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Funny / American Horror Story: Cult

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  • This exchange:
    Kai (interrogating Winter in their home): What fills your heart with dread?
    Winter: Children.
  • "Lesbians! We're under attack!"
  • Kai claims to get his incredibly incorrect, blatantly anti-Latino information about crime statistics from Facebook. While he's running for City Council and telling people to see the truth instead of what they want to believe.
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  • Meadow and Harrison spitefully offering Ally Taco Bell coupons, under the assumption that she would approve of the appropriation of Mexican culture. Meadow and Harrison also happen to be wearing sombreros.
  • Meadow walking in on Harrison cutting up the body of his boss from the gym. She's rather nonchalant about the whole thing.
  • The scene where Kai is looking up the video that led to Beverly attacking one of the several bystanders who kept interrupting her news reports to say "Grab her right in the pussy." The end of the video is an in-universe Stupid Statement Dance Mix of Beverly and the bystanders. It's rather amusing to see.
  • When Detective Samuels tells Winter about how he met and became Kai's follower, we get this golden exchange:
    Winter: Dude, you're totally gay.
    Det. Samuels: You're missing the goddamn point. It's much more complex than that.
    Winter: It's as simple as you like dick! (throws coffee at Det. Samuels' pants)
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  • There's something inherently amusing about Evan Peters portraying all of the cult leaders in the ninth episode. It's even more hilariously off-putting when we see him appear as Jesus Christ resurrecting Jim Jones.
  • When Ally kills Bebe as the latter attempts to kill Kai, we get this exchange:
    Ally: Who's this?
    Kai: My anger management counselor.
    Ally: Not very good at her job.
    • The funniest part is the fact that they're both completely nonchalant about the whole thing.
  • Reality Ensues with Kai's planned Moral Event Horizon:
    Kai: It turns out finding 1,000 pregnant women to murder is super hard. [...] So Night of a Thousand Tates is off. *Disappointed sighs from his followers* But Night of One Hundred Tates is on!
    Followers: YES!
  • "Doubters get no cookies!" Said by Kai to Oz after Oz disproves Kai's Jim Jones story in the most ridiculous, singingsonging voice imaginable.


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