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The Movie

  • "I'll probably get blamed for that."
  • Paul putting up handwritten DEAD PERSON signs with arrows to help the police find Marcy's body so he can leave the loft is a quintessential bit of Black Comedy.
  • Given Paul's string of bad luck, of course this just happens to be the night that the subway fare increase goes into effect.
  • Marcy talking about her husband's fetishy obsession with The Wizard of Oz.
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  • A cherry on the top is undoubtedly the Brick Joke in the bar.

Web Animation:

  • In the Apocalypse How episode:
    Katie: Now you all think that you could shoot Michael in the face if you had to, but could you?
    Soren, Dan: (without hesitation) Yes.
  • The end of "Robot Uprising", where Dan gets a call/text and tosses his phone into the kitchen. Bonus points for the ring-tone being "Mr. Roboto".
    • Of course, the setup for this is Dan telling Soren to "admit that you fear weakness", sending the latter into a Tranquil Fury.
  • Most of "The Six Most Unintentionally Creepy Sitcom Characters".
    • Particularly when a random background character (actually Cracked contributor Cody Johnston) points out that Principal Bellding (aka "Buffalo Billding") was the creepiest because he followed Zach across the country and obsessed over him... only for Soren to realize that the same background character had followed them to their new hangout.
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  • From the "Ninja Turtles" episode:
    Michael: Dan, you like Donatello, 'cause he's a nerd and he's open to sex with electronics.
    Dan: First of all, "Does machines" isn't literal! Second, it was a foot massager that I got for my birthday, and I told you all that a thousand times!
    Soren: And not one of us ever asked...
  • The start of the movie stereotypes episode.
    Soren: (sits down) What're we talking about?
    Michael: Come on!
    Katie: You know what else white women can't do?
    Soren, Michael and Dan: Jump!
    Soren: Should've walked away, Soren.
  • In the Batman Episode when Soren goes full-on fanboy about Batman.
    • Whoever picks the saccharine packet filled with salt has to pay for dinner.
      Michael: Everything tastes of the sea. Yarr.
    • The Running Gag with sugar packets and Asperger's.
    • And the ending, where Soren and Kate give in to Foe Yay and make out passionately, interspersed with the pair doing so while dressed as Batman and Catwoman.
      Dan: (Uncomfortably) I wish this would stop.
      Soren and Katie: (In unison) Shut the fuck up!
  • The group is quite bad at guessing how old Katie is in the "Horrifying Childhood Lessons from Movies" episode.
    • Michael's connecting the Gremlins movies to Gizmo literally murdering his species' adulthood is such a downer that Katie is stuck with a frown even as her cake comes out.
  • The Star Trek episode. All of it!
    • Live short and be impoverished, Bitch!
    • Katie declaring the Federation to be evil.
    Katie: They have total blind faith in their way of life. I mean, what other cultures are like that?
    Soren: North Korea.
    • Michael just using "Jean-Luc Picard" as a rebuttal.
      • Which does make some sense:
    "Because Picard is an infallible source of truth, justice and reason invoking him to prove a point immediately grants credence to your opinion."
    • At the end, Michael finds out about Scientology, and the others trick him into signing up for it.
  • The episode about Harry Potter is filled to the brim with Fridge Logic about the Harry Potter universe.
    Katie: Okay, you can't question magic - it's magic! I mean, you can't get hung up on the details of some nerd world.
    Dan: Have you met us?
  • Soren in How Breakfast Cereal Mascots Brainwashed You
    • "Cereal comes in bags?"
    • "But the authorities are our friends"
  • The Indiana Jones episode:
    Katie: He is dragging us backwards! Don't you see? He is always dragging us backwards!
    Michael: (looking into the camera) That's my shtick!
    Dan and Soren glance behind themselves following Michael's eyeline, confused
    • Katie's constant attempts at Double Entendre with a "if you know what I'm saying." They get weirder and weirder, until:
    Katie: ...If you know what I'm saying-
    Dan: Nobody knows what you're saying!
    Michael (guiltily/haunted expression): I know...
  • ''The Only Eight Types of TV Shows That Get Made'' is one of these by virtue of the constant pop-up ads each time a character suggests a series—and sometimes even when they don't. "Screw the protagonist!"note 
    • In this one, Katie refers to the four of them as "a bunch of internet comedy dicks and their sexy friend", gesturing to herself with a smug little smile on "sexy friend", and sure enough, a pop-up ad appears depicting the four of them...except that the show is merely called Internet Comedy Dicks.
