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Name a thing, and see if the next poster likes it.Posts: 640Feb 27th 2020 at 5:46:43 PM
Answer With A TropePosts: 1,487Feb 27th 2020 at 4:59:28 PM
You are hugged by the avatar that the below poster selects from THEIR galleryPosts: 1,142Feb 27th 2020 at 4:42:35 PM
Pick the coolest avatar in the gallery above youPosts: 3,204Feb 27th 2020 at 4:40:34 PM
Add/change/remove one letter from a work's title... for ten postsPosts: 1,262Feb 27th 2020 at 3:27:19 PM
Waiter! There is a [insert here] in my soup!Posts: 2,074Feb 27th 2020 at 3:02:45 PM
What type of Pokemon is the above avatar?Posts: 8,582Feb 27th 2020 at 2:44:03 PM
You're Now Wearing The Above Avatar's ClothesPosts: 573Feb 27th 2020 at 1:28:49 PM
We Are Cat People Part IIPosts: 72Feb 27th 2020 at 12:16:54 PM
What's the above Avatar's Pokemon form?Posts: 121Feb 27th 2020 at 10:52:02 AM
Choose appropriate musical score.Posts: 924Feb 27th 2020 at 9:13:26 AM
Which avatar from the above gallery would you want to own as a plush toy?Posts: 919Feb 27th 2020 at 9:00:18 AM
Respond to the above SignaturePosts: 10,380Feb 27th 2020 at 8:43:59 AM
Which of the above avatars is most like yours?
Posts: 162Feb 27th 2020 at 8:34:10 AM
Make the above title verbose
Posts: 216Feb 27th 2020 at 8:34:05 AM
How will your avatar spend the day with the above avatar? (Seconds Game)Posts: 5,361Feb 27th 2020 at 8:01:23 AM
Which of your avatars could best solve the above problem?Posts: 2,898Feb 27th 2020 at 6:33:25 AM
Post what you have copied and add "in my pants."Posts: 5,738Feb 27th 2020 at 3:16:52 AM
Talk without using the letter "E"Posts: 1,759Feb 27th 2020 at 2:58:45 AM
The above avatar tries to seduce youPosts: 2,717Feb 27th 2020 at 12:58:38 AM
Name a thing, and see if the above poster likes itPosts: 2,481Feb 27th 2020 at 12:20:56 AM
Your Avatar Vs. The Above Avatar: Who Would Win?Posts: 23,034Feb 26th 2020 at 10:21:09 PM
Make At Least One WMG About A Troper, Preferably The Above Troper.Posts: 24,980Feb 26th 2020 at 9:42:45 PM
Share an avatar with the troper above youPosts: 3,237Feb 26th 2020 at 8:30:14 PM
ITT: We Are All Pirates' RevengePosts: 2,584Feb 26th 2020 at 5:19:25 PM
Pick the purest avatar in the above galleryPosts: 1,082Feb 26th 2020 at 5:16:00 PM
Nickname the avatar above youPosts: 4,371Feb 26th 2020 at 5:04:46 PM
That's a HORRIBLE crossover!Posts: 918Feb 26th 2020 at 3:16:49 PM
Click Random Trope to determine your avatar's superpowerPosts: 371Feb 26th 2020 at 12:58:59 PM
Would You Travel To The Above Location?Posts: 82Feb 26th 2020 at 6:40:44 AM
Which avatar in the above gallery would you most want to hug?Posts: 1,013Feb 26th 2020 at 5:50:12 AM
Ask the next poster a questionPosts: 37,537Feb 26th 2020 at 3:44:01 AM
Caption the story above youPosts: 81Feb 26th 2020 at 1:47:07 AM
Porn ParodiesPosts: 1,417Feb 26th 2020 at 1:43:12 AM
What would happen if the next poster's avatar...Posts: 6,950Feb 25th 2020 at 7:14:19 PM
Fix a wish!Posts: 472Feb 25th 2020 at 6:08:05 PM
Assign (Unfitting!) Music to the Above Situation.Posts: 78Feb 25th 2020 at 3:10:29 PM
Cast the above Troper's Avatar Gallery to the above workPosts: 110Feb 25th 2020 at 2:25:14 PM
Guess About the Next AvatarPosts: 14,419Feb 25th 2020 at 1:46:19 PM
Pick the strangest/weirdest avatar from the above galleryPosts: 443Feb 25th 2020 at 7:11:09 AM
Guess the above troper's fetishPosts: 23,407Feb 25th 2020 at 6:49:21 AM
VG Music GamePosts: 25,785Feb 25th 2020 at 6:16:48 AM
Ready, Aim, Fire! 2.0Posts: 52Feb 25th 2020 at 4:13:24 AM
Which Avatar from the Above Poster's Gallery Would you Most Want to Punch?Posts: 70Feb 25th 2020 at 3:10:00 AM
roast the above avatarPosts: 117Feb 25th 2020 at 2:53:51 AM
What Is The Above Troper Noted On TVTropes For?Posts: 10,473Feb 25th 2020 at 1:24:36 AM
Troperithmetic: The Game Posts: 8Feb 24th 2020 at 5:18:23 PM
Which is your favorite avatar from the above gallery and why?Posts: 3,640Feb 24th 2020 at 4:23:24 PM
Use Noodle Implements.Posts: 495Feb 24th 2020 at 3:31:35 PM
Sneeze of Doom: The GamePosts: 46Feb 24th 2020 at 2:57:26 PM
