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  • In Five Horrifying Secret Rules of Life in a Movie Universe, it seems like Soren and Michael have won despite Dan and Katie's preparedness. Until...
    Michael: Hey Daniel, what's your cards say about you two cracking up like a couple of B-holes?
    (Soren and Michael laugh until Dan reveals what his last note card says: Soren and Michael WIN (Michael says "B-Hole)")
    (Michael slowly claps while Katie stares in awe. Soren slowly turns to the camera in shocked realization)
  • In-universe: the others are noticeably surprised and/or shocked when Michael rattles off the box office figures for My Best Friend's Wedding right off the top of his head in "The Only Film Genre That Gets You To Root For The Bad Guy".
    • The video on its own is a CMOA, as it takes great pains to point out the Designated Hero nature of the average Romantic Comedy, and the morally questionable actions the main characters do all in the "name" of love.
  • The others (Daniel in particular) managing to work out the plot hole in Michael's Terminator theory in order for it to make more sense when Michael starts coming apart at the seams.
  • Despite having checked out of most of the video concerning the most likely potential robot uprisingnote , Soren manages to come back into the conversation and win by stating the actual answer is the Internet itself. Everyone else mocks him for it, but Soren manages to point out how it makes sense.
    Soren: We don't learn facts anymore, we depend on the Internet to know all those facts for us. We're slowing down, while the Internet is just getting bigger, and connecting all these ideas and thoughts... and it can't be killed.
    Daniel: But, (points to his phone) this requires upkeep. From humans.
    Soren: The best minds of our generation are going to spend their entire lives thinking of ways to make it smarter, and more self-sufficient. If anyone tried to turn it off, we would turn on them.
    • "You said it yourself, Daniel. There's gonna be a point where humans trust the robots too much. And that point is right now."

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