    • Michael is obsessed with making a show starring himself, subtitled Vagina Whisperer. He goes through Michael Swaim: Vagina Whisperer, Civil War Vagina Whisperer and Complicated Vagina Whisperer before eventually conceding that you can't show vaginas on prime-time, and it'll have to be Butt Whisperer, although he realises he can "pitch 'Vag-Whisp' to Colgate." Katie eventually proposes making the protagonist female, and sure enough there's a pop-up for Katie Willert: Vagina Whisperer.
    • The only pop-up ad starring Dan is for a show called He Sweats So Much.
  • In the "Spider-Man" episode, when Soren and Katie offer to skip the topic of discussion for Dan's sake, Katie proposes that they just talk like regular friends this time... and then proceeds to ask Michael about his life, whereupon he forces the Spider-Man discussion to proceed by immediately revealing that he stole cable.
    • Right off the bat, Soren states his belief that Peter Parker seems to want all his loved ones to die horribly.
      Michael: Aww! We're his loved ones! Sad...
    • When Katie and Michael latch upon an example at the same time, there's a brief struggle as to who should go first:
      Michael: We should go at the same time. Maybe [Dan]'ll cry!
      Dan: Are you... actually bullying me?
      Michael: (Michael blows a straw-wrapper at Dan) Ha! (loads up another straw-wrapper) You go, Katie, I forget mine.
    • Katie lists off a bunch of supervillians to back up her point that Spider-Man indirectly says that science and progress are evil, and then fully admits that half of her list she made up off the top of her head.
      Michael: I thought Sharkanox made a deal with Poseidon.
      Katie: Nah. Gene tampering laser misfire.
    • Ultimately, Dan goes off on this rant about how much Peter's life is shit compared to everyone else due to Peter being forced to not actually grow as a characternote , causing Michael to snap back that he should just grow up and get over it, since he's an adult now with a awesome job... and then he awkwardly clarifies that this is what he would say to Peter.
  • Dan trying to open his giant lolly in the Disney episode.
  • In "6 Insane Stereotypes That You Still See in Every Movie" Soren asks when have they last seen a black man ending up with a white woman in a movie, where that wasn't the focus of the movie. While everyone struggles to think of an example, Michael immediately thinks of porn.
  • Anything to do with Sick!Soren in the "Alternate Dimensions" episode, particularly when he coughs up bird fluff.
    Michael: Or maybe our Soren is trapped in an alternate dimension, and we're saddled with this guy.
    Soren: I can't tell if I'm just really sweaty on my legs or peed my pants and forgot.
    Michael: I like him.
    Soren: Katie, I-I don't know a gentle way to put this, so I'm gonna come right out and say it. You are a woman.
    Katie: How dare you. That is our word.
    Dan: He's right. Though I'm not sure he's having the same conversation as us.
    • Soren's choice is the dimension Homer wound up in at the end of "Homer³"... which is our reality.
    • Because of Dan coming to the conclusion that "almost every parallel universe is essentially Hell", Soren goes into a crazed rant about how our reality is in actuality Heaven compared to every other parallel universe.
    • Eventually, Soren passes out on the table, and Dan is the only one who doesn't care, trying to force the conversation to continue by bringing up Narnia, despite the fact that as he's talking, Michael and Katie leave to take Soren home.
    • And The Stinger: the actual Soren shows up via an interdimensional portal to look through the window for his Bizarro version, knife at the ready.
  • In The Four Best Movie Universes to Die In:
    Soren: Dogs can't play Clue, Katie!
    • From the same episode:
      Katie: Your... Parents named your dog "Soren's Replacement"?
      Soren: (sounding completely genuine) They loved her second most.
  • "14 Super Powers Every Character Secretly Has" is arguably one of the more meta episodes of the series:
    • Right after Soren sets up the discussion for the videonote , we cut to the title card, before cutting to a repeat of Soren setting up the discussion. The first convention Michael brings up? Ad-Break Double-Take.
    • Michael likes how simple everything is, citing Coincidental Broadcast before musing about how nice it'd be to say "Hey, gimme a beer, buddy!" to a bartender and just receiving your drink. As he says this, the waitress puts one in front of him, which Soren and Katie notice and Double Take to.
      • It's worth noting that Michael's reason for wanting the Coincidental Broadcast convention has... questionable motives:
        Katie: (snaps; to Michael) You just don't wanna watch the news! You know, no one's making you watch it, you don't have to!
        Michael: (defensive) I am sick of having to incite a riot everytime I want to see myself on TV!
  • In "Why Movie Cops Are Terrible At Their Jobs", the conversation is spurred by Katie's borderline irrational hatred towards cops, including a number of very odd insults that leave the rest of the table in Stunned Silence.
    • Dan is picked as the murder victim, with said murder's details getting progressively more gory.
    • Michael's pick of L.A. Confidential actually made a twisted sort of sense.note 
      • Michael's contingency plan? The cops from Elf. You know? The ones that barely appear in the movie?
