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Awesome / American Horror Story: Roanoke

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  • "Chapter 4":
    • We finally get to see Elias Cunningham in the flesh (in the reenactment) and it's a Big Damn Heroes moment for him. As the Pig Man terrorizes the Millers and was about to kill them, Elias, with an axe in hand, plants it into the back of the Pig Man, claiming that would have only subdue him for now.
    • Scáthach's backstory, while extremely heartbreaking, is amazing. She manages to escape her captivity and her death sentence of being burnt at the stake after using her looks to kill one of the soldiers guarding her, and then goes on to slaughter the rest of the soldiers.
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    • In a dark moment, we finally see why Tomasyn White earned such a nickname as her killing of Cricket by disembowelment is not only extremely long and brutal, but shows us exactly why she is called the Butcher.
  • "Chapter 5":
    • At the climax, just as the Butcher is about to kill Flora, her son Ambrose turns on her. He whacks her upside the head with a shovel, then drags her into a nearby fire.
    • Immediately after this, Lee runs over the Pig Man with a car in order to save Flora from him.
  • "Chapter 7":
    • Dominic is a douchebag who plays up drama for screentime, but he shows some Hidden Depths and pulls off an impressive Big Damn Heroes to save Shelby's life from Ax-Crazy Agnes by quickly curbstomping the attacker in a fight and forcing the latter to escape.
  • "Chapter 8":
    • Lee seducing Jether Polk before choking him out, all after successfully managing to get untied and with a carved leg.
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    • Monet albeit abandoning Audrey, knocking out the remaining two Polk brothers before escaping.
    • Audrey spending what she presumed to be her final moments by trash-talking the Polk matriarch, and when Lee rescues her after knocking out Mama Polk, Audrey bashes her brains in.
  • "Chapter 9":
    • Audrey rescuing Monet, headshotting Ishmael Polk, and fighting Possessed!Lee.
  • "Chapter 10":
    • You might argue that Lot Polk has one; an inbred hillbilly who has never been in a city before almost managing to kill a high profile person in the middle on an interview is rather impressive if you think about it.

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