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Heartwarming / American Horror Story: Hotel

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • From the very first episode, John reading "Little Women" with Scarlett over the phone.
  • Liz's interactions with her son in "She Gets Revenge." What really makes this is the fact that the son recognized his father the whole time, and is completely fine with her status as a transwoman.
    • Makes it better that her son asks Liz to come join and be part of his family.
    • Her interactions with Miss Evers were nice too for the entire episode. Miss Evers helps her get into contact with her son in exhange for detergent but seems genuinely interested in helping Liz and was almost in tears at the gift she received from Liz Taylor and Iris.
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    • Liz and Iris's interactions are just heartwarming, especially how Liz is probably the only character that showed immense care to Iris. Makes it more awesome when Liz is able to get Iris back into the mojo to kill the Countess and Donovan.
  • Doubles with Tear Jerker, but Iris and Liz honouring Donovan's wishes by carrying him outside so he can die outside the hotel and not be stuck inside for all eternity.
  • Iris helps Sally finally assuage her loneliness by giving her a smartphone and showing her how to use social media.
  • Donovan finally tells Iris that he loves her from Heaven via a spirit medium.
  • The very bittersweet scene where Liz decides to die in the hotel so that she can be reborn as a ghost instead of dying by natural causes. She is surrounded by all of the ghosts in the hotel, whom she had befriended. They are visibly emotional as she lies down on a bed waiting to be killed. Finally, the Countess steps through the door, and calls Liz her fondest creation. The Countess helps Liz transition one last time.
    • Then, Liz gets to spend eternity in the hotel with Tristan.
      • A bigger heartwarming to add: The reason Tristan never appeared as a spirit to Liz? He wanted her to finish her business while she was alive: "You had more living to do, babe." Daaaaaaaaw~
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  • A bit of a Tear Jerker, but John and Alex letting Scarlet go so she could live a happy life and not be dragged by their lives being on the run. Scarlet (now a grown adult) even reunites with a now dead John (having been killed by the cops prior to the events leading up to 2022) and they share a loving moment together.

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