Reviews: Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple

Man this series

I tremendously like this series, though I admit, it took me two tries to slog through the hundreds of chapters and catch up. Once invested in the series, it was hella enjoyable, particularly in the sense that the martial arts was very well and thoroughly researched. Not to mention the fact that I've had quite a bit of martial arts experience meself and it was nice seeing something that wasn't some fantastical bullshit (though YES the power levels of these guys are Chuck Norrisian) like "ooh look at my crane dragon style demon portal summoning muscle magnifying ear deafening PPUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNCCCCHHHH". It's a highly entertaining roller coaster breath of fresh air.

My big complaint with the series is that the end seems to have come about way to quickly and in about the most weird and awkward way I can imagine. POOF all the villains disappear without any good reason, the heroes all make sweaty romantic love and no less than TWO timeskips occur within pages of each other. The end was just poorly written and badly executed. A very disappointing end to a series I very much enjoyed reading.

History's Strongest Review!

I have never felt this strongly about a series before. This Manga was my main introduction to Manga online, and Shounen series as a whole. I found this series after watching Sgt. Frog from Funimation, and decided to give it a try. The rest is history. A bullied kid decides to train strong to become stronger in order to protect the people he cares about. Little does he know, his life is going to be hanging by a thread in and out of training, and the world of Martial Arts is much bigger than he expected. While Kenichi continues to make friends, from random people to former enemies, he also develops as a man, and gives everyone around him a positive feeling. He is Kenichi, History's Strongest Disciple. The series keeps improving over time, with improved art, wonderful character development, and hilarious interaction between characters. The author also hasn't forgotten anything from earlier chapters, unlike several other Shounen authors. Matsuena keeps the hilarity and Badass action rolling every week, and can't wait for chapter 520!

Incredible series

As close to realism as a shonen series can get, good fight scenes, great character development, wonderful plot pacing, and unlike most long-runners this one has yet to get stale!

Training from Hell - The Series

Phew. I've caught up on this - all 409 chapters of it - and I have to say it's become one of my favourite shonen titles.

I like: the attention to detail (look at the way Kenichi gradually builds muscle over the course of the manga); the badass fighters; the crazy awesome mentors; the fact that Kenichi hasn't become a cold, distant jerkass or a hyperactive, overpowered supposed messiah, but stayed a somewhat normal boy; the balance of funny and serious; the martial arts (as a martial arts nerd, it's wonderful to see someone's Shown Their Work); the lack of Faux Action Girl and Miu (serious case of PSL for Miu).

I don't like: Miu's Fan Service Pack; Kenichi's Wouldn't Hit A Girl; the sudden upswing in fanservice later in the series (I'm not offended, it's just seriously distracting, though I feel slightly dirty and chauvinistic for liking it) and Miu's and Kenichi's Twice Shy status (I have had enough of that shite in anime and manga - I prefer progress).


Hasn't Worn Out it's Welcome

I found Kenichi when it showed up on the Funimation channel and liked it, so found some of the manga. It is very good. There's very little to complain about it. The characters are memorable and all have defined personalities, the fight scenes are well-done and usually don't feel dragged out, the fanservice is there, but it definitely doesn't distract but does supply some humor now and again, which brings to mind the very funny scenes. But my favorite thing about this series? The artwork. I am not one to judge something by it's art, but this is an amazingly-well drawn manga. Especially considering it's a weekly release, the detail and shading done on every page really shows it as a labor of love. I highly recommend the series. As the anime is a pretty faithful adaptation, I also suggest watching the anime up to the not-ending and following up the rest with the manga.

Mightiest of All!

...A bit of an exaggeration, but not far. A story about a weakling underdog who becomes a true man. Expertly detailed with accurate facts adn with the best mix of martial arts and comedy since Ranma, it's definatly worth a look.