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Nightmare Fuel / American Horror Story: Hotel

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The living man sewn into the hotel room's mattress.
  • The horrendous, graphic rape of Gabriel by the Addiction Demon. Doubles as a major case of Squick.
    • The Addiction Demon in general counts as this: an emaciated, wax-like creature who rapes his victims with a drill dildo and enjoys hearing their screams.
    • Sally taunting the victim during the rape, and then sewing him into a mattress afterwards, presumably so he'll die slowly of asphyxiation / dehydration / cold turkey withdrawal and stay with her forever in the hotel. It's later stated that she does this frequently, and would have kept doing so forever if Iris hadn't found a way for Sally to satisfy her attention-seeker needs by getting a social media account.
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  • Elizabeth/The Countess in general, but especially her introductory scene, where she and Donovan are shown in a foursome with another couple that ends with them drinking the latter's blood.
  • Elizabeth's troupe of creepy, kidnapped, blood-sucking children, one of which is John and Alex's long-lost son Holden.
  • The first murder scene that we see, on so many levels. The victim is still alive, missing both his eyes and his tongue, and is... ahem... stuck in the other victim, with whom he was having sex.
  • The scene where Scarlett happens upon two of the Ten Commandments Killer's mutilated victims when her father is investigating their house. The dark shadows, flashing lights, and blaring siren don't help with the tension either.
  • Iris tormenting the captured Swedish girls with all the horrible (but blood-strengthening) ingredients she's going to grind up and force-feed them.
  • When Vendela manages to get free, she tries to frantically escape the hotel, even as her sister screams desperately for her not to leave her behind. She's almost made it when suddenly Elizabeth appears right in front of the door and slashes Vendela's throat with her clawed chainmail glove. This and the brief exchange between Iris and Elizabeth right after is reminiscent of an unruly animal getting loose from a peasant farmer and entering the path of an indifferent royal.
    Iris: (petrified) I-I'm sorry... I dunno how she got out-
    Elizabeth: This can never happen again. (walks away like nothing happened)
    • And we get a lingering shot as the poor girl bleeds to death on the floor.
    • And later we see the infected children slowly drain Agnetha dry. No hope for those Swedish girls.
  • James March and the origin of the Hotel Cortez. He specifically designed it to be his "murder palace." We get a montage of the gleefully elaborate atrocities March carried out in the roaring twenties before he was discovered and the police came to arrest him. When that happens, he calmly collects a gun and knife and asks his loyal accomplice Miss Evers how she would like to die. When Evers chooses the gun and is shot in the head, March almost nonchalantly slashes his own throat.
  • Scarlett's second visit to the Hotel Cortez to look for Holden. She sees Sally, who laughs and grinds her own teeth away into smithereens.
    • Fridge Horror: Sally mentions afterwards how children are especially fun to torture/scare. Now consider what Sally's usual methods of torture involve.
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  • The editors of a gossip site getting their tongues nailed into their desks by the Ten Commandments Killer while still alive.
  • Claudia laying down to go to bed, only to have hands pop out of her mattress and start strangling her. It's the still-living Gabriel, who tears out of the mattress and stabs Claudia to death with scissors in a screaming frenzy.
  • John and Hazel turn their backs on their sons for one moment and they are both taken away from them. Hazel's son was taken on Halloween by Gordon Northcott, and became one of the victims of the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders. John's son was abducted at a carnival by The Countess, who turned him into one of her vampire children.
    • This also makes Miss Evers's relationship with James March all the more disturbing. She aided him out of a twisted sense of love, most likely after suffering a psychotic break following her son's disappearance.
  • The blood spilling from the ceiling and running over the crime scene photos posted on the wall of John's hotel room.
  • John's dinner with the Mount Rushmore of Murder, as March calls it.
    • To clarify, it's a collection of famous American serial killers who, as it turns out, March influenced when each of them found themselves staying at the Hotel Cortez. These include Aileen Wuornos, Richard Ramirez, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and the Zodiac Killer. Though they all indulge in Evil Is Hammy in their own ways, it's an unnerving display of Shown Their Work as the acting and writing almost perfectly captures each of these real life psychopaths. And they're all ghosts, which means there is no stopping them from killing anyone if they want to.
    • The dialogue suggests that Charles Manson will become part of the group upon his death, meaning March had a hand in his murders as well.
  • As of "Room Service," we find out why the vampirism has been referred to as a virus when Alex injects a boy dying of measles full of her infected blood. He's seemingly cured of the measles, but it enhances the blood virus. This is bad since the boy goes home, kills and feeds on his parents, goes to school, kills his teacher, infects his entire classroom, and massacres several faculty members. Before the children are rescued and returned to their parents, of course. The whole thing shoots Hotel's already huge Creepy Child factor up to eleven in the most horrifying way.
    • The worst part is when the principal suffers a Slashed Throat and barely escapes the mob of infected kids feeding on his blood. He reaches the nurse's office, who immediately calls for a full lockdown of the school. Cue blood-soaked vampire child's Slasher Smile as the lights go out and all the doors lock from the inside.
  • Alex willingly agreeing to become the new governess for Elizabeth's infected children; forcing her to become her nanny essentially. As well as Elizabeth revealing that Alex and Holden have their own personal coffin now, letting Alex indulge in her obsessive love for Holden forever.
  • Liz Taylor's reason for being at the hotel? Elizabeth made her into her living doll, presumably one she got tired of playing with.
  • Rudy and Natacha were stuck in an abandoned, boarded up hallway of the hotel for nearly a hundred years, unable to sustain themselves with blood. This also revealed that vampires can age if they lose access to blood long enough, and their aging process is not flattering.
    • Their frenzied feeding when they finally escape the hallway also counts. They almost resembled zombies.
  • John learning he's the Ten Commandments Killer. Just the fact someone as normal as everyone else is killing people basing it on a religious pledge is unnerving.
    • Even before he took up the mantle as the Killer, John was unnerving. A detective who has Lack of Empathy over death. No wonder James takes immediate interest in him.
    • The fact that John went on for five whole years repressing the fact that he was the killer. There was a side of him that he didn't existed nor did he want to.
  • The Countess seems to have suffer a bit of Sanity Slippage, going on to create a punishment for her enemies: locking them in the hallway Rudy and Natacha were trapped in before. She also added cameras inside to watch them slowly go insane from their hunger.
    • It's also implied she's planning to also murder or turn Will Drake's son if Miss Evers' comments are true, which is most likely since she's been at the hotel for years.
  • Alex and John's disposal of the middle school vampires: they fool them into thinking that they'll bring them to the Cortez so that the Countess can adopt them as her children instead of turning them over to the authorities, but they instead herd them into the previously mentioned sealed up hallway that had a massive iron door installed on its entrance after it was unsealed during Will's renovations of the hotel, lock the door behind them and leave them to be sucked dry by the previously imprisoned Ramona.
  • Sally's snippets of backstory was this: her drug-fueled love for the two band members were so twisted that she attempted to stitch herself to them so that they would never leave her. The couple overdose and Sally is stuck to their decomposing corpses for a total of five days. While getting tortured by the newly spawned Addiction Demon - i.e. suffering vicious withdrawal symptoms. It's actually kind of impressive that it took her 5 whole days to become desperate enough to rip out the stitches so she could get up and leave.
  • The Countess' reaction to being stuck with James March and the way he says it; you can see her visibly dying on the inside.