Reviews: Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program

The best 20 bucks I've ever spent. I've played Orbiter before, and always had an interest in space travel, so when I saw that there was a game about building rockets and maybe not blowing them up in an effort to get into space, I took a thirty-minute look at the demo version and broke out my wallet for the full version.

That wsa two years ago, roughly. Still playing it to this day. My kids think it's fun to watch, and it even teaches a few things about space travel if you're not careful. Replay value for the game is pretty high, and the recent additions of career mode have made it even better. As with most computer games, there are mods that you can tack on to augment the experience, to make it easier, harder, more complicated, more immersive or simply more fun.

Recent news from the developers indicate that the game is nearing feature-complete status and will be going into Beta mode quite soon. As numerous facets of hte game are still barely implemented or rough around the edges, this is welcome news (I'm looking at you, aerodynamic modeling).

It may not be for everyone, though. Some of my friends tinkered with it only briefly, as it was simply not their cup of tea. My advice for anyone who is even remotely interested in it is to try the demo version, watch a few youtube tutorials, and see if it strikes a chord with you.

Worth every Penny

What can I say about this delightful game that hasn't already been said? Its great to mess around with, making the strangest of ships to see if they work, or the player can just create the most efficient ships and fly to other planets. Keep in mind, that it IS goiNg to take a great deal of planning (or luck) as the gravity system is as realistic as they can possibly make it. In short, this game is rocket science, fun rocket science, and its worth every penny

Worth the Money

I found this game from a video and it looked quite interesting. I got this game for $22 (at this time of writing) and although it is an alpha I can say it was worth it. The game is quite addicting and also fun. Half the fun comes from building things and then watching them fail spectacularly and the other half from actually piloting your spacecraft. The satisfaction is also immense when actually accomplishing something like getting into orbit for the first time, landing on a moon, landing on other planets, landing on the moons of other planets, etc. The game isn't optimized but is still acceptable. There are no major balance issues.