    • Their final pick for the only movie where the police are presented as unambiguously good, rather than plagued with either Cowboy Cops at best and Corrupt Cops at worst? Police Academy.
    • The episode starts in the middle of a conversation Dan and Michael are having while waiting for Soren and Katie. That conversation?
      Dan: (groans) (clearly done with this) I promise you, it's not "Autistic girl". It's "I kissed a girl and I liked it".
      Michael: Yeah... but you see how that's confusing, though, right?
      Dan: (notices Soren and Katie entering) Oh thank God.
  • The episode about Sauron actually being the good guy in The Lord of the Rings has Soren continually cite The Silmarillion in his argument, to the bemusement of everyone else.
    Katie: He betrayed who to the what-now?
    Dan: He's dipping into The Silmarillion, he does this sometimes.
    Soren: I'm sorry. The Lord of the Rings is very important in my family.
    • Katie utilizes Malicious Misnaming to annoy Soren throughout the episode after learning this.
    • The lead-up to the Hilarious Outtakes when the group realizes that Soren and his siblings were actually named after Tolkien characters.
    Katie: Man, you guys must have been ''so'' cool in high school. "Oh Glorfindel Bowie, please take me to prom!"
    Soren: Glorfindel passed actually. Its not a huge deal, she was a huge bitch. Whole family hated her. I think she went in and out of prison for a while. Its her own fault, fell in front of a train drunk.
    (everyone corpses)
  • From Living Inside a TV Show, Michael advocates for living in a comedy universe, leading to this exchange.
    Michael: It's heaven! It's 100% healthy people living in nice homes. Everything works out at the end, even homely fellas get a golden ticket to the poon-train.
    Soren: It's not a train anymore, we upgraded to a... I mean, nothing.
  • For starters, the premise of "How to Ruin Your Favorite Show With Math", and it only escalates from there.
  • In Five Horrifying Secret Rules of Life in a Movie Universe, Dan mentions that 53% of architects are unemployed, and the ones that are employed are usually miserable. This sudden statistic just baffles Michael.
    Michael: Why would you know that? Huh? How could you possibly have architect job satisfaction statistics prepared for this?
    Dan: (showing his cards, which just says "53") It's on the card.
    Michael: ...what else does the card know? ASK IT HOW I DIE.
    • And then at the end, when Michael and Soren have won despite Dan's preparedness
    Michael: Hey Daniel, what's your cards say about you guys cracking up under pressure like a couple of B-holes?
    (Soren and Michael laugh until Dan reveals what his last note card says: Soren and Michael WIN (Michael says "B-Hole)")
    (Michael slowly claps while Katie stares in awe. Soren slowly turns to the camera in shocked realization)
  • In "4 Movie Apocalypses That Would Be More Fun Than Reality", the gang wind up stuck in a desert when Daniel's car breaks down as he is taking a shortcut. Katie is the one most angry.
    Daniel: C'mon! We've got ten minutes. Gotta kill time somehow.
    Katie: (barely contained annoyance) We wouldn't have to kill time if stupid you weren't so stupid and learned how to take stupid care of your idiot car, you stupid.
    Soren: ...why?!
    Daniel: I'd rather you didn't!
    • Daniel's pick is a "Time Enough at Last" deal, but as Soren points out after Daniel goes into greater detail:
      Soren: So, your idea of what to talk about when we're stuck out in the middle of the desert because your car broke down, because of a shortcut you insisted on taking... is how you'd never miss any of us.
      • However, Daniel immediately recants upon when Soren points out that in that world, there would be no new pop culture.
    • Due to the fact that they are in the middle of a desert, Michael keeps failing to make obvious jokes due to the heat. Eventually he steals and eats the gang's only candy bar, but that ultimately winds up making him hyper, to the point where he goes all in on his apocalypse of choice being Waterworld.
      Soren: (taken aback) Okay, we need to strike some kind of balance, a little bit of sugar keeps him alive, but too much sugar makes him like Waterworld.
    • Daniel keeps finding opportunities to complain about The Walking Dead, prompting Michael (while still hyper) to snap "If you don't like the show, then just don't watch it, okay, like us."
      Daniel: I-I can't, I can't not watch it. I started it.
  • In "Awkward Conversations That Must Have Happened In Marvel Movies", Cloud Cuckoolander Kimia reveals that she didn't learn about sex in public school but at home, because she grow up on a boat:
    Kimia: I was raised on a boat, so, I learned from my parents, out at sea. Although I didn't really need to be taught [winks], exactly. Boats are small, so there's not a lot of room for secrets or privacy, on a boat. You grow up real fast on the sea. [stares into middle distance] ...Yarrr.

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