Reviews: Kirby Of The Stars

A must-watch for Kirby fans.

I first watched this anime when I was 10. After rewatching it again years later, I found it to be far less vivid. Still, this anime is pure nostalgia to me.

I don't mind the Alternate Continuity separate from the games, or the different interpretations of the game characters that made it in—even minor enemies from the games are given full backstories. The focus shifts around from character to character, and by the end, everyone gets their share of screentime.

This was never meant to follow the games, and it doesn't. New concepts are introduced, like the Star Warriors—while it's never explained fully, it makes for some interesting speculation. At heart, this is a Kodomomuke, and I might be reading too far into it, but it has Cosmic Horror Story undertones. It contrasts the Sugar Bowl setting, and it's a story of its own.

There's nothing much to the plot. Each self-contained episode follows a predictable pattern. Kirby and co. live their lives, King Dedede orders a monster to beat up Kirby, and Kirby gets dangerous. Throw in some Fridge Logic, the occasional guest character, and 100 episodes go by.

But for the main downside—the Conspicuous CG.It's hard to take the series seriously because of this. I'm indifferent with Fumu, but she's Author Tract incarnate. I do have a problem with how this anime became a Human Focused Adaptation because of her.

As for the dub; it's terrible, but not as bad as most 4Kids dubs. Following 4Kids' standards, this dub was probably their best, solely because it's such a laughingstock. King Dedede's Texan accent and dub Meta Knight makes my ears bleed. There are some good Woolseyisms in it and useless Dub Name Changes too. Meta Knight's backstory came through intact (except for the word 'die'). Of course, Kirby is more hardcore, but it's misleading. Kirby spends more time being adorable than kicking ass.

Unless you saw the dub on TV a while ago and have never played Kirby, I wouldn't reccommend seeing this. You most likely won't want to see Kirby in his everyday life being adorable, and taking levels in badass to punch out Eldritch Abominations. If you're a Kirby fan, and like the idea of an Alternate Continuity, watch the original, and just for the heck of it, laugh at the dub once in a while.