Pick the sexiest avatar in the gallery above youPosts: 7,753Feb 24th 2020 at 12:02:58 PM
Create a Family Tree from the Above Troper's Avatar Gallery
Posts: 139Feb 24th 2020 at 12:01:32 PM
That's a HORRIBLE adaptation!Posts: 2,586Feb 24th 2020 at 10:41:58 AM
That's a HORRIBLE Crack PairingPosts: 119Feb 24th 2020 at 9:29:58 AM
Dodj or DaarPosts: 21Feb 24th 2020 at 7:43:44 AM
The Quick Conversation ThreadPosts: 33Feb 24th 2020 at 2:55:35 AM
The Five Post Discussion ThreadPosts: 487Feb 23rd 2020 at 10:42:09 PM
On a scale of 1 to 10...Posts: 436Feb 23rd 2020 at 10:26:54 PM
Ask the Above Avatar a QuestionPosts: 8,024Feb 23rd 2020 at 10:23:30 PM
Most Nightmare Fueltastic Of Above Poster's Avatar GalleryPosts: 1,147Feb 23rd 2020 at 9:13:15 PM
The above avatar is now a plushie!Posts: 869Feb 23rd 2020 at 8:55:44 PM
Your Avatar Is Attacked By...Posts: 2,955Feb 23rd 2020 at 8:43:41 PM
Click Random Trope To Determine What The Above Avatar's Attacks Your Avatar WithPosts: 1,216Feb 23rd 2020 at 8:18:22 PM
Provide disproportionate retribution to the misdemeanor abovePosts: 1,407Feb 23rd 2020 at 7:40:44 PM
We're a League of Heroes
Posts: 199Feb 23rd 2020 at 6:41:56 PM
Post what you have copied and add "with cheese, Mr Squidward, with cheese".
Posts: 231Feb 23rd 2020 at 5:00:05 PM
Throw something at the next avatar!Posts: 491Feb 23rd 2020 at 4:52:03 PM
One word at a time!Posts: 358Feb 23rd 2020 at 12:07:11 PM
ITT: We are descended from Golden Age HeroesPosts: 3Feb 23rd 2020 at 9:23:12 AM
Create a rainbow from the above poster's gallery
Posts: 150Feb 23rd 2020 at 9:06:18 AM
Choose a TROPER the Above CHARACTER Will MeetPosts: 49Feb 23rd 2020 at 6:55:25 AM
The above Troper is a Plushie!Posts: 541Feb 23rd 2020 at 6:25:52 AM
Google Translate the above signature to the chosen languages, then back to English.Posts: 48Feb 23rd 2020 at 5:38:55 AM
Quote the CharacterPosts: 278Feb 23rd 2020 at 1:15:19 AM
Which of Your Avatars Fits The Above Song?Posts: 730Feb 22nd 2020 at 11:47:19 PM
Post your best "Talk to Transformer" stories!Posts: 93Feb 22nd 2020 at 10:51:34 PM
Ask the next Avatar a questionPosts: 10,338Feb 22nd 2020 at 10:34:38 PM
The above avatar becomes a Magical GirlPosts: 317Feb 22nd 2020 at 10:33:03 PM
Lethal Powers ChallengePosts: 51Feb 22nd 2020 at 9:34:58 PM
Pick the most beautiful avatar in the gallery above you.Posts: 2,387Feb 22nd 2020 at 8:56:05 PM
Epic Win Game (Sequel to Epic Failure Game)Posts: 48Feb 22nd 2020 at 8:27:45 PM
Create a haiku about the above troper.Posts: 47Feb 22nd 2020 at 7:56:28 PM
Your username predicts your deathPosts: 36Feb 22nd 2020 at 7:50:19 PM
3 things you do and donít have in common with an avatar in your galleryPosts: 55Feb 22nd 2020 at 7:44:34 PM
Name a fake Disney adaptation!Posts: 92Feb 22nd 2020 at 7:30:31 PM
Create a cheesy pickup line using the above poster's prompt.Posts: 81Feb 22nd 2020 at 7:28:56 PM
TVTropes Skyscraper
Posts: 218Feb 22nd 2020 at 7:15:27 PM
Posts: 185Feb 22nd 2020 at 7:15:11 PM
Post what you have copied and add "because of the blood"Posts: 516Feb 22nd 2020 at 7:08:58 PM
Come up with a plot for the above story titlePosts: 545Feb 22nd 2020 at 6:16:57 PM
Pick the most badass avatar in the gallery above you.Posts: 2,040Feb 22nd 2020 at 6:09:36 PM
Write a three-sentence story that invokes the trope above!Posts: 8Feb 22nd 2020 at 5:57:21 PM
Choose which character the above troper will meetPosts: 457Feb 22nd 2020 at 5:09:33 PM
The Selective Superpowers Game!Posts: 20Feb 22nd 2020 at 4:50:05 PM
Cast your avatar gallery in the above workPosts: 17Feb 22nd 2020 at 4:48:20 PM
AlphabetPosts: 3,740Feb 22nd 2020 at 3:59:09 PM
Name Something With the Same First Letter of the Above Poster And See If They Like ItPosts: 3,382Feb 22nd 2020 at 3:30:43 PM
Solve the situation with a Noodle IncidentPosts: 82Feb 22nd 2020 at 3:28:36 PM
3 things you have/don't have in common with the character the below poster selectsPosts: 1,019Feb 22nd 2020 at 2:47:19 PM
Vandalize the above troper's page.Posts: 8,281Feb 22nd 2020 at 1:36:59 PM
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