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  • "My brother married one jumpy bitch."
  • "Tell me, young man, have you ever heard the term 'Gay for Pay'?
  • Episode 6 provides a wealth of hilarious details:
    • During Agnes' interview with Sydney a Funko Pop-style figurine of The Butcher can be seen among her memorabilia.
    • Agnes flailing around a meat cleaver while dressed as and Lost in Character as The Butcher in the middle of Hollywood Walk Of Fame: terrifying in concept, but two of the people running away from her are dressed up as a giant Pikachu and Batman.
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    • The entirety of the video from Audrey and Rory's wedding is hilariously tacky.
    • The network lawyer being more concerned about Monet relapsing in her alcoholism than he is about Lee murdering someone during production.
  • Episode 7 features the start of Audrey's hysterics as the horror sets in for the Return to Roanoke show.
    • The episode ends with Agnes/"The Butcher" coming face to face with the real Butcher, Tomasin White. She proceeds to have a fan girl moment right before her skull is cleaved in half.
  • Episode 8, when Lee is talking to Jether Polk, the only Polk sibling who wasn't portrayed in the reenactment. Something that he was resented. Lee was curious how the Polks (a red neck family of cannibals) know about the show.
    Jether Polk: We're part of the United States. We get tv.
  • In episode 9, when Lee asked if Dylan, the guy who played Ambrose in the reenactment, has a car to escape, he replies that he "Ubered". Cue a clip of the Uber driver Rhett Snow driving as Dylan sits in the back in his Pig Man costume. Rhett's bemused smile tops the whole moment off in what is otherwise a very dark episode.
    • Ishmael Polk confronts Audrey and Monet as they're about to escape, not knowing Audrey has found a gun. Which leads to this exchange:
    Ishmael Polk: I'm gonna kill you slow, bitch!
    Audrey: (holds up video camera) Could you say that again?
    Ishmael Polk: (smiles) I said, "I'm gonna kill you slow, bitch."
    • Also when Audrey and Monet watch the video tape Lee wanted and see her confession, Monet snaps her fingers in praise having known that she was right all along.

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