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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Ally pushing one of the clowns down the stairs.
  • Ally viciously punching Harrison in the face. Even if the Harrison and Meadow weren't involved in microwaving Oz's new pet guinea pig and painting a red smiley face on the Richards' door, it's still incredibly satisfying.
    • After episode 4, it's uncertain if they microwaved the pet or not, but it's obvious that it was someone from their cult.
  • When the clowns murder Serena, her cameraman Cole charges three psychotic masked knife-wielding murderers with nothing but his bare hands in an attempt to rescue her. It amounts to nothing, but hey, points for cojones.
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  • In Episode 6, Ally starts piecing the facts together, fetches a knife, and marches across the street towards Harrison's house. She breaks in via the bathroom window and stealthily enters his room while he's banging Samuels, snatching the keys to get into the garage and save Meadow. When Meadow grabs her purse and accidentally knocks over a toolbox, inadvertently alerting both Harrison and Samuels, Ally locks the door and the two escape through the garage door. When Harrison tries to stop them, Ally maces him, hijacks his car, and both women escape!
  • Winter shooting Samuels dead in self defense, after his Attempted Rape of her.
  • Beverly beating the shit out of Winter for using Beverly as the patsy and getting her locked in the hole.
  • Ally slapping Winter over breaking her family apart.
  • Ally’s murder of Ivy is this and Nightmare Fuel at the same time. But mostly this.
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  • After an episode of Ivy being extremely Easily Forgiven — or so it would seem — Ally prepares a dinner of pasta and wine for Ivy and herself before she finally reveals how she's been plotting revenge since she was locked up, and laying out everything Ivy has done to her. Ivy responds by declaring that she wishes that Ally were more like this, smugly telling Ally that her newfound bravery will fizzle out, and that Ally won't do anything to her. Ally shuts her down by telling her that "I already have." Ally poisoned the wine and pasta Ivy had consumed, hence why she refrained from eating or drinking any.
    Ivy: (coughing up blood) Oz will never forgive you!
    Ally: No, it’s you he won’t forgive. For abandoning him. I knew I couldn’t trust you, and I wasn’t gonna let you stand in my way.
    Ivy: (falls to the floor, choking and screaming in agony)
    Ally: I found my strength, Ivy. I only want two things in this life. I want Oz all to myself... and I wanna watch you die.
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  • After a season of Kai effortlessly manipulating everyone and everything around him to go his way, it is thoroughly satisfying to see Ally completely fool him into believing Oz is his son in order to protect Oz and herself. On a similar note, seeing Oz completely refuse to buy into Kai's Blatant Lies and point out the logical inconsistencies in Kai's supposed "truth" of what happened to Jim Jones and his followers. This eleven year old child has more sense than all of those grown adults— including his non-birth mother Ivy.
  • The entirety of the finale is one for Ally: First, revealing herself as the FBI's mole in the cult, enabling them to raid Kai's house, arresting him and killing his followers. She then rides her public recognition from this towards a Senate campaign, and when her support starts to falter, she plays Kai one final time. She gets one of his prison guards to play Fake Defector and help Kai escape and come after Ally at her public debate with her opponent. And when he realizes that he's been played, she just smiles smugly as Beverly executes him, before riding a sudden surge straight to the Senate.