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A beautiful series that's not for everyone...
It's the absolute KaBlammiest!
Did you like Naruto the Chimera?
  • Kaiba (episodes 1-6)
  • Kaiba (episodes 7-12)
op's review
  • A story with more promise than "The Promise."
  • Fun With Characters, Failing With Politics
Kaiserreich for DH Review
  • Glorified Fanfiction (or, You Can't Please Everyone)
  • Gokaiger: Could have been better.
  • Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
  • Kicked up with Nostalgia but...
  • One Piece Sentai
Best Fic I've Read
  • An EvenBetterSequel to Kuuga
  • An excellent, but not perfect, entry for the franchise
  • Ready to go! Count ZERO! Endlessly evolve, Kamen Rider Agito!!!
Now your power is at its peak, Kamen Rider Blade! Protect those that you love!!!
  • Decade Has No Story
  • Journey through the Decade! What do your eyes see as they travel through the worlds, Kamen Rider Decade?
  • Look At The Mess We Made
  • Onore Dikeido
  • Comedic take on Kamen Rider
  • Grab onto the waves of time! From start to finish, Kamen Rider Den-O is at a climax!!!
  • Good, solid series
  • Starts Strong, Meanders
  • This clinches it! Now, count up your sins! Kamen Rider W is two detectives in one!!!
Police Rider with Cars
Great characters
Open your eyes for the next Faiz! Does the end Justiphi the means?!
  • Flawed, but loveliest Rider i've even seen.
  • Kamen Rider : Friendship and Space
  • A story full of emotion that shouldn't be overanalyzed
  • Meh!
  • Shounen, yo! Hit the beat! Does Kamen Rider Hibiki manage to keep its beat?!
  • Unique series, until retool
Walking the path of heaven, ruling over everything! Speed up to the next level, Kamen Rider Kabuto!!!
  • In the past and the present, break the chains of fate, Kamen Rider Kiva!!!
  • Kamen Rider : Vampire Romance
  • Kamen rider meet vampires
  • Kamen Rider Kuuga-The Revival
  • No fear! No pain! Kamen Rider Kuuga Chou Henshins into Greatness!!!
  • Realistic attempt at Kamen Rider
  • 9 episodes and 3 O's and lot's of medals.
  • Count the medals, 1, 2, and 3! Life goes on, anything goes, coming up OOO!!!
  • Good, slightly average kamen rider series
  • Kamen Rider OOO Episode 1; Medal, Underwear, and a Mysterious Arm
  • Much to be Desired
  • Omae no Yokubou Kaihou Shirou
Breaking the mirror of hatred, Kamen Rider Ryuki! Fight, or you will not survive!!!
Really good so far
  • Don't listen to the fans, it's a good show
  • Don't watch this season it's a disappointment.
  • Snore-adoobie
Serious Mood Whiplash, but fun overall
  • Great drama, mediocre slice-of-life
  • Things to remember, places to go, pretty maids all in a row...
  • A love-hate relationship at best.
  • Flawed, but there are still bright spots here and there
  • Seasonal Hook and RNG Filled Sheningans
  • The Anime: Chases Two Hares And Catches Neither
Can we fix a world gone mad? Of course we Kanye!
  • A Short-Lived Albeit Excellent Concept In Theory
  • Just a Ball of Fun that Needs a Chance
The epitome of obscure yet underrated animation
  • A Very Genuine Feel-Good Series
  • Karakai Jouzu No Takagi-san
  • Kara no Kyoukai movies
  • knk (novels AND movies)
  • Solid...eventually
  • Too much philosophy, not enough killing.
  • And that, kids, is why [[AnAesop you do not mess with Annoís work]].
  • Not bad. At first. After that...
  • Good teen vampire series with a somewhat forced ending.
  • Pretty Good
  • Sweet and surprisingly touching (manga review)
  • The Reason For The "Mute" Button
  • Twilight could take some pointers from this
  • Amazing fic
  • Wow it's on here
A Lot More Worth It Than Ever In My Eyes!
Why, oh, why can't I hate you?
One of the best video game series ever made... no, really!
