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A familiar trio returns.


As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The End

  • Although it is shown to be brief, the power of the nukes is rather spectacular to say the least.
  • In a direct Call-Back to Murder House, the entrance of Michael Langdon has him arriving to Outpost 3 and strolling in style, while "Tonight You Belong to Me" playing in the background. To put it shortly, it is chilling to watch and it is awesome to hear the song back in the series.


The Morning After

  • Even if it was all for naught, Timothy and Emily's escape is rather impressive for something on the fly. Timothy manages to wound Mead in the process, revealing that she was a robot.

Forbidden Fruit

  • Mallory managing to frighten Michael is pretty damn impressive. And a subtle piece of foreshadowing to The Reveal at the end of the episode.
  • Brock turns up alive and has become something akin to a Fallout survivor, going as far as killing three cannibals in mere moments, infiltrating Outpost 3, and killing first the Fist and then Coco. That last one didn't stick, but it's still worth a mention.
  • The arrival of the Coven, all set to The Rolling Stones' "She's a Rainbow". Followed by Cordelia resurrecting Mallory, Dinah and Coco using Vitalum Vitalis.


Could It Be... Satan?

  • Mallory showing off her powers in a flashback. She’s tasked with simply changing the color of a white rose, and she far surpasses expectations by turning the rose into the color blue, making the petals fall, and then turning the fallen petals into beautiful blue butterflies. It's the first instance in the series of a witch creating life, and it's visually stunning.
  • Michael showing up with Queenie and Madison at the end of the episode just to show off that he could not only free someone from the grasp of the hellmouth Hotel but also free someone from Hell.
  • Tying into above, the scene where Michael retrieves Queenie, the scene shows the Big Bad of Hotel, James March being completely cowed just by Michaels' presence.

Boy Wonder

  • As detailed in the Nightmare Fuel page, the way Michael rescues Misty from her personal hell is nothing but pure horrifying awesomeness. He stabs the science teacher and cuts his stomach open in the same way she was repeatedly forced to dissect the frog.
  • Michael completes The Seven Wonders with ease.

Return to Murder House

  • Doubles as heartwarming, but Moira finally gets her happy ending (In the original timeline, at least).
  • Tate manages to get one, by saving Vivien before she could be erased from existence by Michael's Deader Than Dead move.
  • Not only was this Sarah Paulson’s directorial debut, but it’s now the highest rated episode of the show, beating out “The Name Game” from ''Asylum''. First try and she knocked it out of the ballpark.


  • Mallory resurrecting John Henry from a pile of ashes.
  • Having learned that Michael is not a true Supreme, Cordelia realizes that she no longer has to play nice with the Hawthorne School and wastes no time in taking down Ariel and Baldwin. Her "The Reason You Suck" Speech, pointing out the hypocrisy of these two men insisting that Michael could rule the witches better than she can when their plan for killing the witches was plagiarized from a witch, is pretty damn satisfying.
  • Despite her having what she thinks is a useless power, Coco has mastered her food-based magic, graduating from just telling if there's gluten in the food to the EXACT calorie count, even down to knowing how many are in a Snoball snack cake after Queenie had taken some unseen bites out of it.

Apocalypse Then

  • Just as Dinah tries once again to screw the witches over, Cordelia reveals that she already knew Dinah would betray them and thus made a deal with Papa Legba - Dinah dies and Marie Laveau returns!
  • Myrtle's Mama Bear tendencies shining through when Brock stabs Mallory and she promptly sets him on fire.
    Myrtle: What have you done, you cretin?!
    Brock: It's payback, bitch. I like it cold.
    Myrtle: Well, I like it hot. Ignis!
  • Madison shoots Michael with Mead's arm-gun, the same weapon that killed so many of her fellow witches. It kills him, but Satan resurrects him, but it's still satisfying to watch. And when he gets back up, her only reaction is to calmly accept that she's about to die and try to shoot him again.
  • As Michael is killing Marie, Coco — who is the weakest member of the Coven and knows she doesn't stand a chance — walks up behind him and stabs him in the back, calling him "fuckface" for good measure.
  • When Brock stabs Mallory for her part in ditching him in the premiere, Myrtle responds by setting him on fire.
  • As her initial plans fall apart, Cordelia gets a Dying Moment of Awesome, killing herself in order to pass all of her powers on to Mallory. As an added kicker, she openly mocks Michael to his face, telling him how weak and pathetic he is.
  • Mallory kills Michael, prevents the Apocalypse (or at least delays it for a few years), prevents Queenie from going to the Hotel Cortez, and brings back Misty Day from the dead.
  • The fact that as powerful as Satan is shown to be throughout the entire AHS franchise, the fact that he can be thwarted by time travel, which apparently alters reality so that the events of the Apocalypse never happened... and he may be unaware of this.

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