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The movie
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The Web Original series
  • So... Are Micheal and Katie dating or not? "Why back to the Future is secretly terrifying" establishes that they're dating, albeit in a BST way. Did they break up and I just missed it? I've seen every episode. Also, can anybody move this to the Cracked After Hours page? I can't take it off of this page.
    • I think they may have dated for a while and broken up, but remain friends. Micheal's just a bit more open and teasing about it.
    • I was wondering why there are tropes on here that have nothing to do with this movie.

  • Katie's argument for the Flintsone's being the worst animal rights violation kid's show falls apart on one simple notion; the Flintstone's was a primetime sitcom that was geared towards adults, not children.

  • The Credits Gag: "Matt Barrs as Soren's brain...Michael Clark as Daniel's brain" etc. Head scratched. Joke not gotten.
    • The illustrations are considered the brain. Everything that Daniel was describing/thinking/explaining was illustrated by Michael Clark.
    • [OP] But they have those credits even when they don't have illustrated segments.
      • Because it's easier to have a set of stock credits to use on every show rather than having to make them every single time.
  • Was there ever any explanation, in-universe or out, as to why they changed restaurants? And when did they change?
    • In universe, the diner burned down.
      • It's heavily implied that Michael burned it down

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