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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In an early episode, a man that March tortures refusing to give up his faith despite March's declaration that he'll "just have to kill God."
  • Iris snapping and killing two hotel guests who had been giving her shit and being specific on what she has to do all day. Considering she had to endure so much shit before with first Donovan treating her like garbage (before his Heel–Face Turn), then dealing with the fact she now has the virus within her, and feeling she doesn't matter, it's satisfying to see her get some sweet release, even if it meant killing what are Take That! variations of hipsters.
  • The Countess killing Liz Taylor's coworkers when they rudely insult and accuse her of being gay.
  • Ramona Royale's first appearance. She's working on her car, appearing to be a stranded Damsel in Distress only to tase the ever living hell out of Donovan, who was now feeding on his own and was about to kill her.
  • John telling Alex off halfway in "Room 33" after scaring Scarlet to death after Bartholomew hid in his suitcase is satisfying for those who hate Alex.
  • James Patrick March truly is "the greatest Serial Killer who ever lived." He even recruited a badass detective to continue his legacy.
  • Liz Taylor refusing to help the Countress with her wedding or anything at all after killing Tristan. Also extra points for insulting her.
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  • Liz and Iris literally bursting into the Countess' room guns blazing, and almost killing her and accidentally killing Donovan.
  • James March killing Queenie, being able to do so because her human voodoo doll powers don't affect him because he is a ghost.
    • On the other hand, Queenie herself was a CMOA - not only did her powers evolve, she now can literally deflect the damage others inflict on her, and demonstrates this by letting Ramona continues to slash at her before delivering a humorous and cathartic beatdown on the latter.
    Queenie: That's right, bitch! I'm a human voodoo doll! I'm not letting any raggedy-ass, red-dotted, blood-whore freak take up another second of my time. It's my vacation, bitch! The Price is Right is waiting! Come on down!
  • The ending of the show concluding with a now dead John visiting the Hotel Cortez in 2022 on Halloween and getting James March, the Zodiac, Ramona, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Aileen Wuornos, and Richard Ramirez to scare the crap out of Billie Dean who was in their opinion, exploiting the dead for money.