Reviews: Kamen Rider Kiva

Kamen Rider : Vampire Romance

I'll admit this review might be biased since I can't stand to watch the entire series. Kiva could be described as a vampire romance story, kamen rider version.

The romance involved too much drama for my liking and it could be dragged for several episodes. Personally, I don't like the conclusion of it either.

The series tried to be unique by having two simultaneous timeline, but it could leave the viewers disoriented.

Kiva's bulky suit seems constrasting Wataru's personality. IMO it just doesn't suit him. Same with the OP. For a show with a violin theme, the rock-esque opening seems out of place.

I watched this as I was watching Build due to Otoya's character. Otoya kinda annoys me, though.

In conclusion, try to watch several episode before deciding whether it's worth to watch. IMO there are better Kamen Rider series than this one.