  • Characterization at its Finest
  • Need to delete redundant review
  • Needs A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action
  • Oddly Plausible
  • torn into pieces: a review of katanagatari
  • TruffautWasRight and a ShootTheShaggyDogStory
  • A beautiful story
  • A Good Story
  • An enjoyable and interesting visual novel
  • Couldn't put it down
  • Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.
  • Good and bad
  • Good storygame experienced badly.
  • In retrospect, kind of disappointing
  • Quite possibly the most boring thing I've ever read/played
  • Recovered from my feels and ready to review!
  • Such A Beautiful Game
  • The most over rated game about milking peoples symphaties
  • It's good as long as you are patient to follow it. Shonen with unique Hero.
  • KHR Overall
  • The first 26 episodes are pretty solid.
Fun, intriguing, and certainly the best Breeniverse show
Peaceful, nostalgic and subtle
katsume34's review
Better Than Most
NicNat's review
OP's review
Tacitus's review
Comment by Ivlivs
  • Brilliant deconstruction of the Shonen storytelling archetype
  • One of anime's overlooked gems
  • Hasn't Worn Out it's Welcome
  • History's Strongest Review!
  • Incredible series
  • Man this series
  • Mightiest of All!
  • Training from Hell - The Series
Comment by Looney Toons
Comment by DMint
  • Kerbal Space Program
  • Worth every Penny
  • Worth the Money
Like one person said, there's a dichotomy
{{Ketsui}} for arcade
An interesting take on the animal kingdom
From comments
Very much a love it or hate it team
  • (Spoilers) ... I've seen worse?
  • ... I liked it
  • (film review) Essentially two very different stories in one
  • Adaptation Enhancement.
  • Disappointing on multiple levels
  • Kick-Ass kicks ass
Good, but Jeff Wadlow didnít go far enough
  • A Feature-Length TV special, for Good and for Bad
  • Flawed yet enjoyable
  • Great when great, awkward when bad
  • Kickassia kicked ass- except for plot
  • Like a rollercoaster ride, some thrilling high points, some utter pits.
  • Surprisingly high-quality!
  • 1st review
  • 30 years later
  • I Waited 8 Years For This?
  • So Bad Its Awful
  • Pure Mayhem (Multiplayer/Together mode review)
  • The true successor... to Serious Sam! (single player review)
  • Vastly Overlooked
I remember this show.
  • Kid vs. Kat is actually not a bad show.
  • Save yourself the trouble of Kid Vs. Kat
This is awful
Good enough, I guess.
A true labor of love, but... why BEANS?
Great fun
  • A nice show with its own merits
  • Awesome, with or without fanservice
  • Magical Girl Told as Shonen Action
  • Proper Review To Follow
  • Pure Awesome if you can handle the "Fanservice"
  • A Boring Delight
  • Uh
  • Taker Foxx's review
  • Universal Person's review
Holds Up
Kim Possible: In Blackest Night
My New Favorite Fic
Comment by Musicrox4ever
More spectacle than substance, a mindless time-waster
  • A Work Of Craft, A Work Of Love
  • An Essential Read For Comic Fans
  • One of the great literary comic books.
  • A story about The Chosen One now focuses on Fansservice
  • Fandom is Ruining the Franchise
  • Getting sick of Retcon
  • Great, could be better, but otherwise enjoyable as is
  • Kingdom Hearts: A Diverse Formula
  • Less Than The Sum of Its Parts
  • Not bad, Just Overrated.
  • The Best of Two Worlds
Review for The Open Door
  • Good but I wished that they could do more
  • Pink Streak!..Speeds by!...Sora the Hedgehog! Sora! He can Really Move!
  • Worth playing casually
  • A Mix of the Divine and the Base
  • A Solid Core Riddled with Crippling Flaws
  • Level design and combat system make the game
  • Fun Is in the Cards
  • Pick a card, any card.....
It Prints Munny!!
  • Simple and Clean(-ish)
  • The Door Is Open....
  • The first game still has the most charm
  • Better in Different Ways then Kingdom Hearts 1
  • Definate Downgrade
  • Kind of a Disappointment, unless it's Final Mix.
  • Not Up To Par With The First
  • The Flawed Masterpiece
Ajustice's review
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Stilli
Kingdom hearts fans beware...
