
  • Jon forces the owner to fire an incompetent or thieving employee.
    • Finish your drink if the epilogue reveals that management rehired said employee.
  • The epilogue mentions that the bar changed back to its original name.
  • The epilogue mentions that the bar went out of business.

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