Reviews: Kamen Rider OOO

Good, slightly average kamen rider series

Pros : It is a bit formulaic at the start, but the series really started to get good around episode 17 when the second rider is introduced.

Gotou's character development is interesting. The main character, however, only have development near the end. Eiji is a nice guy but he is the exact opposite of being naive. To quote one of the characters, he is 'dry inside' with the PTSD. This isn't exactly shown on the outside, which makes him a complex character.

The fights for the medals is also interesting since we got the medals changed hand from the heroes to villains side, back and forth all the time. Because the medals is also powerup this leads to interesting form change combination.

The villains are decent, with Kazari and Dr. Maki being the most interesting ones.

The ending is satisfying, they keep it optimistic while being open to possibilities, without shoving 'reviving dead character' in your face.

Cons : Nothing much, it's more personal disinterest with Kougami and his secretary. For me, Ankh is only interesting near the end, while Hina is just being average. Early on, the only character I like is Eiji. I also dislike the opening theme. Some of the humor of the series doesn't sit well with me.

Overall, the series is a good, decent kamen rider series. Not my favourite but it is definitely not bad.