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The Film

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The Web Series

Soren might be some form of a Genie in a Bottle.
He has been shown to have some pretty amazing powers such a stopping time, teleporting, and jumping between dimensions. In the Genie episode, he has trouble believing that the Genie really cares about Aladdin. He is convinced that it's either Stockholm syndrome or that the Genie has trapped Agrabah in bubble as revenge on humanity for trapping him. By the end of the episode he admits to projecting his problems into the Disney cartoon.

The whole show takes place in Dan's imagination.
Dan said he forgets that Kate, Soren & Micheal are not figments of his imagination. Soren responds by whispering that they are (which admittedly is probably just him messing with Dan). Dan said it just seemed Aladdin and the Genie had "a genuine friendship like the ones [he's] read about in books." It's possible that Dan doesn't really have any friends and just imagines them out of loneliness.If this is canon, this will probably be revealed in an episode about cliché fan theories or just clichés in general which mentions All Just a Dream.

Soren was part of a government experiment.
Soren was a part of a Super-Soldier project which gave him super powers.
  • In "The Best Super Power (Is Not What You Think)", Soren stops time.
  • In "11 Movie Alternate Dimensions With Horrifying Downsides", Bizarro!Soren feels terrible. He says he thinks he's might have been cursed by a witch and feels like he's literally not himself. Katie says he has a fever. This implies he's never been sick before. Also while he does experience normal things like dry-heaving, he, at one point, coughs up green fur. And we do see him teleport in the background at the end, all confused.
  • In "8 Mind Blowing Connections Between the Works of Joss Whedon", it's revealed that the waiter played by Cody is a government agent following them.

Katie, Michael and Soren are figments of Dans' imagination, but they became real
  • Dan is a powerful psychic, and out of loneliness he imagined the other three into existence.

Soren and Katie are robots
After Hours is actually a sequel to Agents Of Cracked. Lots of jokes carry over, like the "Micheal was a judge" thing. Soren's clearly one of the T-Bone model robots, improved so as to be hack proof, sent by The Cheif as either a bodyguard or just a distraction for Micheal. Katie is a newer model that The Cheif developed shortly after T-Bone, also deployed to oversee our protagonists. This explains why Dan is the only one to really remember their conversations, with Soren and Katie's memory's being wiped of everything but personality and basic knowledge, and Micheal being, well, Micheal. It adds an interesting depth to the time that Micheal's concussed and says, "We'll sex later. Us too." In reference to first Katie, then Soren. Dan looks noticeably excited at first, then dejected when he doesn't get mentioned. Not only does this imply that at some point the two broke up, but also that Dan still wants Micheal. Also, the irony of the "does machines" in to TMNT episode, considering that Micheal and Katie have definitely had sex once (Katie didn't deny it, and even pointed out that it was just the one time). I'm not sure how the part where Cody and co. specifically state that Micheal has been wiped twelve times fits, but perhaps he's wiped every time that he realises that Katie and Soren are robots.

After "The Best Movie Hell..." (the final episode)
After the "The Best Movie Hell To End Up In" episode, they all went to hell and are there until this very day.