  • Game of the year at least
  • Ripping Off Better Games: The Game
Give it a try.
  • Has potential
  • Improving
Poor writing quality
  • Fantastic series
  • Flanderization Killed The King
  • It's funny. Yup.
  • King of the Hill.
  • Like Good Wine, An Acquired Taste
  • The most boring thing in existence?
  • What made it special was it pushed no boundries.
King's Bounty: The Legend
An enjoyable flick, but nowhere near as memorable as the first one.
  • An utterly exhilarating experience
  • Audacious, offensive... and highly entertaining
  • Sorry, I just don't find it that great.
  • Classic? Yes. Good? Well...
  • Classics, In Both The Good And Bad Way
Fun game, crazy puzzles, some emotional dissatisfaction
[adult swim] at its most boring
Starts off nice...then devolves into a ClicheStorm
{{Chihuahua0}}'s review
feral's review
  • The Underrated Gem of Kirby
  • The very flawed oddball of the series
A must-watch for Kirby fans.
Kirby + sci-fi invaders = ???
(totally redone review) Takes inspiration from the best and adds nothing much new, but still a good game
Very easy, but tons of depth makes it a lot of fun
You Won't Have Seen Anything Like It
  • One of the Best
  • op's review
  • Door to Phantomile
  • Door to Phantomile
  • Klonoa: Door to Phatomile (PS1) Review
  • The Wii remake - some pros, some cons
Lafein's review
Knightfall Review
Review for Knight Of Flowers
Idiocy. Catchy.
  • Amazing fights. Boring characters
  • It's like Attack on Titan, In Space! And terrible! (Anime review)
  • Season 2: More of the same, except somehow worse
  • Amazing!
  • Not a bad game for the time
  • really overrated
  • A Star Wars game that hates being a Star Wars game.
  • Bright and Shiny vs. Dark and Inventive
  • Knights of the Old Republic II - Squanders chance to improve on sequel, but not bad
  • The Sith Lords: Fighting is by far the worst part
  • Meklor's review
  • Review
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • This doesn't deserve to be on the recommendations page.
I wouldn't recommend it
World of Ptavvs
Good stuff
Cast Of Unlikeables
Its fatal mistake was trying to include a plot
Hylarn's review
Contrived To The Extreme
  • I'm not entirely sure what to think.
  • Normal people in abnormal situations
Love it
  • It's empty.
  • K-On! Standard story, great characterization.
  • Simple, concise and amusing.
  • The good and bad in K-On!
  • A B-movie, and it knows it
  • Interesting, Disjointed, Fun
From comments
From comments
Simply Excellent
Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos
The perfect ice cream for heartbreaks
  • Amazing: Definitely Recommended
  • Give a look, it's really worth it.
Odd. In a freaking awesome way.
A different Rom Com finally
A [[FridgeBrilliance Surprisingly Intelligent]] {{Dramedy}}!
  • A campy delight
  • A Fun Holiday Scare
  • Kramp'd Up
  • Straight up great flick.
  • A beautiful masterpiece
  • A Story about Stories
  • A Story Out of Tune
  • A very clever film
  • If You Must Blink...
  • Kubo and the One Pace
  • Sorry Film Makers, but No.
  • My Thoughts...
  • Nice visuals, poor plot
  • YES.
  • A definite improvement from the first film
  • A definitive 'perfect sequel'.
  • A good sequel to a good movie
  • My Feelings...
  • Not as good as Number 1
  • A Great Ending to a Great Trilogy
  • Somewhat flawed, but still a worthy installment
  • I'm Not a Fan
  • Meh.
  • Kung Fury - A Skin Deep Afair
  • This Film Will Enrich Your Life
Better than it sounds.
A very interesting game with a compelling story
@/{{whitetigah}}'s review
World War Two lesbian sex comedy on the high seas?
Likeable characters, haphazard plotting
Great Portrayal of Karate
  • ...What?
  • Kuttsukiboshi: The Most F-ed Up Yuri I've Seen
  • Dracula on a Bike's review
  • Kalle's review
Kyle XX
Promising and pretty, but utterly dull.