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  • Norman gets one in the first episode when he hits the man raping his mother over the head knocking him out.
    • He gets another one managing to get the car door open in an attempt to save a badly burnt man who just so happened to be Bradley's father.
  • Emma gets awesome moments too, she manages to translate the book Norman found in episode 1. She also managed to help find the locations the book documented as well as help Norman outrun Pot Farmers. To top it off she stole Norman's first kiss.
  • Dylan gets one with his fight with Norman. Sure on the outside it was Dylan's fault in the first place since he referred to their mother as a Whore. But to fans of the old movies, he is the first person to successfully fend off an angry Norman Bates without any assistance, with his bare hands.
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  • Sheriff Romero pulling a last-second surprise on Abernathy, shooting him four times and even getting rid of the money.
  • Norman getting away with murdering Miss Watson by lying on his lie detector test.
  • Dylan killing Nick Ford in a single smack with a fire-poker for abducting his younger brother.
  • Caleb beating the crap out of Chick for trying to screw him and Dylan over after sending them on a dangerous gun run knowing that they'd probably die. To make it all the more sweeter, Caleb takes all of Chick's money to give to Emma for her major surgery and leaves Chick crippled for life.
  • Norman and his new friend Julian successfully escape from a mental institution.
  • A CMOA occurs in 5x06, where Bates Motel adapts perhaps the most iconic death scene in movie history but with a MASSIVE twist: Marion Crane survives her infamous shower at the Bates Motel. Her boyfriend, Sam Loomis, inherits her fate instead. And "Mother" doesn't kill him. Norman does, fully and truly aware of his actions.
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  • In the following episode, Norman spent the entire episode standing up to the Mother persona. After the Mother persona attempts to kill Dylan, Norman regains control and reports himself to the authorities realizing he's a danger to everyone.
  • Despite the numerous differences the show has from the source material (For example: Norman has a brother, the setting is Oregon instead of California, Marion Crane lives), one thing the show does the same is the iconic Bates' house. It is exactly as depicted in the original film series; Gus Van Sant's shot for shot remake couldn't even boast that. For fans of Hitchcock's masterpiece, it's a welcome sight.

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